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 2h Sera
I know, dear
it wasn’t me
but who was it?
 19h Sera
Real freedom
are intrinsically linked
to the freedom
of a bird of prey.
The bird is eager
To fly away to sunrise
To welcome the day!

Shell ✨🐚
Of course, you can go
But I don't want you to
Of course, I don't have to know
But I feel I really do
Of course, we don't have to talk
But I will fall apart
Of course, I will let you walk
But it will crush my heart
the wild daisy blooms in May,
warm soil nurturing, the dampness springing forth
turkey tails and fly agaric.
from this soil happiness sprouts too,
in the form of sweet exchanges,
awkward mishaps,
sincere confessions.
you are the May sunshine and the rain,
which makes my heart and mind blossom.
and may we step barefoot on the cool dewy grass,
and embark on this journey together
love that sprouts in the beginning of a month is the purest, as new beginnings and nature sprout too
Summer's zenith is on its way.
The garden is to be tended well.
Are there cracks in the basement?
Has the basement begun to drip?
Who knows what may be crawling there!
Summer's zenith is on its way
and the house must be tended well,
the foundation firm and mighty,
the foundation unshaken by winter.
Before inviting a lover, before marriage,
before bringing children in the world,
some mastery must meet this house,
some awareness turned up, to fall
on what still is small - lest small grow big.
For my carelessness now, my foolishness
may destroy the house, may worm its way...
The seed I suffer now may yield
poisonous fruit in my children,
destroying them and their children too.
I must take care my children and theirs
don't suffer on account of my negligence.
 1d Sera
 1d Sera
My heels had felt
harsh gravity
of the steep downhill...

My toes suffered,
the vicious bite
of the incline.

My soles had tasted
the everlasting bland
offered by the flat of the earth.

I know the distance.

Alas I run unequipped,
with a horse’s breath.
 1d Sera
one candle flame

joined by all other
candle flames

a sky full of faraway

creatively opens the mind
to hearken to the heart.
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