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cs 13h
fat thighs
dull eyes
the scale lies
numbers fly

i want to be beautiful,
so i buy it
from the pharmacy
so i find it
in the scams, and the falsities, and the
cheap bottles of elixir they sell
down at sixth street
in crimson red lipstick
in cosmetic packs
and eating snacks
late at night, when i've
starved my body
but i tell nobody
so they won't suspect the
the fact that i hadn't eaten in weeks.

i buy beauty
i feel beautiful
they tell me i am
so i guess
i am,
aren't i?
society has become
a world where we can simply
just purchase the standard 'beauty' of
tall and slim and white
dead straight hair
it pleases everyone,
so it must please me
so it must be me

when did beauty
become not beautiful?
cs 2d
i'm supposed to be everyone,
then suddenly no-one
all at once

can't i just be
cs 4d
my insides fold into itself,
dry kindling and twigs
might snap
pour gasoline over me,
try cover me with leaves,
but i'll still burn myself
but i'll still exhaust myself
feeding warmth
for the both of us
and remember what happens
when skin gets too close
to an open flame
cs 6d
i want you,

not the real you.

the you in my mind



perfect in every way

enough to

break the world

and rebuild it in a heartbeat.

make me beg for you on both knees,

one touch and my heart goes weak.
but i need you,

the real you

come save me before it's too late

before i fall for you





just to taste a wisp of your flame

and set my tongue and my heart

on fire

extinguish this infatuation

before it's too late

cs Mar 31
She's in love.

She's inside love.

She's trapped in love,

Enveloped, and inside love.

She's in love.
But she can't feel it

— The End —