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1.8k · Mar 3
The Zephyr kissed me
Sera Mar 3
Astonishingly beautiful world,
the zephyr kissed me
come to play with river mists

you brought the sun in your eyes,
the church sun dial came to now,
coalesced into one,
my world was caught,
between a finger and thumb

radiant morning
I flew your line of sight,
Helios lit my wings in white.
for H
1.4k · Apr 5
Sera Apr 5
Fragile blossoms fall
crushed silk petals drift, vision
of white butterflies
1.0k · Apr 8
Sera Apr 8
we grow with the sun
flowers open in my heart
kissing azure blue
937 · Apr 12
Bitter herbs
Sera Apr 12
will we drain the cup deeply
with its bitter herbs
champagne air rose
thronged on your tongue

will we breath the air
that, burns our lungs
be there smouldering ghats,
orange blossom for brides both
as eyes streamed

will we know another’s heart
although it hurts us, although our feet bleed, we break

amongst the slender dancing flowers
the broken glass once crystalline
of our mistakes

love makes a shining city
in a desert land, it is written
in every hand.
855 · Feb 27
Icarus flew by
Sera Feb 27
hold the sun
between a finger and thumb
in eye of the firmament Icarus flew by
I am bound with fruiting vines
watching an azure sky
when you unbind me
I will fly
632 · Feb 25
Sera Feb 25
Be consumed by love
be consumed by passions
be consumed by light

Be consumed
it is our nature
coming from stars.
536 · Mar 30
Imprint of sun
Sera Mar 30
Honey dissolves at my centre
spin the sun,
crochet blooms into words, I cannot
I am the sun on the dial
lichen in the high trees
I dissolve in waters
in light
I am the imprint of sun
behind eyelids
I was always lost
509 · Mar 26
And I was nothing
Sera Mar 26
Small sea angels floated on sea foam
watching me
float in green glass sea
I flung myself from the black rocks
where they had fished
I caught the wind
as a white streak of a gannet
cuts the waves
and I was nothing.
457 · Apr 13
De cero
Sera Apr 13
We linger in eternity
brave enough
blooming luminescence
snowfield white blurs our edges

iris of eye reflects unknowing
the withering, blooming
ecstatic beauty perpetually unheld
circuit of myself enslaved to it

delicate pulse an aliveness
even these stones
sand that filtered white as bone

I drew an arabesque in you
in the chambers of your mind
hidden in tapestry
unsigned as I am nothing
only mirage, caught in light
in flight.
422 · 2d
Nothing bloomed
Sera 2d
Nothing bloomed with the steam from my tea, nothing came from the soft river mist
the colours of new flowers
I was all out of stories

I was swept away with flotsam and jetsam
on the white snows of waves above azure

the sun shone warm and bright
but it did not touch my skin

the wind blew softly
but I could not feel it stroke my hair

flowers blossomed
but I could not see their lilac or bluebell
detect the jasmine, hyacinth in evening air

I could feel the ice in my heart, creaking and breaking
the picture fades to black and white
gone in the morning
so the story ends
so the story ends.
392 · Mar 22
Sera Mar 22
Vibrating your purr
fatly sleek, warm fur, Oh cat
what do you dream of?
390 · Feb 15
Even in dust
Sera Feb 15
We are not some shanty town of broken dreams,
we are the soul in its mysterious flight,
we are radiance even in dust.
386 · Apr 16
Sera Apr 16
Where does the lost go when the new morning comes
the blossom of Sakura that fell as confetti
in the springs ceremony
the movements of the lambs body as it frolics in joy on flowered turf
where do our words fade to when we become silent
as love came to inhabit emptiness
where does the sparkling water flow to, we left upstream
over sunny pebbles
as we drifted to the sea
Thanks H -Sakura🌸
385 · Feb 19
Love fervently
Sera Feb 19
We love fervently until it falters
we beg for peace but nothing alters

we see ourselves in every other
while our radiance lies undiscovered.
371 · Mar 29
Sera Mar 29
As narcissus calls
for early bees, my heart calls
for you, beloved.
364 · 5d
To be adored
Sera 5d
To be adored
for my flawed and imperfect self
by another creature

an early summer meadow
flowers dancing, a soft breeze
the key, buzz of bees
to paradise, a soft grey dove
love, in flight, silver
in the dawning light.
326 · Mar 24
Dance like Nureyev
Sera Mar 24
Speak in tongues of angels
dance like Nureyev
sculpt me like Bernini
in marble flesh
Alchemist , turn flotsam & jetsam
to gold if you can

I am seafoam on the outgoing tide
the colours cast by a prism
tiny forget me not flowers
in a child’s hand

I am only energy, know this, I,
the lover of the wind
amante de cero.
323 · Apr 3
I was alone
Sera Apr 3
do not leave me
I whispered to the warm wind
stay with me I begged the spring sun
clear waters surround me, stay
I said in hope

soon I saw the nature of things
I was alone.
318 · Mar 8
Sera Mar 8
Stone cold blue distance
shades coral sundown yearning
evening crow cries
285 · Apr 9
Combusting lies
Sera Apr 9
burning pure blue flame
lies bring tar melts, the choking
fumes from ruins, exile, hurt.
283 · Apr 10
Sera Apr 10
Love was a silvered mirror, unknown
its own face
overlaid with the life’s dusty grace

holding a flowering arabesque in a tempestuous rain
another heart came to life in spite of pain

did you hear its music?

iron ore thuds
on these stones, longing for storm
in a searing flash to be reborn.
275 · Apr 19
Sera Apr 19
Life was an archered bow
thought was an iridescent kingfisher
swooped the azure waters
gilded mind, overflowing spring
flowering by the river
as songbirds sing.
252 · Mar 10
Death of the Naiad
Sera Mar 10
Here the waters reflected pebbles ringed with prism colours
soft wind stroked new grass, took the scent
of hyacinth
small birds decorated high trees

the naiad losing her magic
clinging to a fallen tree in pain
with her love, became mortal

entered the reed fringed waters
weeping, tears lost in ripples
her essence diminishing, dancing with the white flecked current

until losing enchantment
she disappeared to the sea

silence stole back
with soft violet shadows
lilac flowers caught the gilt
of the fading sun.
240 · Apr 10
Sera Apr 10
Dancing dust motes in an empty room
the architrave above caught the light
splintered from the mirrors touch

each shard caught my face, mosaicked
insubstantial as a dream, unseen
your words touched me on the wind

I am only its trajectory, an arching bow
insubstantial as a breath
soft as a caress
239 · Feb 27
The archer in the wall
Sera Feb 27
I was the archer in the wall
you were singing
love was the fall

another life, another time
another song, another rhyme

you were the archer in the wall
I was singing
love was the fall.
231 · Apr 25
Baptise me with tears
Sera Apr 25
lover baptise me here with tears
where water sparkles
through the weir

the lazy valley falls asleep
clay bed of the river
lies so deep

soft red reeds stream like hair
chill waters wash away despair

mist white as snow in the dawn
blue fading night
caught in effusive rainbow light

flame of summer
arrived on bare feet, kiss me
in the cobbled street.
227 · Mar 18
Sera Mar 18
loving embraces
press our scars, archaic blueprints
say who we are.
223 · Apr 11
Red moon
Sera Apr 11
Red moon lingered touching waves on sea
moved in rhythm endlessly
she patrolled the empty rooms of sleep
needing something more to keep
I hid under the star jewelled sky
under citrus trees in blue dusk light
you hid in velvet caves at edge of night
as the wanton moon consumed the light.
219 · Mar 13
small moments
Sera Mar 13
small moments shine as
little stars, or shy flowers
hold them as treasure
215 · 7d
Once upon a time
Sera 7d
where does the unmanifested gather
in the stardust swept away
by the heavy doors of reality
dreams that evaporated with the dew
all that was missed, mislaid,
chances that slipped away forever
love that dissipated with the cold morning, with the dawning light of day,
once upon a time.
213 · Mar 15
Sera Mar 15
vitality births leaves
soft lime intimate with gold
lights chlorophyll shots
211 · Mar 3
La nuova tempesta
Sera Mar 3
Energy gathered far on another horizon
the new storm rests silently over the land
deep colours found in its heart
compressing the azure
light emanates a gold line
tracing its lineaments
life came

as electricity, as rain
the storm thrush
took his high seat
he sang wildly
plants yearned and trembled
in longing or defeat.
207 · Apr 23
Steam arose softly
Sera Apr 23
Steam arose softly from my tea
touched my face, with fragrant mist
with the mornings lingering kiss

I think of you, sweetheart and your grace
when I left in the evening
there was no trace
to losses infinity
I turn my face

love hurts and heals
stings and flowers
captivating the bees for hours
for this moment was fierce and ours
we saw Babel and it’s glistening towers

I was the swallow that darted in flight
trailing the changing colours of your light.
197 · Apr 6
Sera Apr 6
I close my eyes
and drift, I am just this
this is all there is
this is vision
the rest is dream
beautiful as an
illuminated manuscript
as a velvet sky
we are its stars
you the dawn
190 · Mar 25
Sera Mar 25
Night rain falling soft
heavy warm cat pressing down
still air is alive.
190 · Apr 23
Entered my heart
Sera Apr 23
Into my being
entered my heart
are a light
incandescent being, faded or resolute
skin to skin charged softly, dreamt like life
dreamt like life
189 · Feb 24
Sera Feb 24
If you ate stoats, voles and weasels
I would still be able to love you
but would not like you at all
unless you were an owl.
180 · 6d
Sera 6d
Save me, at the flood
mi amore, or at the last
let me drown in you.
179 · Mar 1
I am only spirit
Sera Mar 1
along the precipice,
scented jasmine grows
below the tiger with a hungry eye
I cannot be caught by storm, or predator
or in traps, I am only spirit,
my love touches you
softly on the wind.
Sera Apr 5
I made this citadel
shining as a lost vision
its minarets and citrus trees
in the far desert
we ran through its streets, laughing
in scent of orange blossom
velvet night jewelled with stars,

and you
once upon a time
once upon a star
you were my story
173 · Mar 16
Sera Mar 16
Narcissus ice white
soft orange, egg yolk centre
warmth rests on the earth.
172 · Mar 20
Sera Mar 20
Words fail me, often
touch can speak, can ice break walls
love can beat a heart
167 · Feb 15
Sera Feb 15
The language of flowers calls to the moths
in shining ultraviolet beyond our vision
to flying flowers of butterflies
to the bees seeing subtle landing strips

much in this world is unspoken
as the iris of an eye and it’s landscape
a pupil closing or dilating, a caress

the sound of another breathing
our bodies listen to and beat time

worlds within worlds
each with it’s own language

language of hearts is colourless
written on the wind or the water
unconfined by symbols
however beautiful they are

as plum blossom rains down
on spring winds
hearts easily speak without words.
167 · Feb 26
Sera Feb 26
Irradiance scattered
delicate gold at it’s heart
kaleidoscope rainbows drift apart

white foam fountain flowers high
mingling with the burnished sky

incessant traffic coils at their feet
Gallic energy fills the street

honey stones drowse in heat haze air
wait for me, on Pont Neuf’s stone stair

I walk under light, fragmented trees,
dissolved into one cool leafy frieze

lost in emotion as the bells ring
lost in the radiance of everything.
163 · Mar 23
Sera Mar 23
Sun sails the cloud bank
plump, lilac grey dove bows low
in throaty courtship.
163 · Mar 3
luce ci acceca
Sera Mar 3
Sun burns us, light blinds us,
air embraces
love submerges
the hearts ways are water
all are taken at its flood.
145 · Apr 14
Shy light
Sera Apr 14
Shy light lingers on your face
settling slowly into beads of irradiance
time slows to drone of bee
blossom beguiles the infant wind
coming to pregnant silence
all things give up motion
for you, desire you.
144 · Mar 15
Sera Mar 15
Delicate vapour
soft mist milk white on the hill
red buds high on trees
143 · Mar 29
Temný Strom
Sera Mar 29
Fire sun glows behind
pale green lichened forms
twisting and touching
in harmony,
lemon narcissi light the woods
reddened sky fades to apricot
shining as little stars,
white flowers of blackthorn

caught in the chill of beauty
we twist in pain or ecstasy
for the sky

and far away
across lands and seas
the dark tree stands
witness to a life,
in love with light.
Title- the  Dark Tree
142 · Feb 27
Keep the faith
Sera Feb 27
Turn to light from darkness
from lies to truth
keep the flame burning
keep the love

be kind
it’s all there is
the rest is pain.
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