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1h · 12
Sera 1h
Tall cool flames mirrored
surreal blooms

drunken scented heaviness
embraces the senses, envelops the room

a petal when it falls,
I touch with a child’s mind light      smooth thick waxed silk
glowing white      

the burnt orange stamen catches a sleeve
a wrist

does the bulb dying, dream of what it missed.
2d · 105
Sera 2d
Be as Sakura
let love blossom, let the wind
take it where it will.
Sakura cherry
Sera 3d
Venus wandered sadly upon apricot sand
as the blossoming trees rained on the land
every story has a twist in its tale
even the song of the distant blue whale
the green sea rolling, this mystic land
is my soul, magic flows in my hand.
Sera 5d
Somewhere the light dances
on the wings of a white papillon
origami birds filter the light
on the rainbow teapot

soft murmurs rising, laughter
music melting, enhancing moments
alive with warmth as people meet
after a long time
on this friendly street

fragrant steam rose from my tea
I paid a waitress so I could flee
paper dancers caught the afternoon light
in the high window warm and bright
suddenly, I could not endure

blinded by tears, I fled
down the touristed cobbled street
stumbling feet, chilled in spite of the heat
a lost paper dancer passing through
the beauty here so empty of you.
Sera 5d
Day passes from one horizon to another
across a blue sweep of sky
sweetness of light, remembered love
high flight of swallows chased the light
in blue fade of day

pain wolf came close
gleam of moonlight or tears
rough coat to touch, mute

the rest was frost, burning my fingertips
touched only by silver moonlight
creak of ice in my heart
falling away, apart.
6d · 610
Nothing bloomed
Sera 6d
Nothing bloomed with the steam from my tea, nothing came from the soft river mist
the colours of new flowers
I was all out of stories

I was swept away with flotsam and jetsam
on the white snows of waves above azure

the sun shone warm and bright
but it did not touch my skin

the wind blew softly
but I could not feel it stroke my hair

flowers blossomed
but I could not see their lilac or bluebell
detect the jasmine, hyacinth in evening air

I could feel the ice in my heart, creaking and breaking
the picture fades to black and white
gone in the morning
so the story ends
so the story ends.
7d · 99
Shifting sands
Sera 7d
The sand here is butter soft
almost a pale apricot
I draw your face with one hand
azure water smooths fine sands
in sunlight kissed shallows
silver fish hide
gulls cry wildly over the rising tide
lines blurring,
slipping with the waters song

maybe another lifetime,
some summers day
in some other time far away
you sit beside me in fine salt spray.
Sera 7d
Silver moon above on fire
ice blue worlds burnt with desire
fire spirits kissed upon the pyre.
May 1 · 61
Your real face
Sera May 1
I was your real face, and you were mine
we were fragile combustibles on an inky line.
Apr 30 · 424
To be adored
Sera Apr 30
To be adored
for my flawed and imperfect self
by another creature

an early summer meadow
flowers dancing, a soft breeze
the key, buzz of bees
to paradise, a soft grey dove
love, in flight, silver
in the dawning light.
Apr 29 · 189
Sera Apr 29
Save me, at the flood
mi amore, or at the last
let me drown in you.
Apr 29 · 229
Once upon a time
Sera Apr 29
where does the unmanifested gather
in the stardust swept away
by the heavy doors of reality
dreams that evaporated with the dew
all that was missed, mislaid,
chances that slipped away forever
love that dissipated with the cold morning, with the dawning light of day,
once upon a time.
Apr 29 · 96
Pray for me
Sera Apr 29
Mi amore, pray for me
in the morning I was only river mist
caught in lilac and bluebell
in silver gilt light
as the sun rose in gold
I was gone.
Sera Apr 27
Pure white blackthorn caught sunlight
elegant egret composed in flight
pale fire tinted evening
silent night

the sea shells slipped from my hand
a lonely moon frosted the land
soft silver sea painted the sand.
Sera Apr 26
On the sleeping salt field, the cattle egret stalked
shining white plumage and an arrowed head, elegant, a starry tulip in flight, silk white

observing dart of little fish, as he poised gracefully, intent black eye, under this hot azure sky

deep in ditches, on the edge of land
arabesques washed in tidal colours, swirled with sand, frosted with salt, sea pinks sprinkled, geese graze with grace in the haze

snowy blackthorn and rosy apple blossom, edging old walls drowsing in heat, curlews curved beak probes the silt, sunlit gilt, on delicate feet

where the mind can rest amongst the drying silt, tidal flow, warm salt wind touching the soul

the starkness of a leafless sun, brilliance
here the silvered water, caught in light

flight of egrets, kitten cries of white gulls
sprinkled as pear blossom on little waves
powerful wind scorched the day

far away, horizon lines of sea
dabbled in the tide, turning with all its power, lifting the sand, embraced my feet
anointed, the far pale beach

azure and indigo, where spinach green forests lie
shore ***** feeding, in the flow

enigmatic creation, baby fish dart
distant red flags paint azure, salt in my heart.
Apr 25 · 240
Baptise me with tears
Sera Apr 25
lover baptise me here with tears
where water sparkles
through the weir

the lazy valley falls asleep
clay bed of the river
lies so deep

soft red reeds stream like hair
chill waters wash away despair

mist white as snow in the dawn
blue fading night
caught in effusive rainbow light

flame of summer
arrived on bare feet, kiss me
in the cobbled street.
Apr 24 · 76
Hummingbird in my mind
Sera Apr 24
Hummingbird in my mind
feeds from thought flowers
my fingers touch your chest gently

I feel your heart and mine
all things judder to silence
sunlight on the eyelids
suffused warmth of colour

then return of distant traffic hum
the twang of the wind
chilling my skin pale as a frost

dissipates in your sun glow,
white petals drifting in the air
snowy confetti on our hair
Apr 23 · 198
Entered my heart
Sera Apr 23
Into my being
entered my heart
are a light
incandescent being, faded or resolute
skin to skin charged softly, dreamt like life
dreamt like life
Sera Apr 23
I beheld the treasure gleaming
and you know in your heart
the dirt,
the gloaming
on the far dry field
the harvest withering
Demeter turned the season away in pain,

and I
I searched throughout the world
this one and the next

and you
my summer
vanished as the river mist
even as I glimpsed you
a fleet form
my dawn
Sera Apr 23
Love in its fierce possession
stands guard fragile, vulnerable
weak with that which is infinitely
precious to lose
like me

stay with me, I love you
my shining star
stay forever, you are my earth
rich under these rose stems,
a blue butterfly flew
but nothing was
more beautiful than you.
Apr 23 · 216
Steam arose softly
Sera Apr 23
Steam arose softly from my tea
touched my face, with fragrant mist
with the mornings lingering kiss

I think of you, sweetheart and your grace
when I left in the evening
there was no trace
to losses infinity
I turn my face

love hurts and heals
stings and flowers
captivating the bees for hours
for this moment was fierce and ours
we saw Babel and it’s glistening towers

I was the swallow that darted in flight
trailing the changing colours of your light.
Apr 23 · 123
Stars in its pockets
Sera Apr 23
love had left a jacket
over a chair, stars in its pockets
stars in your hair
the eyes of the sky were azure blue
white seagulls jasmine
on the wind that blew.
Apr 21 · 68
Sera Apr 21
Diving into the lotus pool tangled with mud and roots
how do we tempt the egret from the sky
to show its pristine beauty
how to make these flowers bloom
life hardened at the edges and eats into softness
taking away one pebble at a time until all is the soft red clay
sharp edges lost, that reined mind
runs for the horizon a wild horse
and who will catch it
master it
Apr 20 · 56
The gates of summer
Sera Apr 20
Windhover rippled on the high wind
as my thoughts on the dreaming hill
moved softly with emotion

blackthorn touching the earth in tiny snowflakes
apple blossom tinted as little roses
soft red in bud

singing scarlet geranium burst into abundance not knowing of the frost
mind coalesced as milk on morning windows

over the backs of runners
across the shells of cars passing like silence
in mute ceremony

tall echium framed the gates of summer
waiting for the heat.
Apr 19 · 284
Sera Apr 19
Life was an archered bow
thought was an iridescent kingfisher
swooped the azure waters
gilded mind, overflowing spring
flowering by the river
as songbirds sing.
Apr 18 · 86
Sera Apr 18
I see you with your green stockings
and the long red hair
she remembered, leaving it too late

you know her worst secret,
and the saddest part is that it
no longer matters

life passes
like laughter.
days run from horizon to horizon
time spins delicate threads between two hands

in the photo, the students danced and played for the camera
one heartbreakingly beautiful was you
Apr 16 · 396
Sera Apr 16
Where does the lost go when the new morning comes
the blossom of Sakura that fell as confetti
in the springs ceremony
the movements of the lambs body as it frolics in joy on flowered turf
where do our words fade to when we become silent
as love came to inhabit emptiness
where does the sparkling water flow to, we left upstream
over sunny pebbles
as we drifted to the sea
Thanks H -Sakura🌸
Apr 15 · 81
Sera Apr 15
I could write about how the body clenched as a fist and gave birth to pain

how reality fractured into tesserae and stayed as a picture when the walls were crumbled

how my fingertips bled as I touched it tenderly
as you made a mosaic of my life

how even though I dug in the fertile earth, and nurtured the summer flowers
I can never find you again

and when the sharp stone hit the windscreen
how I shattered, and shattered,
fracturing as mourning ice underfoot

how I saw your dancing star fall and fall
across the cold high starscape

until sunrise lit the high new leaves and hid it from my sight forever
Apr 14 · 145
Shy light
Sera Apr 14
Shy light lingers on your face
settling slowly into beads of irradiance
time slows to drone of bee
blossom beguiles the infant wind
coming to pregnant silence
all things give up motion
for you, desire you.
Apr 13 · 56
Sera Apr 13
embrace another
gently, we hide our fine cracks
with remnants of grace
Apr 13 · 82
Sera Apr 13
Ignite me in subtle magic
you are the alchemist
I am the substrate
golden threads in your eyes
weave me into the pulse
of eternity
of your being
until even the residue
of my dreams are gold.
Apr 13 · 74
Blue wind
Sera Apr 13
You vanished with the blue wind
in a pulsating arc

Your light incandescent
with cinnamon sparks

my blue light burnt
for you in velvet dark
Apr 13 · 462
De cero
Sera Apr 13
We linger in eternity
brave enough
blooming luminescence
snowfield white blurs our edges

iris of eye reflects unknowing
the withering, blooming
ecstatic beauty perpetually unheld
circuit of myself enslaved to it

delicate pulse an aliveness
even these stones
sand that filtered white as bone

I drew an arabesque in you
in the chambers of your mind
hidden in tapestry
unsigned as I am nothing
only mirage, caught in light
in flight.
Apr 12 · 1.0k
Bitter herbs
Sera Apr 12
will we drain the cup deeply
with its bitter herbs
champagne air rose
thronged on your tongue

will we breath the air
that, burns our lungs
be there smouldering ghats,
orange blossom for brides both
as eyes streamed

will we know another’s heart
although it hurts us, although our feet bleed, we break

amongst the slender dancing flowers
the broken glass once crystalline
of our mistakes

love makes a shining city
in a desert land, it is written
in every hand.
Apr 11 · 227
Red moon
Sera Apr 11
Red moon lingered touching waves on sea
moved in rhythm endlessly
she patrolled the empty rooms of sleep
needing something more to keep
I hid under the star jewelled sky
under citrus trees in blue dusk light
you hid in velvet caves at edge of night
as the wanton moon consumed the light.
Apr 11 · 80
Close to flight
Sera Apr 11
the beat of my life
beneath my skin
visions of worlds shone within
a nightingale sang on the edge of night
tentative both, close to flight
the quiver of arrow
pierced the light
luminescence bloomed to
snowfield white.
Apr 10 · 240
Sera Apr 10
Dancing dust motes in an empty room
the architrave above caught the light
splintered from the mirrors touch

each shard caught my face, mosaicked
insubstantial as a dream, unseen
your words touched me on the wind

I am only its trajectory, an arching bow
insubstantial as a breath
soft as a caress
Apr 10 · 90
Sera Apr 10
blood pulses softly beneath my skin
as my poets heart beats time within

these words are soul
tarnished by my ebb and flow

remember me as violet shades
dance across ochre grass
bleaching bone white in the light

evening came, incandescent in flame
I am nothing, love remains.
Apr 10 · 115
Sera Apr 10
under the Japanese bridge
arched in Monet green
drift unseen
under the falling petals,
white as snow

the great carp slowly swam
in the gentle flow
invisible at first
blended with the light
lost at first to my sight

I am nothing I die in it all
I eat the shining apple
before the fall
I disappear in the words I write
absinthe of soul
hurricane of light.
Apr 10 · 71
Sera Apr 10
Mother of pearl inside a shell
delicate lace her fingers wove,
once upon a time so well
sun that transfixed me in its rays
I held in my mind,
until the days

weaving silvery threads
of words, linger, spiders webs
caught with silver dew, in autumn light
shining in my inner sight

river mist rose with dawning light
the heat haze as the sun burnt bright
high above, a skylark sang
I vanished in ether as the bells rang.
Apr 10 · 76
Sera Apr 10
A bridge of gold light over the morning
the storm thrush waits high and silent

and I told myself the truth
that when you come again storm
I will not be ready
I will never be ready

I will sear in your lightening
my eardrums will bleed in your thunder
I will drown in the deluge of your tears.
Apr 10 · 287
Sera Apr 10
Love was a silvered mirror, unknown
its own face
overlaid with the life’s dusty grace

holding a flowering arabesque in a tempestuous rain
another heart came to life in spite of pain

did you hear its music?

iron ore thuds
on these stones, longing for storm
in a searing flash to be reborn.
Apr 9 · 287
Combusting lies
Sera Apr 9
burning pure blue flame
lies bring tar melts, the choking
fumes from ruins, exile, hurt.
Apr 8 · 1.0k
Sera Apr 8
we grow with the sun
flowers open in my heart
kissing azure blue
Apr 7 · 57
words on the wind
Sera Apr 7
Your words fell as blossom
deep waters below your mind
as dusk came
shone as a silvered mirror

deepening to the indigo of your ink,
softly anarchic, an elegant turn on vellum
arcing sparks fly against darkness
dancing fireflies against the velvet

this other world
rests at your fingertips
waiting for mastery

we hold our quiver of arrows
and shoot for the far stars
forgetting mire, rose desire
this journey is its destiny
words we write, light.
Apr 7 · 126
Event horizon
Sera Apr 7
You and I are
the aftermath of things
that haven’t happened yet
Apr 6 · 197
Sera Apr 6
I close my eyes
and drift, I am just this
this is all there is
this is vision
the rest is dream
beautiful as an
illuminated manuscript
as a velvet sky
we are its stars
you the dawn
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