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Jack Jan 9
Infinite doesn't mean loving someone for an hour
Infinite doesn't mean loving someone for a day
Infinite doesn't mean loving someone for a week, month, a summer, even a year
Infinite doesn't mean loving because you have to
Infinite means loving someone forever
Infinite means even when that person hurts you and tears you down to your absolute core
You love them
Infinite means when the world tells you its wrong you still do because you can't imagine life without them
Infinite is caring for them
Not because you have to
Or someone told you to
Infinite means there is nothing else you could possibly feel but love
Infinite is beyond thought and feeling
Infinite is unconditional
You love because the love you have for that person is beyond measure
The love you share for them needs no returns, no conditions
Its pure happiness of the soul
The love and care you give doesn't depend on weather they give it back
Because at the end of the day you love that person anyway
Even when that person will never love you the way you love them

Infinity is caring beyond care, beyond measure and beyond everything you belive in

Love is making sure that person succeeds even when your not there with them and especially for no gratification

Love is used when there is no other word that fits

Love is love,
Because it is
Jack Jan 9
I wish you would call me when it's late
I wish you would be there for me when I have nobody
I wish sometimes you'd look at me the way I do you
I wish you wanted to call me as much as I did you
I wish you were always with me
I wish you loved me like I love you
I wish I could love you forever
But I know that can't be true

— The End —