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795 · Apr 2021
Trying Poetry
nicetomeetyou Apr 2021
Poetry is vivid
Nature, leaves, rivers
So when a writer
Sits down for a lesson,
They are the notetakers
And Mother Nature is the teacher.
616 · Feb 2021
A Poet
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
A poet walked
Along a river.

A poet was

A poet took out
Pen and paper

A poet started to
609 · Mar 2021
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
they were born like -- this
a hand on a walker
they are hard to miss
but hey, at least they try;
while we -- with both eyes
and we -- capable,
and shall we be the blinded?
581 · Mar 2021
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
Clear as the sky
And ****** as the moon
You hear her high

A bolt of light
And a sliver of burn
You hear her bright

Her hurt can be seen
Her hurt will be felt
You hear her keen

She whispers too stop this
nicetomeetyou May 2021
In these starry skies:
You see those two stars, touching?
'Cause that's you and me.
468 · Mar 2021
okay so
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
so i am still too young
to know what is
really, actually, truthfully
out there..
we haven't seen anything yet

maybe a fragment or two
467 · Mar 2021
here we go again
378 · Feb 2021
Ideal Girl
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I try my best to be
Your perfection
But if I try too hard
You wouldn't like me
325 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We are worlds apart
Mine is bright
Yours is bitter
Mine is lovely
Yours is dull
When we meet
The heart is full
316 · Mar 2021
what love means now
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
in childhood ages -
love is "ewww"
and cooties

in older ages -
still young
love is a secret
and cannot be sung

and now this
what does love mean now?
someone to care
someone to hug
someone to bear with
through the seasons?

it's so hard to understand
309 · May 2022
its true
nicetomeetyou May 2022
everyone falls hard
during autumn,
then wakes up
during spring.
we finally mature enough to realize our crushes are too silly for us
251 · May 2021
pretty please?
nicetomeetyou May 2021
𝗜 have been wanting to tell you that when you're near: all I feel
is 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲. I'm a blushing maiden behind the flowers shadows,
and 𝘆𝗼𝘂 are Prince Charming. Make's me wanna cry all day, but smile
all night 𝘁𝗼o. So, why don't you hold my hand and let us take a walk;
because I see 𝘁𝗵𝗲 sun coming out of the blue. And at night, we'll
sneak out under the 𝗺𝗼𝗼𝗻, our shadows, together, bloom. You
want to make me blush 𝗮𝗻𝗱 laugh? Just sit by my side and smile. And
under the stars, please, kiss me 𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸!
245 · Mar 2021
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
a wave
it crashes down on me
as I sway
into your arms

a wave
had me drenched
in my unquenched
crave for you

my loveliness
let this wave press
gently onto us
nicetomeetyou May 2021
To kiss;
Hold my chin up with your warm fingers
No, I don't want you to
Let go of what we have.
You should definitely
Let your tender lips touch mine, and
I'll never
Push you away.
I have to say, that soon will I
Fall into my (love)sick self
After you go away,
I'll throw this love
in the bin.
backwards and forwards, you see?
nicetomeetyou May 2021
i really love sleeping
because i literally get 10 hours
of peace and silence and dreams
and i don't need to think because i can't
so i try to tuck into my covers as soon as possible
206 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Welcome to my workshop -
Whether it's
there... or
it doesn't matter, so

Rest here...
And stay with me.

You're always welcome here.
180 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Is life only this dream,
where you live through it
Just to feel the dream
But end up wasting it?

Because now,
I want to wake up.
177 · Jun 2021
Words of Wisdom #1
nicetomeetyou Jun 2021
Never give up that one important life-changing thing you've been working since forever chance to someone else, no matter who they are and how much they bribe you to put your heart into it.
176 · Mar 2021
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
Erase, erase,
Erase your mistakes!
Buy this beautiful eraser

Undo, undo,
Undo your blues!
Buy this fantastic eraser

Throw away,
Throw away bad days!
By buying this eraser

Don't buy it
Pencil and paper
Pencil and eraser
We need the pencil
To make mistakes
171 · May 2021
stupid cupid
nicetomeetyou May 2021
cupid hit me with his ****** love arrow
and i fell in love with you
141 · Feb 2021
Sugary Lemons
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Your words lay on me
like sour lemons
So hard I can't breathe
You left me in ruins
And then you pretend
To help me up
Are you a sugar-coated lemon
Or am I only falling again?
126 · Feb 2021
Too Good to Be True
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I think you're
only my imagination
98 · Feb 2021
Her Words
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Has she ever spoken before?
Maybe only few words,
Yes, no, yay, more
But today she opened her mouth -
Her tongue was quick,
and words flew out
"I love you"
Her first sentence.
92 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
A faint ding
This is so quaint
As I walk in the bookstore
A summery day

The faint sounds
Shuffle, hush hush
As I look around the bookstore
An afternoon - unrushed

A faint love
My fingers brush along the shelves
As I find a book in the bookstore
This day, just for myself.
91 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
The stroke forms
A path - a water lily
On my canvas,
I'm fascinated - the beauty
I dip my brush into the water,
And can't help but
Exclaim in joy
When I have finished yet another piece...
Because, when there was a lingering absence
I'm now filled with happiness.
nicetomeetyou Apr 2021
If you stop and look more closely
At those people you trust
Although their smiles plain on their faces
Their tempting “love” may just distort you.
88 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
They said, "Time will heal."
So why hasn't it healed?
Why am I still broken inside?

They said, "Time is precious."
So why did I waste it?
Why was I stupid enough to do it?

They said, "Plan your time and you will benefit from it."
So why am I a mess?
Why have I hit rock's bottom?

Time is unforgivable.
87 · Apr 2021
Letter to Nature
nicetomeetyou Apr 2021
“It’s twenty-twenty one
And fires are burning
And number of creatures
Dead from plastic is surging
Our world is done but
We don’t blame you.
It’s only humanity.

The Destructors”
86 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
She fell in love.
He fell apart.
She fell down.
He fell for her.
85 · May 2022
winter love
nicetomeetyou May 2022
i met a boy last winter,
and his smile warmed my heart.
i was so sure he was The One
right from the very start...

we grew close in a matter of weeks,
as i observed him closely
his laugh, his touch,
and the smell of his hoodie...

he loved to talk,
and i loved to listen
he words were so sweet,
and i always missed him...

spring came.

the hot chocolate and blankets and snowmen came to an end.

like the snow,
my love slowly melted...

i met a boy this spring.
im so sorry for not posting in a very long time, i felt like i had no motivation to keep writing. today as i was scrolling through my poems again, i suddenly realized how much i missed writing these dumb poems. so im back, and i hope i can at least write a piece every week:)
83 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Every insult
Every hurt
Every scream
or every burst --

A scar
I can never remove.
Drawn on me Permanently

you have scars too.
83 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
"Sharing is caring,"
They tell me.
I listen and I understand.

"Put others before yourself,"
Some said.
I listen and I understand.

"Don't say something rude when you could compliment it instead,"
Many said.
I listen and I understand.

"Be loyal and devoted to your friends and they will do the same,"
The people said.
I listen and I understand...

I share,
I care for everything - but myself,
I fake a smile and love everything, anything
I am loyalty at its finest. I am the most devoted friend ever.
I have listened, and I have understood, and I have tried to do it.

Now, I don't understand.
Why is nobody treating me the same?
Why is everybody criticizing what I do?
Why have my friends all turned against me?
I am weak and I am too gullible.
I have become selfless...
Listen and understand, but don't be gullible.
83 · Mar 2021
3 in the afternoon
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
it was about 3
in the afternoon
when the wind was calm
and an airy gloom

she had smiled at him,
holding books in one hand
pack in another

she looked like
perfection to him...
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
people will be captivated
by what 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 want to hear
81 · Feb 2021
The Void of Truth
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We think we don't hurt
But everything we think
Just to unhurt, we're not listening !
Either way
We only fall deeper
into the Void of Truth
80 · Feb 2021
Sunday Afternoon
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Birds atop trees outside
The sun is smiling at me
Slip on my sneakers
With jeans and a tee
Only the scent of joy
And warmth and love
I open my arms wide
Wind on my tongue...
This Sunday afternoon.
80 · Feb 2021
What Duct Tape Can't Fix
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Duct tape can't fix
a broken heart
a broken smile
a broken love

But you can fix that.
78 · Mar 2021
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
some fear the darkness
others fear to be alone
many fear to lose the kisses
of a loved one

and some fear to speak
some fear their regrets
few fear to be weak
but when we've dried
anxiety and lies
you can see the rainbow is here,

so don't worry for now
because sun is coming out
78 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Don't you see that
Following, caring for
Someone who doesn't know you exist -
Makes it harder to
Accept yourself?

Realize that...
someone might be following you too.
78 · May 2021
Programming Love
nicetomeetyou May 2021
public struct Love {
    private enum Person {
        case female
        case male
        case other(_ type:String)

    public let people:[Person]
    private var loveAmount:Int

    public init(people:[Person]) {
        self.people = people
        loveAmount = 0

    public mutating func moreLoveForEachOther(addedLove:Int) {
        loveAmount += addedLove
(this is a Swift programming structure)
77 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
The only two things
You've ever stolen
Are my heart
and a diamond.

You kept my heart
And gave me the diamond
77 · Mar 2021
the little girl
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
the little girl
sat at the window
last night
and in her sight
was an angel
a little girl did not know
that this angel
was her
I wanted to express how children die around the world, and this child saw this angel in her head, which was herself - trying to warn her.
76 · Feb 2021
The Loveliest Soul
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
The loveliest soul
Sits with us
The loveliest soul
Is close
She tenderly holds us
In her arms of love

The loveliest soul
Awakened us
Not necessarily a she or he or it =) I only used she since it goes with the flow
75 · Feb 2021
Life and Death
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Life and Death
Were in love...
Since eternity.

Life gave Death
Infinite gifts...
And Death kept them
The process of living and dying. We are the gifts life gives to death.
75 · Feb 2021
Early Love
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
She blushes
And he does too
She clutches
The flowers he gave her

The air is warm
Even if it's raining
A love is born
Softly, gently

Smiles linger
And gibberish too
"I love you forever"
Early love.

The happiest times
73 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I'm quite exhausted -
Do you mind if I lay down?
Just for a moment - (zzz)
73 · Feb 2021
That Sweet Melody
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
But they sound
Like song to me
Sing it loud
sing it s o f t

I want to hear
Don't stop now.
A wind of notes
A fuzzy cloud

That Sweet Melody

you sang.
72 · Feb 2021
Last Time
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Last time I came here
Was so different from now 'cause
I'm standing with you.
The same place looks different when with others.
72 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
They think they're laughing at me
Or they're laughing with me
Or I'm laughing at them
Or I'm laughing with them.

I'm not laughing.
72 · Feb 2021
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We say it
"I'm fine", "It was fine"
"This is fine"
All the time

But we almost
Never mean it.
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