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nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
it was about 3
in the afternoon
when the wind was calm
and an airy gloom

she had smiled at him,
holding books in one hand
pack in another

she looked like
perfection to him...
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
somebody died
and so we grieve
somebody cried
and so we comfort them
somebody lied
and so we are angry
somebody suicide
and so we say
"they were too young, too young to die"

and so the world goes on
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021


Spilled milk

Ruined art

Failed test

Was yelled at

S h u t  u p
I'm going to burst
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
In every small stroke
The story is closer to
Being created
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
A poet walked
Along a river.

A poet was

A poet took out
Pen and paper

A poet started to
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Ups and downs
Unexpected turns
We never know
What the future holds

A wild ride
Through lifetime
Behold --
This glorious roller coaster

A crazy smile
Or a saddened face
This ride lasts for years
Riding through
Hurt, happiness, fears

A wild ride of lifetime.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Last time you did this
It was tender and lovely
This time it is
Sad and lonely
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
The only time your
Mother smiled when you cried...
With you in her arms.
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
they were born like -- this
a hand on a walker
they are hard to miss
but hey, at least they try;
while we -- with both eyes
and we -- capable,
and shall we be the blinded?
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
A flash
Quickly passes by
A rush
Of feelings

Someone broke again
Help -
My tears are rain
A vision

The scream
Stop the hurt!
I can only bite my lip
As everything blurs
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
A faint ding
This is so quaint
As I walk in the bookstore
A summery day

The faint sounds
Shuffle, hush hush
As I look around the bookstore
An afternoon - unrushed

A faint love
My fingers brush along the shelves
As I find a book in the bookstore
This day, just for myself.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
She only cared about them
But she didn't notice
He was caring for her
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Could people be described
As colors?
Blue means sad, a red guy's mad

Well actually I think
We are all colors.
Rainbows after rain
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We cry over small things...
Whether it's if someone said something...
Did something...
Made something happen...
It affects us.
We linger in that feeling by
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Oh no, it's happened
That deep, awkward silence comes
We sit still, smiling
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
did I ever settle into your mind
of a girl who smiles
of a girl who dresses cutely
of a girl who is kind
a girl who is blindly
in love with you?

or was I only a fragment
but your head is settled in
on another?

or just an acquaintance.
whatever I am

just tell me that I have
settled in your mind.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Is life only this dream,
where you live through it
Just to feel the dream
But end up wasting it?

Because now,
I want to wake up.
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
Some dress for society
Others dress in anxiety
Many dress a variety

Each clothing brings out
Tone and flavor
Some dress after they rouse
Others to put on
A bit of color

I dress
For the mere
Happiness from stress
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
She blushes
And he does too
She clutches
The flowers he gave her

The air is warm
Even if it's raining
A love is born
Softly, gently

Smiles linger
And gibberish too
"I love you forever"
Early love.

The happiest times
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
Erase, erase,
Erase your mistakes!
Buy this beautiful eraser

Undo, undo,
Undo your blues!
Buy this fantastic eraser

Throw away,
Throw away bad days!
By buying this eraser

Don't buy it
Pencil and paper
Pencil and eraser
We need the pencil
To make mistakes
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
some fear the darkness
others fear to be alone
many fear to lose the kisses
of a loved one

and some fear to speak
some fear their regrets
few fear to be weak
but when we've dried
anxiety and lies
you can see the rainbow is here,

so don't worry for now
because sun is coming out
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
She fell in love.
He fell apart.
She fell down.
He fell for her.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We say it
"I'm fine", "It was fine"
"This is fine"
All the time

But we almost
Never mean it.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Don't you see that
Following, caring for
Someone who doesn't know you exist -
Makes it harder to
Accept yourself?

Realize that...
someone might be following you too.
nicetomeetyou May 2021
In these starry skies:
You see those two stars, touching?
'Cause that's you and me.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
It's not about whether
You'll try to fix it or not.
Because as long as something
Comes out,
A heartbreak could happen.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Has she ever spoken before?
Maybe only few words,
Yes, no, yay, more
But today she opened her mouth -
Her tongue was quick,
and words flew out
"I love you"
Her first sentence.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I try my best to be
Your perfection
But if I try too hard
You wouldn't like me
nicetomeetyou May 2022
all those empty promises you made for me,,
every single word you said to me
all those little gifts you gave me
i never forgot them .
and i dont blame you because i left first

i left first because
i was too insecure.
i noticed every little detail,,
the way you looked at her, the way you talked to her
you never looked at me that way

so i wanted to believe the headpats and hugs and thumb wars you shared with me

but your forevers were only ******* because as soon as you left too
you fell in love again .

-by the cold-hearted ***** you once liked .
when i was in love with him, the only two things i could think of were of him and how long it would last. i guess i know the ending now .
nicetomeetyou May 2021
To kiss;
Hold my chin up with your warm fingers
No, I don't want you to
Let go of what we have.
You should definitely
Let your tender lips touch mine, and
I'll never
Push you away.
I have to say, that soon will I
Fall into my (love)sick self
After you go away,
I'll throw this love
in the bin.
backwards and forwards, you see?
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Is it okay if I just cry...
Because all this weight
is killing me.

Is it okay if I say something stupid
Because I don't want to
hold it back anymore.

Is it okay if I trip again and again...
Because I don't know
where I'm going.

It's okay.

We all need some time
Just to breathe and understand
Yes, it is okay.
nicetomeetyou May 2022
everyone falls hard
during autumn,
then wakes up
during spring.
we finally mature enough to realize our crushes are too silly for us
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I sit there
Longing for company
I sit here
Waiting for you

Felt like three years
Possibly only three minutes
But now I fear
You forgot


More waiting.
Finally, out of the clearing
A figure pulling my heartstrings

I've been Waiting.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Last time I came here
Was so different from now 'cause
I'm standing with you.
The same place looks different when with others.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
You may be laughing now
You may be the bigger one now
You may be invincible -
Or so it seems -
You may be the stronger,
The meaner

Karma chases you
Like wind on a leaf.
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
They think they're laughing at me
Or they're laughing with me
Or I'm laughing at them
Or I'm laughing with them.

I'm not laughing.
nicetomeetyou Apr 2021
“It’s twenty-twenty one
And fires are burning
And number of creatures
Dead from plastic is surging
Our world is done but
We don’t blame you.
It’s only humanity.

The Destructors”
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Life and Death
Were in love...
Since eternity.

Life gave Death
Infinite gifts...
And Death kept them
The process of living and dying. We are the gifts life gives to death.
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
life is just a slide --
where you enjoy it
at the beginning
then near middle
it starts getting bumpy

and on this slide
no one knows when
they may just fall
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
if death were to meet me
would i sleep for eternity...?
sometimes i'm awake at night, tossing and turning, thinking about what happens when you die -- and when you die are you willing to leave from existence? and do you just "sleep" forever without knowing it?
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
every single time i do something
either one happens:
- i move on
- i regret it
and by that i mean it's usually choice 2
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
this time glass is us

and every time you waste
goes down into the dumps
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
"Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space, maybe we should trust that even if we can't understand it yet.”
Dr. Mann, Interstellar
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
you can't always have
half a heart;
some have loved more
just from the start
nicetomeetyou May 2021
𝗜'𝘃𝗲 always had this strawberry-scented paper,
I've 𝗯𝗲𝗲𝗻 saving up for a special letter. And now, it's
time for 𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴. I pick up my favorite pen, cause this's
for you and only 𝘆𝗼𝘂. I'll start with a 𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘳 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦, and
seal it with a kiss. 𝗔 hopeful smile and an timid
skip, I'll hand you my 𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿. Now, tis' is the only
step left: to start writing my love letter, for you.
Open it up and read it. I spent hours on it. They're hard to write...
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
people will be captivated
by what 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 want to hear
nicetomeetyou Apr 2021
Last night the cloud wept the skies
All painted to dark gray;
And the tears came flowing down to earth
In the break of May.

And that is why the April showers
Continued through the next month,
When we had expected sunny skies,
The sky brought no warmth -

So I sat at the windowsill
With my notebook and pen
The day was May sixth, or
Maybe May seventh

And when the raindrops flowed down again
I tried to trace a melody,
Drip, drop, drippity drop;
And soon I saw, and you will see:
The raindrops gave me a song.

So all through May I learned the song
And sang it loud and clear
Until the rain came to a halt
And clouds’ very last tear

Which is why I’m excited for next year
When May showers come
So I can learn another song
To sing or screech or hum
Aha I came up with this as I went in 7 minutes, and sang it to a beat
nicetomeetyou May 2021
i really love sleeping
because i literally get 10 hours
of peace and silence and dreams
and i don't need to think because i can't
so i try to tuck into my covers as soon as possible
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
so i am still too young
to know what is
really, actually, truthfully
out there..
we haven't seen anything yet

maybe a fragment or two
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