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You broke my heart.
My dream of praying
Over the Bread and Wine.
You stripped me
Of what I loved to do
For living
And what I had to do
For living.
I'm few days away
From flipping burgers
To afford my food
And roof.
You twisted truth and lies,
Destroyed my life
Over two texts and
Lovely letter.
At least -- don't come to
Visit me
In dreams!
I carve you out
Of my heart
Each day.
I long to be at last
Free of your bond.
I won't' come near you!
Just let me be,
I've moved on.
You are, as always --  right
Your nails cut deep,
They cut my skin to bones and bleed
My soul of eternal creed
That screams for pain,
That asks for bane
Your arms which lock me as in chain.
Last night, my heart, my back, and ****
Were begging to receive the scars
In shape of your unmerciful claws…  

To paraphrase your tale
My blood is reaching
For your
Your twisted lips
As we made love
Nails in my body,
And moans
******* shivers,
Blond Hair

Remember all,
My morning prayer…
Oh…how do I strive to get to that
“Move on!”
How much I long
To switch the tune of this sad song,
To finally remember
That common blast
And not the angst
That wakes me up
At two o’clock of every night
I want to let you go,
To say “yes”
To women who
Keep inviting me to
Their beds.

And yet,
I can’t,
I can’t,
I can’t,
I can't.
SF Goosebumps Feb 28
My thirst is not for your body,
My hunger is not for your lips.
I long
To **** away the darkness
From your soul,
To glue the seams
Of broken heart,
And to erase the hold
Of Past.
I long
To put the end
Of your nightmares,
Because I can.

But you won’t let me.
SF Goosebumps Feb 28
Fell in love
As I arrived
To the age of 45.
Looked around,
Took that dive
At the age of 45.
Found Bliss
And was alive
At that age of 45.
Yet, despite
My utmost strive
She put brackets
On my drive.

And deprived
At the age of 45.
SF Goosebumps Feb 26
It bloomed,
But only for a moment.
With all my will,
I had to cut
This Rosebud
To give it life
That comes upon the

And yet,
I hope to see it bloom
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