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Zander Feb 15
A first is a moment to remembered with joy
my first kiss was that of pain
You who stole it from me under the cover of night
While the others slept peacefully unharmed only but feet from us
You who told me it was practice
It was a good thing
You who took advantage of my innocence
You stole from me and left me to deal with the pain
Zander Feb 2
Minutes turn to hours
Hours to days
As I lay here gazing upon you
Time dissipates
You, who are a being from the stars
Who’s beauty surpasses that of the cosmos
You are the keeper of my time
With you I am eternal
Zander Jan 22
You are my sun
And I your flower
I’ll follow you till the end of days
As the bee follows his queen
When your are gone I’m lost
Forever searching for another
But none compare
Zander Jan 12
My love for you is like a raging sea,
Vast and never calming.
My fingers long for your touch,
Soft and soothing.
I have not known peace since our last kiss,
Short.. yet leaving a mark that will last eternity.
Your scent ever lingering on my bed,
Like the stain you left on my soul.

— The End —