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Is it because you are far away,
This need of feeling you is so strong?
If we were together, could I have resisted,
The urge to crush you against me?
Hide my face in your soft hair blowing in the wind?
Rest my head on your shoulder and breathe in
Your body smell touching
Your neck with my lips?
Keep my eyes closed feeling
Soft touch of your fingers
On my face?
Wish I knew how you feel!
Wish you feel how I feel!
I want to be a bird – to fly far, far away,
And feel the fragrance of little red flower,
No! my fluttering wings will hurt her,
I won’t be a bird,
That bruises her soft petals.
I would rather be a bee
Sitting on her sweet smelling petals,
Feeling her softness
No, I won’t be a bee,
That will tread on her – and soil her purity.
Dream! My hopeless dream!
Fly around her, don’t wake her,
But bring her sweet smell
So she won’t know I breathe her sweet smell
In my hopeless dream.
Empty seats in the library
Disappear One by one.
Mind, lamenting
Absence of the sight
Pleasant to the heart,
Is like the mist-covered mountain top
That lies beyond.
No vacant space, Heads bent low,
Word absorbing eyes, still
My empty mind Floats aimlessly
Over the fluttering pages.
Light of my world!
Rise over my lonely heart,
Like dew-soaked morning rays,
That dissolves the mist
On the desolate mountain top.
I step out into the garden and let Dew-soaked moon,
Among glittering stars, pour its pale wet light over me,
Same moon, same light touch your face in a land unknown,
In the moonlight I feel your smell, I feel your hand in my hand.

I step into the sea and let rolling waves kiss my feet,
The same waves that kiss your feet in a beach unknown,
In the soft, warm waves I feel your touch caressing my face,
Waves roll back with moonlight taking back my feelings.

Be the moon in the night sky that bathes me with soft light,
Be the gentle waves that roll softly caressing my feet,
As the moon kisses the gentle waves far, far away in the horizon,
Roll into my beach, just to touch my feet before retreating again.
Wish I were in rain,
Getting wet,
Without roof or cover.
Wish you would appear,
And bring me under your umbrella.
Not big enough,
Forcing us to cuddle against each other,
Thrilling me with your fragrance.
A raindrop trickling down your hair,
Drops on my face.
Feeling in that raindrop,
Trickles down,
And deposits itself,
In the deep of my heart!

— The End —