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Apr 2021 · 61
blake Apr 2021
i want to jump off a bridge
and feel the strange way the air brushes against my back
as i fall towards the sea
the way it sends a warm, but bittersweet chill up my spine.

i want to jump off a bridge
and count the seconds it takes me to fall
how long would it take really?
how long would it take?

i want to jump off a bridge
and focus on the world as it shifts from the view at the top
to the view of the shimmering ocean
when i hit it, will it ripple? will i cause a difference?

i want to jump off a bridge
and let the freezing water entangle me
taking me under even more so than before
under, under, under

i want to jump off a bridge
and see what it feels like to want to live again
feel the sting of regret and missed chances
and the longing to go back

i want
Mar 2021 · 423
a bittersweet waltz
blake Mar 2021
the solid beat along the floor
the echo of the violin
the pace of pining breaths
against each other's skin

the music kicks up
you part with my waist
and the longer i'm away
the more time seems to chase

my eyes open to darkness
i'm left with a dream fleeting
all i recall are the notes of a song
such a bittersweet meeting!
inspired by merry go round of life from howl's moving castle

legit just let me dance with sophie pleaseeeee
Mar 2021 · 214
blake Mar 2021
today i felt like laying down
and sleeping soundly in the ground

i'd decompose with all the bugs
that died from overdose on drugs

my hips would grind against boney narcs
like pornstars and pervs in a public park

yes, i'd like to be six feet under
singing with drug-induced wonder
man i rlly just want to be a worm
also i'm sober???? and i write this ****?????
Mar 2021 · 528
fire, a goddess
blake Mar 2021
a dance, a waltz
captivatingly intense
like a dice being thrown
and the adrenaline of expense

what's more enthralling
to the onlooker's eye
than the blood red streamers
shooting up to the sky?

and what's on the mind
of a mad, callused arsonist's
other than the pleasure
of an embrace of a goddess?

my friend, its the chaos
and the rush of the game
its the sting of her arms
wrapping round once again
fire's cool
Mar 2021 · 1.4k
fire, a woman
blake Mar 2021
when i see a woman
a match gets stuck in my throat
but the fire falls down to my ribcage
and sets ablaze my hay heart
milfs am i right

— The End —