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at the forest's edge

a rainbow tied
to eternity

the last
of the fallen deer
you stare the flower open
to rhapsodic chain
that braids your mind
with many tones and shades
and sits you down
inside a morning mouthed
by the sheen of dreams

in the turmoil of a furl
you are touched
at the center of the all
by a voice that arrives
from hollows and shadows
milky as it lights
a song within you

and draws you
from your silence
and despairs
out into an opening
where you sharpen
in astral bliss

and your identity
baffles no more
as you hear yourself
a theme in your bones
confused by the trees

i follow the eyes
of the fox

into the infinite
i become
if you stop
and listen closely
you can hear it

the hymn of
the silent earth

flowers in bloom
joe machetto May 4
the walls were
the length of night
when he heard birds
practicing their songs

from a tree lined street
to the ribs
of his door

there he was
just a man
on a bed
in a room

tied to a space
a decoration of
his own cave

waiting for the eyes
of his window
to open

and life to come
rushing in
joe machetto Apr 30
i watch as they cover
the roots with asphalt

will anyone remember
the shade
joe machetto Apr 29
abandoned cars
shedding moonlight
as they lean into
a rust of wind

even the sky
can't hold
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