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Cindy 5d
sunlight fell
glisten and gold
come snow;
bloom and bold

my cold hands…    
    she still holds.
Cindy 6d
fell of the fatal fruit
forged from Father's flesh
a failing to feed
forbidden to follow

first flames favours the fool
fever-fractured fervour
forgive me Father
for I am falling

fell of the fabled fruit
forged from Father's flesh
a feast for fast
fuel for me

Father flickers further
I was forfeited;
Father has forsaken me
I was faithful.
Cindy Feb 19
Long after you,

when your scent had stopped staining my sheets
and her holy shadow dissolved from my shoulders,
I saw you by the bus stop on Noorinan Street.

Time washed my age from memory
and the world swept over the sun twice
but I could recall your face for many more centuries.

"Old friend, it's been too long."
So I take in your hand and
unfurl these fingers, retrace those footsteps.
"Come back to mine." And
your smile kissed your eyes like
how you used to look at me
with my head between your thighs,  
my knees dug deep into the soil and all too willingly;
almost naively drowning in your sweet sermons.

Pass five stops, up fifteen steps and seal the exit.
You chuckle at each old friend;

       the sound like sunlight
    fell and folded,
          on my skin.

This night; there is time
and there is light.

My my,
for now I shall devour
this soft skin, that sharp hip, those blood red lips
My mouth full from prayer
you look down - "Were you happy without me?"
An iron kiss to the breastbone - I breathe; "Yes."

From above
she spewed halo-gold onto my shoulders,
the taste acerbic through salted sweat,
the blaze a-burning bright reminder of why you left

    but I still love you nonetheless.

You place one hand in mine, your other;

Your hand held onto hers,
my hand held onto yours
and nothing more

Long after you,
  Feb 19 Cindy
I think the reason
I search so hard for love
Is because I know I will never
Find some inside of me

— The End —