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1.1k · Oct 11
Jack Oct 11
Why would I sleep when my daydreams destroy reality

Fragile reality, why do you make it so hard to see?

When I look outside and see every drop of rain
See every spot they fall onto
Forget the blanket of water people see
Get sad that people only see the blanket and not the droplet inside
I guess that's what the worlds like
They see all of us and none of us
None of me
482 · Jun 17
Jack Jun 17
Thoughts of a mind squandered
The blurry lines of this once true vessel of human intelligence
The breath of a lung barely working
Touched by the light of day
Scratched by the sorrow of darkness
Unhook her from reality
Teach her how I came to be
Teach her how to see the world
Only to leave her alone and lost
I just felt sad to be honest
254 · Oct 11
Jack Oct 11
I wonder what they think
When I run from them

I wonder what they think
When I hear their laughter

I wonder what they think
When they see the scars on my wrist

I wonder what they think
When they take my friends from me

I wonder what they would think
If they saw my picture in the paper of yesterdays news
84 · Jan 9
Jack Jan 9
Infinite doesn't mean loving someone for an hour
Infinite doesn't mean loving someone for a day
Infinite doesn't mean loving someone for a week, month, a summer, even a year
Infinite doesn't mean loving because you have to
Infinite means loving someone forever
Infinite means even when that person hurts you and tears you down to your absolute core
You love them
Infinite means when the world tells you its wrong you still do because you can't imagine life without them
Infinite is caring for them
Not because you have to
Or someone told you to
Infinite means there is nothing else you could possibly feel but love
Infinite is beyond thought and feeling
Infinite is unconditional
You love because the love you have for that person is beyond measure
The love you share for them needs no returns, no conditions
Its pure happiness of the soul
The love and care you give doesn't depend on weather they give it back
Because at the end of the day you love that person anyway
Even when that person will never love you the way you love them

Infinity is caring beyond care, beyond measure and beyond everything you belive in

Love is making sure that person succeeds even when your not there with them and especially for no gratification

Love is used when there is no other word that fits

Love is love,
Because it is
48 · Jan 9
You Wish
Jack Jan 9
You wish I didnt get so jealous
You wish I didn't feel so strong
You wish I didn't feel the way I do
You wish I didn't love as Long
You wish I could just belong

In a world where guys don't get too attached
Where friends are just friends
And emotions dont matter
Where my pain stays silent inside my head

You wish I lived in a world

Where I didnt want to be dead
48 · Oct 12
Jack Oct 12
Revenge is not love

Those who seek to counter
Those who need the last word
Those who need the worst trauma
Those who don't support your pain

Those people do not love you
40 · Jan 9
Jack Jan 9
Life for you is simple as it comes
You love who you love
You belong where you belong

But you see for me, life is not so simple
I stick out, I stand up
I am stuck in the middle

I wish I could be as plain as they come
To be fine with the words
That make my mind numb

But you see, for me that's not how I was created
Life spat me out and here my mind lays vacant

Empty from emotion
Lost from love

I cherish our time, before I lose you, my love
32 · Oct 12
The Sun
Jack Oct 12
Sometimes I will lay awake at night waiting for your message
I lay there for hours


For someone
For anyone

Before long I realise the night is empty
Before long I realise the night is lonely

Before long I realise that I have nobody

I realise all of those people who said they were there are gone and what is left is the abyss

Maybe I like the time I spent looking up
Maybe I just like the peace of having no friends

With no expectations anymore
No disappointment
27 · Jan 9
I Wish
Jack Jan 9
I wish you would call me when it's late
I wish you would be there for me when I have nobody
I wish sometimes you'd look at me the way I do you
I wish you wanted to call me as much as I did you
I wish you were always with me
I wish you loved me like I love you
I wish I could love you forever
But I know that can't be true

— The End —