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Kara Shea Feb 27
Brick by brick
I built these walls
You struck a match to light me up
Together spread like wild
You blew into my flames
Watched as my fire grew in awe

Brick by brick
My walls tumbled to the ground
Smoke hung silently in the air
Too black for my eyes to see
The air cleared and I woke
Alone in my ash

You couldn’t tend to my embers
You couldn’t control all the flames

I ran to the water
Under the bridges
That I refuse to burn
Washed off my ash
Or was it yours?

I see my reflection in the blue
Burnt but still alive
Know it’s time to start again
Brick by brick
Kara Shea Feb 24
Gust of wind
Takes my breath away
Let it take me as it does
I catch a different breeze
And I keep on keeping on

Rolling the dice again
On the lessons I never learn
Let it happen as it will
I’ll just keep on rolling on

By the ebbs and flows
The comes and goes
The mistakes I chose

And I keep on coasting on
Kara Shea Feb 22
betrothed to the mountains I grew up on

a fevered sunset gets me ******

damp grass curls into the spaces between my toes

a silver moon guides me home

married to the depths of the oceans

I taste the night and I’m not alone

these mountains have never left me broken

the only certainty I’ve ever known
Kara Shea Feb 22
she deserved an
easy love

she didn't need another

she had already
learned too much

she deserved a
simple love

she didn't need any more
cracks in her heart

she was all
out of glue

she deserved a
soft love

everything else had been
so hard

let her


let her


let her

Kara Shea Feb 22
take your time

read him slowly

trace your fingers down his spine

he's a poem

he's a novel

he's the words you try and rhyme

take your time

watch it slowly

you're a film in black and white

he's a movie

he's a slow song

he's the words you try and write

take your time

love him slowly

he's a moment

he's a memory

he'll be gone tomorrow night
Kara Shea Feb 22
'open' neon red glow hailing every lost driver. here, in the middle of nowhere Canada, we've been waiting for you!
the fluorescence of the diner bathroom is unforgiving on my skin. why does this song hurt? this coffee tastes like the cigarette smoke I can smell on her skin. I wonder where she lives. is it a far commute to work? i want to ask. i should've ordered whiskey. **** this song. i want to grab her, come back. let me tell you my stories.

I'm here. I'm alive. Can't you see me?

I wonder who she's wearing that cherry lipstick for. her face is drained. years of too much sun and too much smoke in her lungs. but there is a light in her eyes. is there a certain trucker that comes in like clockwork? two sugars, one milk, he'll grin. she'll nod. knowing that in exactly twelve minutes he'll be holding her leg up and biting her neck against the bathroom door. i wonder if they keep the lights on. for her sake, I hope not. I grab my keys. thank you, I'd say. instead I put my head down and carry on without a word. back to my lonesome roads and bittersweet silence. maybe tomorrow someone will see me.
Kara Shea Feb 22
water swished.
the week washed off of your clothes.
machine hummed.
coffee dripped.
you hand me a cup. always the first cup.
for my lady, you'd say.
my belly would melt to my knees.
I see you in a farm house.
for my lady, every morning.

my pillow that isn't my pillow is damp.
I want to go home.
the one that isn't you.
no sleep. just hold me.
desperate to be her a little longer.

radio plays.
reality reminder.
weeks and months we just missed.
sun hurts my eyes. cars pass.
I'm sorry, you say.
I don't care.
your voice sounds stupid in this silence.
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