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1.6k · Feb 2021
Zak Feb 2021
Why wait for the Light
At the end of the Tunnel
When in Time
You will learn to see
In the Dark
196 · Feb 2021
Paper Walls
Zak Feb 2021
She is a picture of strength

Crumpled and frayed

At the edges

Her firm resolve

Held together by a single thread

Her glass heart safeguarded

By paper walls

Her feet secure

On unsteady ground

Teetering on the edge of a

Destructive Hope.

Quiet Whispers echo off paper walls

With renewed promises of an

Ethereal Hope.

She belongs to a moment now

Each moment she is shattered

Then put back together again

Lost then Found

Each moment a thread

In a garment of her destiny

Muddled voices hushed by quiet Whispers of

"Persevere in the moment

For the moment"
175 · Feb 2021
Tattered Pages
Zak Feb 2021
Silent Thought
Resurrected on tattered pages
Set ablaze by reticent verses
Concealing a Truth
Her Truth
Raw and unbridled
In every word
In every pause
And in the spaces between.
Arcane verses
Hold fragments of a truth
Her truth

— The End —