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i look in a mirror and see
not the present,
but reflections
reflections of the hands I’ve held
the compliments I’ve given,
and the ones I’ve received
the people I’ve met,
and what they left in me
i see both the good and bad ways
I’ve treated myself
and most importantly
how I’m still here
looking at reflections of everything
that had the chance to tear me down
and failed
this is what I see in a mirror
when you meet me
i will tell you
that the moonlight on your face
reminds me of magic
and that the dandelion
i put in your hair
brings out the gold in your eyes
i will also tell you that
when i see your pain
part of it becomes mine
and that i will always
share the burden on your shoulders
if you let me
the night remains mine
for in the dark i am free
the daylight taken
used up by expectations
of flawless human beings
and perfections,
but at night i thrive,
i breathe, i live
for the night remains mine

— The End —