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Sera Apr 13
Ignite me in subtle magic
you are the alchemist
I am the substrate
golden threads in your eyes
weave me into the pulse
of eternity
of your being
until even the residue
of my dreams are gold.
Sera Mar 27
When all the voices, trailed away
with their losses, behind me
I love them so with all my heart
but they do not define me

I go now without the map
they drew so kindly
lonely horizon ahead
blazing cities behind me

ahead wind blown sands
my minds unknown lands
love is a flickering sun
in its light we are one.
Inspired by SiouxF’s writings
Sera Mar 1
burning white sun
behind naked willows
magnificently painted
with silver gilt
in a pale lemon sky

bone white stems twine and mingle
colourless as a Japanese ink
Silvery white lake, ghosts of reeds
a transfigured landscape
I walk quietly on its bones

I am empty,
bleached with winter
in this starkness against pure white
I disappear with the river mist
caught in dawn light.
Sera Mar 26
Small sea angels floated on sea foam
watching me
float in green glass sea
I flung myself from the black rocks
where they had fished
I caught the wind
as a white streak of a gannet
cuts the waves
and I was nothing.
Sera Feb 18
Ornate, is the writing
on water and wind
silver script fades,
scrolled into my skin
the flying bird was caught by an arrow
life bent the bow
wait for me in tomorrow, if it comes,
look for me in azure skies
if they have wings.
Sera Feb 20
We stood like ballerinas
at the barre
stretch higher
however it hurts
there was no rehearsal
for this opera
choosing a face to meet
these moments
in pure white corridors
are always in white corridors
decorated with little lights
in coffee shops
sweet irrelevant calories
chilled cigarettes in the rain
watching the blurred lights
of arrivals
of departures
angels fly, open the window
hold my hand
for I am cold as ice
these seconds of preparation
are not enough
nor even a whole lifetime
nor eternity.
Sera Apr 25
lover baptise me here with tears
where water sparkles
through the weir

the lazy valley falls asleep
clay bed of the river
lies so deep

soft red reeds stream like hair
chill waters wash away despair

mist white as snow in the dawn
blue fading night
caught in effusive rainbow light

flame of summer
arrived on bare feet, kiss me
in the cobbled street.
Sera Apr 12
will we drain the cup deeply
with its bitter herbs
champagne air rose
thronged on your tongue

will we breath the air
that, burns our lungs
be there smouldering ghats,
orange blossom for brides both
as eyes streamed

will we know another’s heart
although it hurts us, although our feet bleed, we break

amongst the slender dancing flowers
the broken glass once crystalline
of our mistakes

love makes a shining city
in a desert land, it is written
in every hand.
Sera Apr 13
You vanished with the blue wind
in a pulsating arc

Your light incandescent
with cinnamon sparks

my blue light burnt
for you in velvet dark
Sera Apr 5
Sweet embrace enfolds
warmth with chocolate sprinkles
cinnamon heart dance.
Sera Feb 24
Do not bite, this is my knee you are on.
I am alive too, even if I seem cushionlike.
Sera Apr 1
Bodies flame as candles
against the void
innocent of our intent
complex creatures, we

I am the least real of my
who am I, I never knew.
Sera Apr 11
the beat of my life
beneath my skin
visions of worlds shone within
a nightingale sang on the edge of night
tentative both, close to flight
the quiver of arrow
pierced the light
luminescence bloomed to
snowfield white.
Sera Feb 24
Thief of the moon
I dream of you, and Catalonia
and Valadon, myriad everyday miracles
that taste like summer and open their
wings against colbalt sky.
Sera Apr 9
burning pure blue flame
lies bring tar melts, the choking
fumes from ruins, exile, hurt.
Sera Feb 25
Be consumed by love
be consumed by passions
be consumed by light

Be consumed
it is our nature
coming from stars.
Sera Feb 15
Staging a coup,
within my own heart
I oppress it massively, 
tie it up in the cellar  
give wise advice,
final warnings
try to take it’s treasure,

but it still has all of the power,
giving colour, scent and taste to any day, lighting any moment with feeling.
Sera Mar 24
Speak in tongues of angels
dance like Nureyev
sculpt me like Bernini
in marble flesh
Alchemist , turn flotsam & jetsam
to gold if you can

I am seafoam on the outgoing tide
the colours cast by a prism
tiny forget me not flowers
in a child’s hand

I am only energy, know this, I,
the lover of the wind
amante de cero.
Sera Mar 10
Here the waters reflected pebbles ringed with prism colours
soft wind stroked new grass, took the scent
of hyacinth
small birds decorated high trees

the naiad losing her magic
clinging to a fallen tree in pain
with her love, became mortal

entered the reed fringed waters
weeping, tears lost in ripples
her essence diminishing, dancing with the white flecked current

until losing enchantment
she disappeared to the sea

silence stole back
with soft violet shadows
lilac flowers caught the gilt
of the fading sun.
Sera Apr 13
We linger in eternity
brave enough
blooming luminescence
snowfield white blurs our edges

iris of eye reflects unknowing
the withering, blooming
ecstatic beauty perpetually unheld
circuit of myself enslaved to it

delicate pulse an aliveness
even these stones
sand that filtered white as bone

I drew an arabesque in you
in the chambers of your mind
hidden in tapestry
unsigned as I am nothing
only mirage, caught in light
in flight.
Sera Feb 16
Your flickering incandescence
heats stones
moves landscapes into another dimension
into an alchemists heatwave, where quoits and stone circles
dance for you on the sabbath

maidens melded into stone in the high field,
others crawled in hope through the aperture, as sun arrived at it’s eye
lighting bracken to flame
in wild winds

words step onto the high wire,
fuses lit
going beyond their remit,
in sparking geometry
becoming different creatures, for you.
Sera Mar 13
dust parted by the winds
on the soft bank with the coming bluebells
in the cold winds of spring
when once you planned your sowing

once my plump hand was held in yours
as I leant against your legs to stand
seeing you so high above me

the laughter is finished now
ringing still in echo in my mind
we were completed by a kiss

by your white bed
as pristine as angel
your blue eyes kind and fading

as I saw your sun
blazing in memory at the last
saw you speaking French with mum
steering the van with your knees
while you smoked

driving too close
while she looked pained
I see you peering down your nose at me
saying I looked like Sophia Loren
finding me beautiful too late
to your surprise

the fragrance of hops
as you made beer
wonderful curries cooking
chappatis on a hot plate
exploring the world
through sizzle and taste

home grown vegetables
you muscular and wiry tending them
concreting, plastering, wiring
a world of tools

your constant dreadful jokes,
me trying not to find you funny
when I did

di stelle
I loose you to the wind
of love we have only an echo
louder than an opera.
Love you so much and miss you dear Dad ❤️
Sera Feb 26
Is Bacchus with thee?
taketh your Device & hide till
pale dawn yonder gleams.
It’s safer that way!
Sera Feb 25
Sun filtered through young hazels
winter sun softly spun threads of light
a standing pool of silver
leaves turning to rich earth
one flaming torch
of beech held low

caught on the edge of vision
beech grew high
near the Tarn long ago
the wide water ran smooth and slow

the stone body
rose in ecstasy to the light
holding infinity in one hand

held in marble
the body arches as a bow
transfigured marble glows
in the silent gallery.
Sera Mar 16
on their veranda
she swung her hair, shining
in the evening air
in the far arid fields
peacocks cried
amongst molten
grasses as they dried
chicory low in starry blue
violet skies
rarest hue.
Sera Mar 13
Wind in my hair, rain on my skin
a heart that pulsed for you within

Sun in my eyes, life coming at me
at the speed of light, at your velocity

and in the years and months and days ahead
in the drear of winter and the topaz haze
in the return of spring, in night’s shades

of indigo and Indian ink, softly laid
upon a pillow where you rest your head

never living in my perfect life, never to be
searching in all the faces that I see

bodies I touch, love that binds
the lilt of voices across my mind

you span through me like a tsunami
wings on my feet, you were my blood
lost in the harvest of the flood

blissful pain that sears
empty of you
all those other years.
Sera Mar 12
Enchantment took me by the hand
she showed me the garden
lost so long ago,
where the child walked
out on a dewy morning,
where the peacock cried
where the sky
shone in untouchable blue

so another world came into being, under a dancing sun, magic in my eyes
the garden growing in my soul

and the songs come, sometimes flowing like water sometimes wine
or are clumsy, wooden tripping at the threshold

they speak of love in its beauty
the wildness that opens the sky
where we shine as stars
and they embrace the garden
even if I can never consume its fruit
or sit amongst its flowers.
Sera Mar 9
Voices from other rooms
other hearts
we touched the screen
tears in our eyes
holding hands to the edges
when something is over,
we choose to let go,
she guided us

so I pressed leave
and as the last seconds counted me out
I saw her begin to cry.
Sera Apr 23
Into my being
entered my heart
are a light
incandescent being, faded or resolute
skin to skin charged softly, dreamt like life
dreamt like life
Sera Feb 15
We are not some shanty town of broken dreams,
we are the soul in its mysterious flight,
we are radiance even in dust.
Sera Apr 7
You and I are
the aftermath of things
that haven’t happened yet
Sera Feb 25
Light at my beginnings conquer me
love in my heart soften me
kindness bind me
everyone hurts.
Sera Feb 26
Hear me
a voice on the wind

feel me
a touch on your skin

fragment of love caught
in your mirrored silver

reflected Lillies releasing their scent
torch of stamens, burnt sienna

see me love you, flamed on water
see me die, blue flame flickered

lost as one of those dreams
lost as one of those dreams
Sera 2d
Silver moon above on fire
ice blue worlds burnt with desire
fire spirits kissed upon the pyre.
Sera Feb 18
These strange flowers
we grow
let them be blown in storms, scatter in summer winds
their rich mosaic of colours still glowing
as opulent as anything clasped around a wrist

petals of calendula spill into small flickers
against blue slate heartstone, guarding fires.
Sera Apr 26
On the sleeping salt field, the cattle egret stalked
shining white plumage and an arrowed head, elegant, a starry tulip in flight, silk white

observing dart of little fish, as he poised gracefully, intent black eye, under this hot azure sky

deep in ditches, on the edge of land
arabesques washed in tidal colours, swirled with sand, frosted with salt, sea pinks sprinkled, geese graze with grace in the haze

snowy blackthorn and rosy apple blossom, edging old walls drowsing in heat, curlews curved beak probes the silt, sunlit gilt, on delicate feet

where the mind can rest amongst the drying silt, tidal flow, warm salt wind touching the soul

the starkness of a leafless sun, brilliance
here the silvered water, caught in light

flight of egrets, kitten cries of white gulls
sprinkled as pear blossom on little waves
powerful wind scorched the day

far away, horizon lines of sea
dabbled in the tide, turning with all its power, lifting the sand, embraced my feet
anointed, the far pale beach

azure and indigo, where spinach green forests lie
shore ***** feeding, in the flow

enigmatic creation, baby fish dart
distant red flags paint azure, salt in my heart.
Sera Feb 23
Golden threads in your eyes
absurd you would say
that anyone could become a zephyr
grow swans wings
marry the wind.
Sera Mar 27
I traverse arid desert lands, stung by thirst,
I dream of the great slow rivers that carried me
Tall rose hollyhocks by the Cathedral door
your arm I held gently
leaning against your warmth in quiet joy
as the cool waters carried us away

I am a point of light on a map,
a lingering colour behind your eyelids
as you caught the sun behind new leaves
as the slow waters lapped

light fades in the picture
as I loved you
as I missed you

as the beggar lingers too
at the cathedral door
holding hope in his hands
that there was something more.
Sera Mar 8
Stone cold blue distance
shades coral sundown yearning
evening crow cries
Sera Mar 9
earth longs for the heat
winter cold lies in her bones
wind flowers whisper
Sera Mar 8
iced tea shimmering
waters flood embracing mud
dry reeds long for tide
Sera Apr 3
Blossoms opulent
as Rose quartz fountains softly
colour still waters
Sera Mar 15
Delicate vapour
soft mist milk white on the hill
red buds high on trees
Sera Mar 15
pale bloom on soft plums
high tree anchors summer wind
pelting dry couch grass
Sera Apr 5
Fragile blossoms fall
crushed silk petals drift, vision
of white butterflies
Sera Mar 15
vitality births leaves
soft lime intimate with gold
lights chlorophyll shots
Sera Mar 15
chill air dawn prism
russet fox treads frosted grass
scent of narcissus
Sera Mar 16
Narcissus ice white
soft orange, egg yolk centre
warmth rests on the earth.
Sera Mar 9
iridescence shatters
tidal flux holds silver darts
egret poised above
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