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Yesterday she realised
They all tried to pull me in their deeds
But God helped me not being in their trap
Either by not going to the place or stopped going to

Or by saying something as to

Some tried attractions
Provoking to create frictions
And drugs to offer in it
With further efforts

To declare mental

If you say
You get into trouble
If you don't say
You go through it

The Victim had to remain indifferent on many occasions

God also saved me from
Slavery and religious exploitations
The Englishman can explain better
How the self-mechanism worked?

Dr Baljit Singh
Friday, 16 April 2021
Death is irrevocable
Life is temporary
Summer takes the winter
Autumn drops the leaves

Shell words provocative
Destructive to the community
Repair is possible living in the world
New gets generated

If you keep scaring me
With body-building or hanging-body fans
You won’t be able to help them
Victim for the time being

He asked for the water
But the rioters did not give him
He died on the spot
The world saw him

Dr Baljit Singh
Thursday, 15 April 2021
The transition takes place in a lifetime
In the absence of problems, we might say I miss the problems
But when the pain came; I looked at it closely
Had this problem not come?

I concluded to the Englishman
If the past does not matter much
We go through the dealings of today
Today also has unknown variables

The man could not find the unknown
Like the aim lost in the conversation contracts

Dr Baljit Singh
Thursday, 15 April 2021
The mouse got conscious seeing the cat
The cat might be aware of someone
Making scare is a job well done

Bodybuilders were pride; now to scare me
Gang-power in the college
Teachers too as me

Dr Baljit Singh
Tuesday, 13 April 2021
Makes you sad
But you might see a person heading towards you
To put you on the best alternative

Not to push you back
But ahead of all
To the same path
Many ways

I wrote to my sister
Of my coming back
But she did not respond
Get up and walk again

Even if many have seen you falling
Sun in winter
And in summer

She wants me to win

Dr Baljit Singh & Prabhjot Kaur
The poet broke-down reading his own poem
A day later he realised
It got similes as to the
Masterpiece song

Why did the interviewer say
It was a high-quality interview
Because it went into his achievements
He said it tastes super delicious

And he looked for another one

Dr Baljit Singh
Sunday, 11 April 2021
There are services without a monetary reward
For example; lawn mowing or blood donation
The opportunity that you got given
They saved you in times of riots

A formal work does not get them to know you
It is the help that people remember
In times of trouble; the poet thought
If I would have done so

Time cannot be chased if gone

Dr Baljit Singh
Saturday, 10 April 2020
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