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Mar 25 · 39
Quote 008
It pains to see how one falls apart but it is more painful to learn that you are the reason why it happened.
God has blessed us with many reasons to be grateful.
During our darkest moments in life,
God will shine His light upon us
He can use a lot of people to be His instruments of love and light.

We may be experiencing bad times
Unexpectedly some may have lost their jobs
A lot may have closed their businesses due to pandemic
Many have lost their loved ones.

Some are badly sick and fighting for their lives;
Others may have given up
That at some point may have even questioned God
For the not so good situations happening.

Do not lose that light
Because God has always been the light in our darkest moments
He has been there in case you haven't noticed.
Just open your heart and You will see and experience that light.

Just like what He said in 1John 1:5
"This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him, there is no darkness at all."
Thank you dear Lord for shining your Light in our lives.

Bless all those who have been our source of light and strength.
Bless them with your light that they may find and experience it in their lifetime. Amen.
Inspired by the full Wolf Moon which shown itself to the world last January 29, 2021

Was able to take a picture of mesmerizing. I am sharing a photo on my cover photo. Full Moon Wolf is the first full moon of the year (2021).
Jan 30 · 41
Sit and take a rest.
Affirm yourself with positivity;
Take time to listen to yourself too.
Unfold that feeling inside of you;
Relate your inner spirit thru God's words.
Dig deeper from within;
Ask for Divine Providence for the incoming plans;
Yes to God's will and all will be well.
Jan 26 · 292
Quote 007
"Looking at you seeing God's precious gift worth keeping."
Jan 24 · 68
Quote 006
"Embrace your flaws."
Jan 24 · 141
Quote 005
"Calm yourself.
Anger can make
it worse."
Jan 24 · 56
Quote 004
"Look from within...looks can be deceiving."
Jan 24 · 187
Eeny mini miny moe
Making choices may be difficult at times
However, we cannot simply rely and depend on being bias
There are circumstances, situations, and dealings
That making a choice is really a must.

Think of whatever choices you will make
This will avoid regrets in the future.
If unexpectedly you made a wrong choice
It is still fine.

We learn from these errors
Which make us wiser and confident
The choice is yours to make
Stand firm by it.
Jan 23 · 624
Quote 003
"One step at a time is enough to get you there."
Jan 23 · 367
Just Keep Going
The universe is listening
You have been working so hard
For so long, you have longed for that success
That achievement you wished to come true.

You have not stopped
You have faith it will soon be realized
You are taking things slow
You are making things worth it.

The Lord above can see your
He can hear you
He has seen your struggles
He has witnessed your pain.

Go on
Never stop aiming
All your hard work will pay off
Soon you will reap the fruit of your labor.

Keep fighting
Keep growing
Keep believing and you will receive
Jan 9 · 265
A precious moment
spent with your childhood friend
is a picture of a happy
and golden memory worth keeping.
Jan 9 · 100
Quote 002
Pause once in a while and be amazed by the wonders and graces that God has poured on to thee.
Jan 9 · 216
Quote 001
When tired give it a rest, don't be too harsh on yourself.
You will get things done in time, never sacrifice your health.
Health is wealth.
Jan 9 · 136
Random Act
When people are generous
they spread love and happiness to the world.
Be generous and
God will bless you with more.
Jan 6 · 189
You with Yourself
Some time alone
means giving yourself a break
from the pressure
and stress of life.
Constantly it changed everything.
Overthrows hopes among people,
Varied thoughts, feelings, and demands
Ignites humans’ inability to understand, how
Deadly this virus can be.

Its existence
Creates a big change.
A change that made everything
Fall into place and Space
Or nearly destroys what’s in order.

How did the virus earn its crown?
It is on its pedestal!
Corona, the virus!
Virus and it's viral.

Could it be a blessing or not?
Could we be grateful that it exists?
Or it merely
Harmony and order.

Consoles people
Offers love and care to others;
Reunites shattered and damaged ones;
Nestles kindness and patience to one and all;
Allows bonds and relations to grow deeper.

Is it an epiphany?
A sort of vision to see how beautiful our future will be,
If everyone cares to see the good in each other?
To admire and to appreciate the efforts and hard work of all men
Regardless of life status?
Is it not great to see how people around the globe love one another?

This pandemic shocked the world indeed.
It paved a way to heal what’s broken
Living and non-living things;
Yes, let us include everything that God has created.
We have forgotten our sole responsibility to His gifts.

Cures and heals.
Optimistically changes the heart of many;
Rhetorically awakens all to contemplate;
Obliged everybody to care;
Now, behold and pray.

This too shall pass.
Many have died but this would not end
Your hope and faith.
Together we fight,
Together we uncrown
from my book ABCs of LIFE

This too shall pass. Keep safe everyone.
Dec 2020 · 319
X-ray Vision
you gossip around
be sure to see what’s truthful
no pain and sorrow.
Dec 2020 · 49
Bitter Sweet Presents
Dearest friend
There is one thing you need to consider:
Enjoy life while you still have the time
Waste time wisely
Before you end up none of it.

Struggles in life are too many
They make you wise and strong
Challenges sharpen you
They may tear you apart
Sure enough, you will be whole again.

None of us know
Why things could go wrong
Never do we know
How these could even go right
Thou shall not doubt God knows it all.

Fear not for God has given us
Ample time to celebrate life
Lift up everything to Him
He knows better than we do
Tastes life with its most
Bitter and sweetest presents.
Dec 2020 · 136
Pals are Fam
Good friends
Reach out
Send love
Empathize and
Support each other
like a FAMILY.
Dec 2020 · 252
Grow Wiser
As we age,
let us not forget
to share the wisdom
we have gained
with the coming
We are not getting any younger.
Dec 2020 · 216
Ready, Set, Go
have to
soon you will ACHIEVE it.
Dec 2020 · 314
with God
"There is always a
the promise of HOPE...
keep that FAITH,
for God's LOVE
is steadfast."
God's promises will always be fulfilled.
Dec 2020 · 486
heavenly night sky
a sight so remarkable
leaving you with thrill.
Mesmerized with the Christmas night sky :)
Dec 2020 · 164
nowadays indeed
man’s tested by words and actions
so be respectful.
Dec 2020 · 174
a present from God
fully wrapped with love and care
it’s me on my birth.
Dec 2020 · 92
nature amuses
it gives relaxing feeling
superb creation.
Let us take time to appreciate nature
Dec 2020 · 146
up, down, drop, and roll
weigh your life and take control
let God be your guide.
a haiku from my book ABCs of LIFE

— The End —