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396 · Mar 3
Yes, No, Die
Am I happy
Am I not happy

Am I afraid
Am I not afraid

Do I believe
Do I not believe

Can I make it happen
Can I not make it happen

Is this all there is
Is this not all there is

Can someone else make me feel
Can no one else make me feel

Will I act
Will I not act

I will die
196 · Jan 12
Mother's Love
A love formed in creation
As oneness becomes individuality
Unconditional in nature
Through a miraculous connection
Bourne by challenge of reliance
And want of independence

A love that endures separation
A beautiful rainbow
Seen clearly after rain
Through generational reflection
Timeless like a mountain
And ever flowing stream
A poem to my mom on Mother's Day
167 · Jan 6
Jackson Pollock
Just wandering in my head
Amongst confusing emptiness
Complete isolation a
Kind loneliness that
Sings derisive laughter
Onto a burdened soul in
Need of placidity

Pieces of broken heart
Out of my control
Lost in my mind
Lacking gravity
Outside in
Consciously imploding silently
Knowing nothing certain
164 · Mar 3
Beyond the Shell
Hope for more
Than individuality
Amongst the throng
Of arachnids
To be the organism
And know what meaning means

Power and fame
Provide the human ego
With fleeting satisfaction

Love is a connection
Outside ourselves
If real
Not man evolved lust

Energy between us is palpable
Passion amplifies
Yet we are all lonely
And yearning souls
Trapped in a shell of life
110 · Jan 13
Body & Mind
My body is connected
To a sensory mind
As the heart beats faster
Tense with fear, or excitement
Like a wild animal frozen before flight
Until I center
Of recognition and oneness

Desiring the connectivity
To be beyond me
A soul collective
Despite differences and greed

Difficult enough to find love
In a partner, or friend
Let alone the thought
Of omnipresence between us all
As I struggle to tune myself
104 · Jan 6
Dive into my mind
Dive into my mind

Silent exploration
Of this universe
A black hole
Of infinite depth and unknown boundary

Where I am trapped
By overthinking
Caged from free flying
Jailed by self-imposed law

Lost in the vast expanse
Unable to see
Weightless yet weighted
Awake but not awakened

In the absence of gravity
No direction is clear
A conscience without compass
At light speed, unmoving
101 · Jan 12
Mind & Body
My mind is disconnected
While my body feels I don't feel
A vessel for a journey
Occasionally stirred by touch
Or deep lostness in my eyes
Like looking at a flame
Dancing dangerously for fleeting moments
Alive as it exhausts itself
In continual asphyxiation

How deep thought can go
Beyond animalistic instinct
Cascading like a stream
Wandering an infinite universe
Yearning for understanding
Of some greater purpose
Wanting of some feeling
That is sensed beyond senses

Yet the mind degenerates
With the vessel to which it is tied
Like the flame extinguished
After only a moment
Just a grain of sand
Passing through an endless hourglass
99 · Mar 3
I am a fool

To think my consciousness is unique
My purpose somehow important
That I can alter a greater course

That my perspective has more depth
My connection prescient
To deem my view important

So in the end how might I be satisfied
At my time of passing
Can I be satiated through goodness
Fulfilled by experiences
Comforted through love

To fill myself with hope
My connection part of a oneness
That I have lived meaningfully

That my spirit will live on
My energy in tune with a greater being
To fool myself with hope
95 · Jan 7
Rushing all of it
Most valuable yet wasted
Running out
Going to end and then there will be nothing what the **** am I doing?
92 · Jan 8
Of a lifetime
In a lifetime
Like traffic
Blurred or sharp
Forgotten or framed
For a lifetime
Through a lifetime
78 · Jan 14
The Stream
Am i the water
Drifting, flowing within the mass
Sometimes rushing rapidly
At times stagnant

Or am I a rock
Slowly being eroded by constant pressure
Or a leaf
Cascading wildly until saturated

— The End —