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 Apr 2021 Brittany
what would it be like to let go?
to let myself get that low...
what would it be like to jump?
to let my demons have triumph...
what would it be like to fall?
to never wake up from it all...
what would it be like to die?
to let my soul fly...
what would it be like to cease?
to let myself rest in peace...
a contemplation on mortality. i am okay.
When you are in love
Daybreak brings you fairy dust
Glittering on fields of four-leaf clover.

When you are in love
Crows take music lessons
And sing to you Brahms Lullabies

When you are in love
The clock turns into Jello
And time loses all meaning when together

When you are in love
The Moon becomes your closest friend
And you can tell her all your secrets.

When you are in love
The world becomes a magic place
And you’re the Head Magician.
Off the top of my head.
 Mar 2021 Brittany
In nearing the fears you will find your strength
 Mar 2021 Brittany
 Mar 2021 Brittany
thankful for family
thankful for friends,
thankful for food
thankful for clothes.
thankful god has kept
me and my loved ones
safe during this year.
happy thanksgiving!
 Mar 2021 Brittany
and lickety-split tomorrow came
and we
were gone.
 Mar 2021 Brittany
Morrison, in full flow, Oh Jim
and another, J Hendrix our brothers
two Jim's gone Lickety-split
 Mar 2021 Brittany
Just leave me alone
I don't need your hand to hold
just give me my space
until I'm right for this place
 Mar 2021 Brittany
You and me

Were meant to be

Because you’re the one piece of art

forever in my heart
You are beautiful
Inside and out
 Mar 2021 Brittany
when we were together
you said we'd be forever

you said that forever
you would be my lover

and it's crazy that my newest pleasure
is you saying we would be forever

— The End —