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6d · 77
more than this
You pathologised my pain
But you can't pathologise my gain
You pathologised my hurt
But you can't pathologise my worth
You pathologised my strife
But you can't pathologise my life
You pathologised my fight
But you can't pathologise my light

You think you can make me like others, just the same
But the one thing you can't pathologise
is my name
Jan 20 · 136
Leah Carr Jan 20
in amongst the chaos
I can glimpse the light
Dec 2022 · 476
clean up your mess
Leah Carr Dec 2022
Who decided?
Who decided that I would still be here
three years later
still writing pathetic words
words can't undo what I did to **** up my life
the nightmares still come
of all the mess that I made

I was unwell
I know I was unwell
but now I've got the aftermath of my insanity
the high of the pain is over
and now I've hit the ground
I know what it's like to fight myself
but I had no idea that I'd have to fight for myself

why did I do all this?
why did I get myself here?
how did I?
I ruined my life beyond repair
and now I'm trying to build it back up
others think the lack of life
is what I wanted

I can't undo it
not with my aching fingers tapping at this keyboard
not with anything
and every single person
who I hurt and who hurt me
I can barely tell the difference anymore
each one haunts my nightmares

I'm tired of this
I'm tired of trying to clean up the mess I made
and the guilt
oh the guilt
nobody knows its intensity

every day trying to live my life
but every so often
it hits me all over again
I don't want to be a kid again
I don't want to go back
for fear of making things worse
I just want a new start
why does everybody need to know the pain I created
from the pain I was drowning in

run away from it
run away
but these memories are shackles
each guilty nightmare a chain
I've wasted so much time
and now I want to grab my life back
they won't let me
why won't you let me?
Recovery can be just as agonising as illness, it seems.
Aug 2022 · 368
Leah Carr Aug 2022
It's summertime
And you're not with me

I imagine us together in a park somewhere
Laughing together
Smiling together
Or even crying together
Just so long as we're

But you're not here
They say you've moved on
They say you're world doesn't have us in it

So I guess
I hope you're enjoying the sun
Aug 2022 · 539
I love you
Leah Carr Aug 2022
we used to tell you
every day
for fear
of losing you to our pain
and you not knowing
how much we cared

and now
I still tell you every day
whether you hear it or not
whether you believe it or not
but I still tell you

and I'm scared
that I'll never get to tell you to your face
Aug 2022 · 784
Dear social "care"
Leah Carr Aug 2022
You can take away my liberty
You can take away my freedom of choice
You can take away my joy and my smile
But you can't take away my voice

You can shut the doors
And you can shut out the light
You can take away the people I love
But you can't take away my fight

Cause every time you knock me down
I'll get right back up
You might not care about what happens to me
But I do

I will use my voice
I will fight my fight

Shadows prove that there is light.
Aug 2022 · 758
Sinking sand
Leah Carr Aug 2022
You were our rock
But we ground you down too much
So now you're sinking sand
And I'm sinking in the memories of you
Aug 2022 · 226
I am not a number
Leah Carr Aug 2022
I'm a wreck
But only because you wrecked me

I'm a mess
But only because you messed me up

I'm broken
But only because you broke me

And still you say you're helping

Because to you, I am just another of your case-load
You don't have time for me, or what I think of all this

But I have time for me
So listen

You have broken more than you have fixed
You have hurt me more than I can put into words

And just because I'm in your "care"
Doesn't mean you've cared about me

Just because I have a number
That does not mean I am a number

I am not a number
Jul 2022 · 792
Chronic suffering
Leah Carr Jul 2022
I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But it's been like that for years now

I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But I've run out of tears now

I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But I'm "getting the right help" now

I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But they're tied of hearing that now

So I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But I do it quietly now

I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But I choose to stay unnoticed now

I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But I keep it to myself now

Because I'm hurting
I'm really hurting
But nobody wants to see it now
Jul 2022 · 641
Did you know?
Leah Carr Jul 2022
Did you know,
the deepest kind of burns
don't hurt
because they burn away the nerve endings
that allow you to feel it

Maybe that's why I can't
feel the pain
Jul 2022 · 772
My poetry
Leah Carr Jul 2022
Poetry is art
That's what they say
But mine isn't meant to be beautiful
Or picturesque
Far from it

Mine is to picture my pain
In a way normal words and phrases can't

It's to show the trauma
that I can't bear to hold
any longer

It's to express my love for all those people
I can't talk to anymore
And I will never talk to again

Mine isn't meant to be beautiful
Jul 2022 · 566
Why does it haunt me
Leah Carr Jul 2022
Last night I was there
Back where I dont want to be
That moment haunts me

I couldn't see you
Only hear your scary voice
Scary, masking fear

Why does it happen
Over and over again
When I dont want it

Today, yet again
The old pain will still remain
Why does it haunt me

You tried, I know that
It wasnt even your fault
Yet here we still stay

Trapped in memory
Reliving it, chained by it
I dont understand

Is this why I'm here?
To hold painful memories?
'Cause I dont want this

It has been one day
Just one day of memory
I still just want out
Written by a new alter in our system, regarding the trauma she remembers. Each verse is a haiku.
Jul 2022 · 392
I don't dare
Leah Carr Jul 2022
I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because you told me not to
But because if I do
The mask of my pain
Might rear its head

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I think it wouldn't help
But because if I do
You might turn on me

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I don't want to
But because if I do
we might break each other
all over

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I've got nothing to say
But because if I do
I don't know
what might come

I don't dare
I don't dare call you
Not because I'm scared
But because
I'm terrified
I guess I'll keep our meetings in my imagination...
Jul 2022 · 409
In the job description
Leah Carr Jul 2022
I don't know, it just seems so stupid to me.

I mean,
Chefs know how to cook.
Gardeners know how to garden.
Builders know how to build things.

So answer me this:

Why do most carers not have the first clue how to care?
Jul 2022 · 455
Dear those paid to care
Leah Carr Jul 2022
Dear those paid to care,
Why do you take pride in treating me like dirt
Yet do it so subtly, when we're alone together,
so that nobody else will believe me?

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you shun responsibility for everything you do?
I would like to see the best in you, and say that you don't realise,
But in reality, I think you just can't face the consequences

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you feed me bullsh-t every time we talk?
Is it in my "best interests", like the other abuse you inflict,
or do you enjoy the pain and frustration you put me through?

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you exploit the power you have?
Is it because you think nobody will be able to stop you?
because you're right

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you stick together like glue, to protect each other's backs
You must be able to see that what your colleagues are doing is wrong
Even if you refuse to see it in yourself

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you have the ability to verbally and physically abuse, and sexually harass me every day, but nobody will do anything to change it?

Dear those paid to care,
Why don't you?
Jul 2022 · 188
Day seven of starving - TW
Leah Carr Jul 2022
Day 1:
Nothing, not hungry at all

Day 2:
I get dizzy, but I stay standing tall

Day 3:
My stomach is starting to pain me

Day 4:
But nobody is coming to save me

Day 5:
I start to fantasise about what I could eat

Day 6:
But no-one wants to see me beat

These voices in my head
That tell me I'm not good enough
That tell to stop eating  
When things get tough

We're now on day 7,
And lo and behold
The plan made to "help us"
Just like we told them

The hunger, the dizziness
It doesn't give me a moment's relief
And all this

Because of some stupid, age-old grief
I wish I could say something, anything, to make you see me again. And see what pain I'm in. Not to hurt you. Just so you could care.
Jun 2022 · 352
Surging fury
Leah Carr Jun 2022
fury surges up
on the brink of overflowing
this isn't fair

enlighten me, please
why should I be under a restrictive care order
when I have never hurt myself in my life?

and why should I be watched
every second of every day, invasively
when I have never done anything to warrant that?

I know it's not her fault for being unwell
but sometimes
I just can't bear dealing with the consequences of someone elses actions

fury surges
about to overflow
this isn't fair...
Jun 2022 · 339
Leah Carr Jun 2022
last week, I came alive
maybe that's the wrong phrase
"came alive" implies that it was a joyful thing,
it wasn't

I found myself, lying in a different bed
I moved my arm to reach for a cuddly toy
and the arm was covered in pinky-white lines
and I was scared

today, I came out again
to do nothing but survive, it seemed
to take a few hours of the pain
away from the others

that's all I exist for, I guess
to hold pain
so that others don't have to
so that they can be strong

this pain, the very reason I was formed
seems old and fading
but at the same time
it's as gaping and fresh as a new wound

and all because of someone who once loved us
I am a new alter in our system, for context.
Leah Carr Jun 2022
I open my eyes
Thrown into a life I never wanted
Losing people I didnt know I loved

Why is this existence so hard?
I want to give up already
Why does nothing go right?
When these people tried

Maybe there's a meaning behind my name
Maybe that's why they call it
A baptism of fire
This is a song I wrote about what has been happening in our system, with alters going dormant (essentially going to sleep). I have also written music to it, but obviously cant post that on here. Hope you enjoy - Ash
Jun 2022 · 286
Leah Carr Jun 2022
I can see it coming
Hurtling towards me
A great wave
A tsunami, even
About to knock me down

500 metres,

I close my eyes, I've accepted my fate

And I'm under the current
My muffled screams echo through the water

"I can't do this anymore"
Jun 2022 · 389
"No more heartbreak poems"
Leah Carr Jun 2022
"No more heartbreak poems
No more mourning the person
who's undoubtedly forgotten me, and all that we had
I've laid on the ground for long enough now
It's time to get up

I still love you
And I won't forget you
But I can't let this pain rule my life anymore"

It's easy to say the words
They're just words

But will I ever be able to
move on?
Jun 2022 · 678
make it make sense
Leah Carr Jun 2022
It doesn't make sense.
It just doesn't make sense.

my mobility is getting better.
my seizures are getting better.
my situation with my carers is getting better.
my family contact is increasing and getting better.
it's all, slowly, getting better.

So why,
do I feel so empty?
Jun 2022 · 611
Leah Carr Jun 2022
I'm bored
So bored
Of nothing changing
Yet I know I hate change too
What is wrong with me?

The nightmares dont scare me anymore
The flashbacks don't haunt me anymore
I'm desensitized

It's like an ostinato
That never stops
The pain just keeps pushing me
Until I drop

Just drumming on
The beat of life
The pounding of troubles
The pounding of strife
It doesn't change
Just carries on
To the unending beat of the



May 2022 · 1.4k
The land of self-harm
Leah Carr May 2022
I was 13 when I found myself scratching my hands
Fighting with the feelings from some unexplored land
A land of mortifying hurt and pain
A land that I never want to see again
But 2 years on, I still visit daily
Cause I'm still addicted to the feelings of agony
And taking them out on my body, battered and bruised
Much like myself it's been tortured and used
Not just scratching now but much more too
Doing things to my flesh that I know I shouldnt do
But the feelings they build, with every passing hour
I'm not doing this to hurt others
I'm not bitter or sour
I'm doing this because I'm addicted to the feeling
The rush of endorphins
When my head is reeling
The racing heartbeat thumping in my chest
Cause my heart knows I shouldnt
My heart knows best
But my mind is warped and confused and a mess
From fear and anxiety and depression and stress
So much so that I start to feel numb
Not feeling anything
So desperate to not succumb
To the darkness of empty
That fills up my head
As I lie upside down in the dark on my bed
So desperate to feel something
Anything at all
That again, I find cuts and scratches,
Appalled at myself
Knowing I cant afford to lose my existence to this
But still I keep cutting and scratching and all
Cause when I'm in the moment,
It feels like bliss
That feeling as your soul ignites with sensation
I visit that place and it's become a great nation
That so many others visit now too
But you cant reach them
Stuck in your own private battle
Fighting the voices that have appeared in my head
Whispering the words that I've learnt to dread
"Just one more cut"
"One more scratch"
They say
And I'm trying to tell them
I dont wanna play this game
But the voices get louder
And louder
And louder
All I need is to go back
With a sprinkle of forgetting powder
I just want to turn around
Go back to the start
But I can't, and you know why?
Because in part
The reason i did this
The reason i began
Was because i wanted the feel of that land.
Leah Carr May 2022
It's time for you to listen.
It's time for my voice to be heard.
Cause I'm sick and tired of this narrative that my voice is just a burden.
It's time for me to stand up, no matter how much I shake.
Cause this isn't just for you or for me,
This is for all our sakes.

This system is corrupted.
This world is tearing itself apart.
The laws we make, are the laws we break
And a honest heart
Is seldom seen.
This corruption is obscene,
And nothing is going the way you want it to.

So stop shouting me down,
That I'm young and lack competence
Because this is the honest truth.
Your generation's "best you could do"
Is our generation's death sentence.

Open your eyes.
Open your eyes and look at the mess you've made.
Mine and so many others lives
Are balancing on a blade.
You say that I cant understand what you do
But I understand more than you think

So shut up, and let's work on how to save this ship.
Before we all start to sink.
A monologue/spoken word I recently wrote and performed.
May 2022 · 998
Deep, deep down
Leah Carr May 2022
Deep, deep down
Where no-one's ever been
Hide dark, dark waters
Of tears unseen
Far from below
I hear my own, muffled screams
Of when you all turned
and hurt me
Apr 2022 · 793
stay strong
Leah Carr Apr 2022
Keep holding it together and keep holding on
You need to survive, you need to stay strong
It doesn't matter that you want to give up the fight
For no-one but you is going to be the light

Keep holding on and keep holding it together
You need to walk on, no matter the weather
It doesn't matter if you don't think you'll make it through
Because at the end of the day, the only person the change this,
is you
Apr 2022 · 552
Pain does not discriminate
Leah Carr Apr 2022
Pain does not discriminate.
But pain, in people,
it causes them to hate.

It targets the weak,
forces them to be strong
Pain is the world in which I belong

Pain takes soldiers
and turns them into casualties
It takes beauty
and infects it with darkness

Pain is division
between those who know it,
and those who don't

Pain is losing everything you thought you couldn't lose
And then somebody saying

"You just have to choose"
Apr 2022 · 406
We're here to help you, BUT
Leah Carr Apr 2022
We're here to help you
But not when you scream
Or when you cry
Or when you self-harm
We can't handle that

We're here to help you
But you can't tell us how to
Or give us criticism
Or say what we're doing wrong
That's not ok

We're here to help you
But we're not letting you have your mobility aids
Or your comfort items
Or anything that matters to you

We're here to help you
But we're not going to
Apr 2022 · 526
"Care" - TW
Leah Carr Apr 2022
You're being watched.
3 sets of eyes bearing down on you
causing you to buckle under their pressure
They tell you to stop scratching yourself
to calm down
And don't you dare tell them to shut up
You can't be abusive
Because these people are only here to help you
It doesn't matter that they're rude
and ignore you
and don't listen
because they're supporting you
it's in your best interests

You're being watched.
Eyes like lasers
staring at your private parts
as you try to get changed
surely this is a violation of my rights
but of course
your rights are gone
along with your dignity
and your will to live

You're being watched.
As you're trying to sleep
By the very people who shouted at you
and pinned you down
less than 24 hours before
over a little hair around your finger
You shouldn't have brought that up
Now yet another flashback is crashing over you

You're being watched.
But it's only because you can't keep yourself safe
We're just here to keep you safe
What do you mean we're not good at it?
Well I know you've self-harmed without us noticing
But that wasn't me on shift that day
It's not my fault

You're in Care.
Not that you're being cared for.

You have to fend for yourself.
Apr 2022 · 253
Multiple - 10w
Leah Carr Apr 2022
It makes no sense that multiplicity would be so lonely.
Apr 2022 · 1.1k
thirsty for love
Leah Carr Apr 2022
Grab my hips
and pull me close
Take my heart
In your soft hands
and let me hold you tonight
let me love you tonight
Apr 2022 · 305
Hand to hold - 10w
Leah Carr Mar 2022
You tell me I'm an abuser
You tell me I didnt try
But you don't see me alone in bed at night as I cry
About everything that happened
Cause it happened to me too
You can make it
But i dont know if I'll make it through

You tell me that I hurt you
At the age of 13 and 14
But you dont hear the voices in my head
The voices that just wont stop screaming
I try to tell you that I'm fighting
But all you hear is lies
You tell me to get my sh-t together
Then refuse to hear my cries

I know I made mistakes
I think you made them too
But just because I was mistaken
Doesn't mean the claim of abuse is true
I never meant to cause you pain
I never meant you to hurt
And i know that i saw you at your best
And you, me at my worst

We're both tired of the word "sorry"
From both of us
But mostly me
I know that I was trying
My god, why wont you SEE?!
I'm doing my best to respect you
But you arent returning the same
Cause although I wont stop thinking about you

I bet you've forgotten my name
Mar 2022 · 632
The death of a sinner
Leah Carr Mar 2022
If this is what I signed up for
I want to take off my signature

If this is care
I dont want to be cared for

If this is the life of a sinner
Then let me have the death of one

Because if this is love
I dont want it
Mar 2022 · 457
Shadows in the dark
Leah Carr Mar 2022
Shadows follow me
In my darkness I do not
Realise that they're there
Just a random thought
Mar 2022 · 2.6k
Sunset pink, sunrise red
Leah Carr Mar 2022
Sunset pink
And sunrise red
God, will you please take away
All that's happening in my head?
Mar 2022 · 155
Leah Carr Mar 2022
"Dance in the rain" they said
But how am I supposed to dance
When my hands are tied
Mar 2022 · 505
Two years today
Leah Carr Mar 2022
It's been two years
Two years today
Two years today,
Was when everything changed

How am I not over it by now?
Mar 2022 · 1.1k
Organised chaos
Leah Carr Mar 2022
How can I do this anymore?
I exist in terror, everyday
Praying to find another way
Never have I been in so much pain
When every time I see you
I fear that I'll never see you again
But every fragment
Every part of this hell
Is stuck in cement
But it's hidden so well
Never have I known
So much concealed darkness
So much organised chaos
So much, just... so much
I love you more than I can tell you
You hate me more than I'll ever know
But just because I dont see it
Doesn't mean it's not on show
Cause every day
I wake up
And I think it might be better
But by night
That flicker of hope is gone
Does nobody see
That this is not right
That to feel the darkness
I need to see the sun
To lose
I must know how it feels to have won
But no.
Apparently not.
Because all that you care about
Is forgetting about me
And moving on
Mar 2022 · 712
Leah Carr Mar 2022
I can see it
that flicker of light at the end of the tunnel
it's getting smaller by the second
and I'm running
sprinting towards it
reaching out my hand to touch it
to feel its warmth
but then suddenly
I stop running
fall to my knees

I know I'll never get there in time
Mar 2022 · 892
Lord Jesus, where are you?
Leah Carr Mar 2022
Lord Jesus
why does it take you so long?
To draw the piece
and write the song
of my life
according to you
is beautiful
why won't you follow through?

Lord Jesus
why break your promises
like those of earth?
is it a reflection
of my worth?
you're supposed to care
you're supposed to love
but all you're doing
is staring down from above

Lord Jesus
you say you give your hardest battles
to your strongest fighters
you say you'd never make it darker
when it couldn't get lighter
but God
I'm sorry
But I know that's untrue
because when it comes down to it
where are you?
Mar 2022 · 512
It's like...
Leah Carr Mar 2022
I know you know how it looks
But let me tell you how it feels...

It's like diving underwater
When you can't come up for air
It's like tearing off your ****** skin
But nobody seems to, or wants to care
It's like trying to fly away
But then
You're realise you're chained to the ground
It's like coming up to breathe
They won't let you.
So you're left to drown

It's like trying to cut
When it just won't bleed
Trying to explain
That blood is what you need
To see blood
To see red
To explode
They won't let you.
So you're trapped, trapped and alone.

It's like waking up from a dream
Being thrown back into the angry waters
of reality
It's like being trapped in a play, without the script
and the play is a tragedy
Trying to explain
That you need to escape
To come up for air
They won't let you.
So you're sinking
Mar 2022 · 635
your wish list
Leah Carr Mar 2022
I'm sick to death of the heartbreak poems I write
I'm sick to death of thinking of you as I fall asleep every night
I'm sick to death of the knowledge that you think what you did was right
I'm sick to death of not knowing if you're coming back, because you might

I'm sick to death of thinking "but what if?"
I'm sick to death of sitting and staring when my mind has gone adrift
I'm sick to death of waiting for my mood to somehow lift
I'm sick to death of realising my death
Is probably on your wish list
Mar 2022 · 594
Dream logic
Leah Carr Mar 2022
I like to sleep
Because I get to see people in my dreams
Who I know I will never see again
Mar 2022 · 784
Let me fall
Leah Carr Mar 2022
You can say I'm weak
You can say I deserve this
But you can't claim to know me
Or my life
Or the battle I'm fighting
Every. Single. *******. Day.

I may sound angry
I may look angry
But that is just another lie I've told
The truth is, I'm tired
I'm so tired of surviving
And battling
And standing up for myself
And just standing

I want to let myself fall
Please, just let me fall...
Feb 2022 · 261
Leah Carr Feb 2022
How I wish we would have taken it slow
Because then, you may never have had to
Feb 2022 · 1.1k
funny word
Leah Carr Feb 2022
It's a funny word, isn't it
I never used to know what it meant
But now I know
All. Too. Well.

It rolls quite easily off of the tongue
Though of course
In itself
Nothing about it, is easy

Words are strange, really
When the word is so simple
Yet the meaning so

I hate it I hate it I hate it
But I'm being dragged
into it
Interpret this how you will.
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