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Daire Sweets Mar 24
You promised to never leave
But now there's a ring on her finger
And I am left with a hole in my chest
The memories become scars
Invisible wounds that won't heal
And when I see your name
They become gashes in my heart
Time was supposed to be the solution
But even that seems hopeless
Guess you will just be the boy
That broke my heart
And walked away without a scratch
Daire Sweets Mar 13
Dear mom and dad
I hope you remember me
As the happy kid
With a smile so bright
It could light up a city
Not as the teenager
That feels nothing but pain
And stares in a mirror
And wishes against her existence
Remember the laugh
The laugh filled with joy
Not the one that tries to cover
The sadness and hurt
Remember the eyes filled with life
Not the ones with tears
And a blade in hand
You did nothing more than love me
But it doesn't seem my brain
Wants to accept it
Because being in the ground
Is starting to seem cozier
Than the sheets that cover my bed
Daire Sweets Mar 11
Stuck in a society incapable of love
Just a hookup culture unsure of themselves
Trust issues driven into our hard drive
No one wanting to get to know each other
Too scared to open up and be honest
Stuck in habits unwilling to break
When did things change and become
Love has become words without meaning
A word without actions
Just 4 empty letters with no impact
Daire Sweets Mar 4
What’s the worst part about growing up she asked
The answer lingered in the mind for awhile,
People forget you and you forget them
They will come and go
And there's nothing you can do to stop it
Daire Sweets Mar 4
She wanted to turn her pain into art
So she decided her skin was a canvas
But the brush was too sharp
And the lines were too deep
So red paint soaked through
And there was nothing other than tragedy
For the art was not beautiful
Like sunsets and flowers
It was harsh and sad
Even though the lines were clean
It left a mess on the bathroom floor
And the paint stained her arms
And she sat peacefully watching
The masterpiece she created
Be later hidden by long sleeves
Daire Sweets Mar 4
I had no hope for myself
Falling in love seemed so silly
But then you looked at me
Being around you is intoxicating
And I’ve become addicted
But with addiction comes consequences
Because you need what you’re addicted too
But it doesn’t need you back

— The End —