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Feb 2021 · 61
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Could people be described
As colors?
Blue means sad, a red guy's mad

Well actually I think
We are all colors.
Rainbows after rain
Feb 2021 · 58
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
She only cared about them
But she didn't notice
He was caring for her
Feb 2021 · 52
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Your smile may look like
A thousand crystals, shining
But look closer --
Your smile is deceiving

Your smile is dry and ******
It contains what you think --
No, your smile means nothing.
I don't feel at all when you show it.

Your smile isn't kind
Or happy
Or gentle
Your smile makes me blind
But not because of
The joy you're spreading
But because
Your smile is deceiving
Feb 2021 · 83
The Void of Truth
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We think we don't hurt
But everything we think
Just to unhurt, we're not listening !
Either way
We only fall deeper
into the Void of Truth
Feb 2021 · 74
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
They think they're laughing at me
Or they're laughing with me
Or I'm laughing at them
Or I'm laughing with them.

I'm not laughing.
Feb 2021 · 101
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
A faint ding
This is so quaint
As I walk in the bookstore
A summery day

The faint sounds
Shuffle, hush hush
As I look around the bookstore
An afternoon - unrushed

A faint love
My fingers brush along the shelves
As I find a book in the bookstore
This day, just for myself.
Feb 2021 · 53
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
You just had to make
It harder, more rough
When you knew, You Knew
It was already hard enough.

Like an edge of cliff
I may just fall off
Would it make any difference.
Ouch, Stop.

A spike is so small
So unimportant - insignificant.
Or what you think.
A spike could ****, make you bent
A spike could trip
A spike could rip

Your words are spikes
Your punch makes me fall
down the cliff

Feb 2021 · 74
That Sweet Melody
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
But they sound
Like song to me
Sing it loud
sing it s o f t

I want to hear
Don't stop now.
A wind of notes
A fuzzy cloud

That Sweet Melody

you sang.
Feb 2021 · 85
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Every insult
Every hurt
Every scream
or every burst --

A scar
I can never remove.
Drawn on me Permanently

you have scars too.
Feb 2021 · 129
Too Good to Be True
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I think you're
only my imagination
Feb 2021 · 103
Her Words
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Has she ever spoken before?
Maybe only few words,
Yes, no, yay, more
But today she opened her mouth -
Her tongue was quick,
and words flew out
"I love you"
Her first sentence.
Feb 2021 · 144
Sugary Lemons
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Your words lay on me
like sour lemons
So hard I can't breathe
You left me in ruins
And then you pretend
To help me up
Are you a sugar-coated lemon
Or am I only falling again?
Feb 2021 · 57
Anger Level
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021


Spilled milk

Ruined art

Failed test

Was yelled at

S h u t  u p
I'm going to burst
Feb 2021 · 55
Smart (or So We Think)
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We're so smart,
So great, we could do

Or so we think.

There are a billion
Stars in the sky

The number of unknown
Are yet to figure out.
The number of things you don't know yet are endless
Feb 2021 · 63
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
You may be laughing now
You may be the bigger one now
You may be invincible -
Or so it seems -
You may be the stronger,
The meaner

Karma chases you
Like wind on a leaf.
Feb 2021 · 50
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Don't treat me
Only like an ornament
Because I know you know
You could easily be replaced.
Feb 2021 · 57
The Flower Blooms
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
It started as a bud
Facing wind, sun
and dust -
A vivid pale color
Would you believe it?
Waited a year or
two... and now
the flower Blooms.
Feb 2021 · 187
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Is life only this dream,
where you live through it
Just to feel the dream
But end up wasting it?

Because now,
I want to wake up.
Feb 2021 · 385
Ideal Girl
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I try my best to be
Your perfection
But if I try too hard
You wouldn't like me
Feb 2021 · 75
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I'm quite exhausted -
Do you mind if I lay down?
Just for a moment - (zzz)
Feb 2021 · 58
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
I imagine before
We were only code.
Before we came to earth,
We were programmed.

But, when we were
There were glitches.
Needing reprogram,
No matter how small the mistake

Is one hundred percent
Perfectly created.
Nobody's a saint.
Feb 2021 · 86
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
"Sharing is caring,"
They tell me.
I listen and I understand.

"Put others before yourself,"
Some said.
I listen and I understand.

"Don't say something rude when you could compliment it instead,"
Many said.
I listen and I understand.

"Be loyal and devoted to your friends and they will do the same,"
The people said.
I listen and I understand...

I share,
I care for everything - but myself,
I fake a smile and love everything, anything
I am loyalty at its finest. I am the most devoted friend ever.
I have listened, and I have understood, and I have tried to do it.

Now, I don't understand.
Why is nobody treating me the same?
Why is everybody criticizing what I do?
Why have my friends all turned against me?
I am weak and I am too gullible.
I have become selfless...
Listen and understand, but don't be gullible.
Feb 2021 · 96
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
The stroke forms
A path - a water lily
On my canvas,
I'm fascinated - the beauty
I dip my brush into the water,
And can't help but
Exclaim in joy
When I have finished yet another piece...
Because, when there was a lingering absence
I'm now filled with happiness.
Feb 2021 · 84
Sunday Afternoon
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Birds atop trees outside
The sun is smiling at me
Slip on my sneakers
With jeans and a tee
Only the scent of joy
And warmth and love
I open my arms wide
Wind on my tongue...
This Sunday afternoon.
Feb 2021 · 92
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
They said, "Time will heal."
So why hasn't it healed?
Why am I still broken inside?

They said, "Time is precious."
So why did I waste it?
Why was I stupid enough to do it?

They said, "Plan your time and you will benefit from it."
So why am I a mess?
Why have I hit rock's bottom?

Time is unforgivable.
Feb 2021 · 89
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
She fell in love.
He fell apart.
She fell down.
He fell for her.
Feb 2021 · 81
Life and Death
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Life and Death
Were in love...
Since eternity.

Life gave Death
Infinite gifts...
And Death kept them
The process of living and dying. We are the gifts life gives to death.
Feb 2021 · 62
Is It Okay?
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Is it okay if I just cry...
Because all this weight
is killing me.

Is it okay if I say something stupid
Because I don't want to
hold it back anymore.

Is it okay if I trip again and again...
Because I don't know
where I'm going.

It's okay.

We all need some time
Just to breathe and understand
Yes, it is okay.
Feb 2021 · 69
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
The only time your
Mother smiled when you cried...
With you in her arms.
Feb 2021 · 208
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Welcome to my workshop -
Whether it's
there... or
it doesn't matter, so

Rest here...
And stay with me.

You're always welcome here.
Feb 2021 · 620
A Poet
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
A poet walked
Along a river.

A poet was

A poet took out
Pen and paper

A poet started to
Feb 2021 · 67
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
We cry over small things...
Whether it's if someone said something...
Did something...
Made something happen...
It affects us.
We linger in that feeling by
Feb 2021 · 50
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Remember to remember
The joy of
Running around

Remember to remember
How easy it was to
Make friends...

Remember to remember
How much a
Box of crayons valued

Remember to remember
Those where the best times
Of your life.
Feb 2021 · 85
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Don't you see that
Following, caring for
Someone who doesn't know you exist -
Makes it harder to
Accept yourself?

Realize that...
someone might be following you too.
Feb 2021 · 79
Last Time
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Last time I came here
Was so different from now 'cause
I'm standing with you.
The same place looks different when with others.
Feb 2021 · 68
When You Actually See It
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
Sometimes we just look
In one view, but forget to
Look at the other
Feb 2021 · 74
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
It's not about whether
You'll try to fix it or not.
Because as long as something
Comes out,
A heartbreak could happen.
Feb 2021 · 66
A Painter's Brush
nicetomeetyou Feb 2021
In every small stroke
The story is closer to
Being created

— The End —