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646 · Apr 30
Falling apart
He says I don’t love you anymore
And suddenly….
I find myself …
Starring at shattered pieces of
What used to be us…
On the cold stone floor
A feeling of loss…
Engulfs me
Fears of loneliness…
drowns me
And I watch myself …
Fall apart
584 · Nov 2021
We sat there caressing our coffee cups
Looking into each other's souls
Forgetting everybody, everything, everyone...
479 · Mar 2021
Laundry day
Going thru your clothes
I find a note ...a love note
from your lover
said "I miss you "
I stared at it
My hurt turned into tears
drenching the note
soggy and lifeless...
I tore it into a million pieces...
You came home that night
I greeted you at the door with a kiss
Like always...
We sat there had dinner, talked about the day, watched TV
Like always...
A million questions flooded my head
But words would not come..
I just kept quiet and let it hurt inside
Days went by...I said nothing...
I let it all be..
You see I hate change...
Like always...
429 · Feb 2021
Small talk
Faint light filters through the curtain lace
On a dusky cold winter morn
As steamy cups of coffee sit upon the beech wood tray
We sit there in silence
Lots to talk about but nothing to say
The coffee grows cold
With polite smiles frozen on our faces
Talk about the weather
Talk about the children
Talk about Sunday mass
Talk about everything else but us...
394 · Sep 2021
She gives, she gives and then she gives some more...
We take, we take and then we take some more..
Till she's all spent
And there's nothing left to give
Mother refers to our beautiful earth, just like a mother she is selfless. Now she's tired and we must all wake up and help her survive.
361 · Jan 20
Innocence of a child
Like ****** raindrops
Falling from the sky...
340 · Mar 2021
She pushed her soft cheeks against mine
Put her chubby little hands in mine
Still as a picture
Knowing what was needed....
Not a word was uttered between us
We sat there and weathered the storm...
264 · Mar 2021
Dark clouds gather overhead
A drop of rain bounces off my raven head
I look for shelter but find none
Suddenly I feel something  
Over my head - your jacket
And I find my shelter..
right by your side
237 · Aug 2021
Missing U
Your fragrance
Like a field of wild roses
Descends upon me
I shut my eyes...
Just to feel you near
228 · May 2021
A walk
Daisies floating in a sea of green
Trees whispering sweet nothings
A walk in paradise....
222 · Feb 2021
Sometimes I feel
Not enough
Always trying...
To be what others
want me to be
In the process...
Every time I lose a little of me...
221 · Oct 2021
Time stands still
Sunshines thru a canopy of maple leaves yellow, orange and red
Spreading a golden glow
Upon my bench underneath
I bathe in the glorious moment
I find myself in .....
214 · Jun 2021
Us 2
Our eyes met
The world was lost
Just the 2 of us remained .....
Is the second poem from the - us collection
201 · Jun 2021
As day spreads its soft golden wings far beyond
Light catches the edges of the sloping roof tops
Birth of a new day ....
184 · Feb 2021
Pure Joy
Sunshine falls softly upon my toes
Now resting casually upon the window sill
My toes wriggle, shiver with joy...
As they break free from my stilettos
173 · Jun 2021
His small, soft, chubby hands
clutches onto mine - large, rough, calloused
But he doesn't care
He loves his mom and it feels wonderful...
Just holding hands...
166 · Dec 2021
Christmas 2021
As we watch snowflakes fall softly outside...
It's suddenly all quiet...
The fire crackles...
Hugs us tight...
in warm embrace
A gentle snore joins the crackling fire
Making music strange and beautiful...
With bellies full with turkey and wine
A Christmas simply spent
With just a few near and dear
Christmas in 2021....
154 · Oct 2021
Leaves red, orange, gold..
Adorn my street
A carpet heaven made
154 · Mar 2021
Sharing dreams in soft whispers
Touching stars in the sky
Just you and me and the night sky..
150 · Dec 2021
Sun shines between the cracks
Of ominous grey clouds
Casting yellow rays of light
Upon the old grey house
Making it shine like gold!!
149 · Feb 2021
Snowflakes fall softly upon ...
My hair once black now white
I stick out my tongue and catch a flake...
144 · Mar 18
Quiet in the storm
Amidst so much chaos
Nature wraps me in her arms
Quietens me down
A little sparrow hops and sings me a song
A daisy emerges from the dirt filled ground
And life carries on......
137 · Jul 2021
Raindrops against my window pane
arouses within me a need to open the window...
and let the rain in ...
137 · Feb 2021
Mist settles on the meadows
Rays pierce the green
Look diamonds on wet grass
135 · Apr 2021
A sea of green ...
Sways in the breeze
As an orchestra of sparrows...
Cheers it on....
Spring is begins
132 · Jun 2021
She was there
She was always there
But no one really saw her
Like furniture she stood
Unacknowledged, Unloved , Unnoticed,
Always used...
This is a nod to all those people in our lives who are always there for us but we don't really see them .
131 · Jan 29
10 minutes
Lasted just 10 minutes
Your sweetness
My shyness
Your kindness
My generosity
Your love
My Joy.....
120 · Oct 2021
Crisp morning air
Rustle of leaves
Moments pure..
Moments pristine..
119 · Jul 2021
Us 3
Sitting there on that bench with you
Listening to the breeze
Holding hands...
Catching sunrises and sunsets
With you my partner in Life
For Rob my partner in life. This is the third poem from the - us collection
113 · Sep 2021
As I step out of the gym into the fresh air
A whiff of cookies baking
strolls into my nose
I take a deep breath
Oh bliss, pure bliss...
110 · Aug 2021
The waltz
A breeze waltzes by
Lifts, disturbs the leaves
Once lying still
Now dancing and rejoicing
Muffling the sound of traffic
From the highway near by..
106 · Jul 2021
My lil friend
Silence is broken
By the chirps of a sparrow
Perched upon my balcony
Much needed company
In these lonely covid times....
77 · Oct 2021
I give you a glimpse of my soul
You give me a glimpse of yours
And suddenly we are connected
By an invisible thread of knowing and sharing..
Something beautiful..
That we share with nobody else...
77 · Feb 12
Honeymoon in Malaga
Shiny streets like paved gold
Spreads miles before us
Cloth clouds hang loose upon us
Sheltering us from the sun
A soft sweet breeze whispers by us
We hold hands...kiss...
A soft lingering kiss....
76 · Feb 2021
Forever yours
Selling me dreams neatly stacked
Just like your new books never read
They stay on the shelf
Looking very pretty
Stacked up neatly...
Just like your promises
Never to be realized
Never to be read...
71 · Jul 2021
Last dance
Pop Pop what's that I hear
Pop Pop pop pop pop
An elderly man in front of me falls to the ground
I fall to the floor
crouched against the checking counter
I see thru a crack
A young man in a cashier's uniform  
Pushes a few people to the ground
No more than 16 years old
He rushes towards the gunman
Charges into him
Pop Pop pop pop pop
For a second his body
Dances in the air
Lifeless he falls to the ground
His last dance
This young brave hero
So young
So much potential
Gone in a second
Gone too soon...
68 · Sep 2021
Crimson red!!
When we were young
Your handsome face
and dark hair...
Impressed me
Made me blush
Crimson red!!
Now we are older
Grey hair and wrinkles
A tad overweight
The love still remains
Your kindness and humor
Your big big heart
The person you are
Still impresses me
Still makes me blush
Crimson red inside!!
For Rob
66 · Feb 5
Lines from mom
The lines around my eyes...
Are from the joy you give me every day of my life....
My frown lines are the times
I've worried about you...
The lines on my forehead...
Are the many times
You've surprised me
with your kind little gestures
Every line on my face ...
Tells a story...
Of caring, loving, laughing , crying, living....
A life I'm so proud of
A life with you my sweet child
A life so full because you are in it
66 · May 20
Sometimes you say too much
Sometimes you say too little
Sometimes you say nothing at all..
When it matters the most…
64 · Feb 2021
Our feet sink in the soft sand
As seagulls make their way across the sky..
At the sight of us kissing ..
the sky blushes red...
Us is the first of a collection of love poems
63 · Apr 3
Blue Skies
Blue skies spread endlessly
Sun shines thru white cotton clouds...
Rays of bliss adorns the roofs
Someone up there...
Telling us who's in charge...
62 · Apr 2021
Wind howls through the window
Skies grey and dull as if in mourning...
Amidst so much dreariness
A lil bird hops and skips on my window sill
Chirping as she goes
Spreading cheer on this dreadful morn...
Telling me ... all is not lost
Tomorrow...still to come...
57 · Feb 2021
Everyone is here
Yet no one is listening
Eyes on their phones
Ears blocked by head phones
A room full of people
Yet nobody talks
How can we be surrounded...
and yet feel so alone
Seeking connection in digital screens
How many likes and how many dislikes
Keeps us awake almost all nights
So much connection yet no ones connected
Still feel alone...
Still feel alone...
56 · Apr 15
The empty chair
The old man sits on his front porch
Beside the old empty chair
Newly vacant…
She occupied it for 60 years
Always beside him…
Thru thick and thin…
60 years of walking with her
60 years of holding her hands
60 years, three children
And now she’s gone…
He tries to drown the silence…
With the TV turned on loud
But the silence is deafening
The silence….
that only she knew how to fill
With her laughter and talk
Lost and empty…
Just like that empty old chair…
on their old front porch…
55 · Dec 2021
Snow flakes soft, airy, gentle....
Falls upon a pine tree ...
hard, brittle, green ...
Clinging to its needles...
In deep embrace....
Like lovers...
Opposites attract...
55 · Mar 25
The homeless man
Snow falls upon a homeless man
Sitting in the street corner
His tattered old hat ..
once black now white
His calloused trembling hands
clings on to his coffee for warmth...
She walks past him
In her Burberry coat and Gucci shoes..
Too afraid to look at him
Too afraid of how he makes her feel...
So she chooses to look straight on...
45 · May 2021
Come take my hands and walk with me
A little further...
A few more steps...
and we are there
44 · Mar 2021
I see her hurt, I say nothing
My pride getting the better of me
Her eyes red, filling up with tears
She says nothing...
Her pride getting the better of her
The silence thickens....
as it gets more painful...
more uncomfortable..
I want to stop her
Pride like a stone stuck in my throat...
won't let me..silence prevails
Her bus comes halts
She gets in doesn't look back
Her pride won't let her
I stand there...
A few drops of rain bounce off my coat
I stand there letting it all come down
Now a heavy shower
Drenched to my skin
A tear rolls down my cheek
Mingles with the rain
A man never cries
I cry like a baby
No one notices
In this pouring rain nobody does..
Life goes on..
Too busy to notice this one lone man crying in the rain....
42 · Jul 2021
They called her "Easy"
I don't know why
I quite liked her
Her kind smile
She wore shiny bright clothes
Looked awesome to me
Mum and the neighbors would collect in the corridor
Talk about her
I wandered why
They spent so much time
Talking about someone
they did not like...
42 · May 2021
A Perfect Day
Daffodils shiver in delight
As the summer breeze mischievously whistles by
Teasing the daffodils to a dance
White cotton candy clouds play
peekaboo with the sun
I float upon my hammock
In the company of Austen
I nod in and out of my blissful nap
Oh what a Perfect Day !!
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