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Feb 23 · 197
Niel Feb 23
The yoga of the west
is a sort of cellization
Splitting it up ad infinum
contrary to the look
if properly observed
shows the intricate similes
bound in each island sect
Feb 19 · 96
Ain Soph Aur
Niel Feb 19
I watch you as you do
we figure and I glue to it
small simples, lowly tries
as tears stream to break
and settles, wiley
pried open, the shopper lurks
products glow, seems too real
luster bursts and courts
to configure as topspin
directs, sets and disperses
this I see, selective
and the curse it churns
to pours so seeply.
Feb 12 · 77
J****(you know)
Niel Feb 12
I figured we’d happen upon a conflict
and figure to grow independently shared
in interdependence, because we seemed
to puzzle, you know? But maybe
                             I start seeing
                      y’re probably a faerie
                the way like gossamer
               the filament image shift
               and how you waved it away
              and I looked to see it

         you could be writing this, I do believe
            and I cried, just not at present
           definitely later
         it’s strange to probe
          unlock my yearn, mast assuredly
         symbol my consort, in equal means
             and y’re painted in perspective
             and if I don’t shove to make you
                        inside by hopes
                          or desires that crawl
                       responsibilities to fold unto

          There’ll be other answers
        falling apart to the turning
        machines driving, fine tuned
            to rubbage materials
           hoping to find it, silly Mr.
         you fellow humble arrogantor
Feb 11 · 103
Niel Feb 11
Just know that you can do it
if you feel like you can’t
well maybe that’s just not it
or maybe you need to wait
but don’t feel ashamed of it
because it can come back
as what you remembered
or something different
and you can still do it
because that’s what you do
so it may be said
that’s what y’re here to do
Feb 10 · 229
stop, just please stop
Niel Feb 10
If we don’t extinguish the bitters
  the chance of harvest will turn a cold
for such is a barren, and ex to fertile

    talk to yr enemy, learn to look
  past yr shaming, understand
look at yrself, stop being cows
because a mob is a mob no matter
      and mind ceases to see
if it only looks at feelings
as boundaries to grow in
Niel Feb 7
There’s no matter ever
no matter how dire,
that we should take too seriously,
and when realized: the better
to get through all the pain
Niel Feb 3
the single
   most selfless act
that the baby boomers could
   bless us with
may be to show some gumption
   take some responsibility
then accept that what possibly
    is going on is
an action set forth by nature
    to even things out

it also may be
     that what could save this world from
    **** that we abundantly produce
would be to say to everyone, truly
and with love. ‘f**k yr feelings’
  because to take account
      of every time someone is offended..
          well, let’s just say you can’t
    make it the ideal temperature for all
and if you did, they would be bored

so it may seem
or really, to me it seems
when we stop looking within
to observe our afflictions
we tend to blame any uncomfortableness
on what it was that reminded us
of the pains we cling to;
instead of identifying causation

it’s something that seems cruel
    and there’s no pretending I’m not at all
just think though
      do you wish for future generations?
   what are yr hopes to entrust to them?
        if we preserve life,
where will newness become?
       with nothing to breathe
eat or drink. because
septua+genarians have behaved
as toddlers, since they were toddlers
On the basis of compassion and progress combined, ideal citizens will volunteer to be sacrificed, because maybe that notion is something that, though seemingly cruel.. if put into effect, would eliminate a lot of cruelties, of course only if sought after. nature creates effects in order to properly adjust(even if created through the mind of any of Her creations, for we being products of nature, are included as such) that which she sees suitable to transition. Disease and mutation are two  such examples
Niel Jan 31
I’m proposing a new marketing scheme
it’s technology way beyond our comprehension
the numbers don’t fit
             in the way that we understand
   ..but apparently our math is all wrong
Jan 31 · 523
so it is saying
Niel Jan 31
Cigarettes seem so desperate to me
      sometimes I smoke too
   and that concretizes it more
messages seem to imply it being
        my doom, or an exit plan
     if I decide to go that route
I am increasingly reducing
     so I tell myself it’s a step
  and it is, but more of a stall
knowing well that it’s time to
               not wait, what is tragic
       is that maybe it’s just the way
  I am strong, and I am weak
we all pretend and kid ourselves
  about destinies beyond mortalities.
seeing a bold truth, or bearing witness
to certain experiences of faith
gives new gains, adds more weight
       to proposals within expressions
Jan 27 · 67
Niel Jan 27
saying, sometimes means to be said
   when others,  well,   you know their jive
      it’s like a nowhere rotate to what you got
          plot sticks, poking pricked to the target
so back to the start, it’s more meant in the motion
in ancient timesward were spells
       only said out loud with full intention
     hidden in the mystery that found fissure
                                             in the common place
Jan 12 · 85
sweet cained
Niel Jan 12
You dear naive, creatures

:my peoples gifts lie
in the certainty of prevailing
beyond this silly dress
and across great Lakes

:our mysteries will surf on each of yr tongues
slipping through cavities
to be drool on yr sweaters
but we will feed you what is necessary
for some is not for every
but every is essential,
in a sense as none mean any

:we will be yr enemy of comfort
so you have eternity to blame
instead of implementing self discovery
we sow the earth for discipline and connection
a hunter may sow too, there is no difference

:a cool wave of acceptance
pressing eject on certain tensions
if you let the challenge widen
to see it’s nothing, we are yr friend
There is no ‘ in people’s, for there is no possesion
Niel Jan 12
animals exhibit certain bursts of energy
based off their gravitational point of entrance
      into this said world
who’s to say that the energy
       traveling through their nervous systems doesn’t effect them
          in the same way we process emotions
are these energies..

  peaks of expressive waves
i must seem belittling, for we’re of the beast
just as any, so in facing that
the other seems assured
but ***** are about in seeming certain
of uncertain shady surfaces
Jan 10 · 261
please pass compassion
Niel Jan 10
I’m not a genius but sometimes
words come out through me
     and say what I can not say
holding firmness inside a rhythm
that presses certainty
        though my bias taints me
it also grounds my lofty
for I find home in  all the lovely
in as well with grotesque malitions
       the burn of disagreement being
a fire of purification
       to love, for what the f... matters
    my view is just as ridiculous and
  if I see through to out of my bother
        my love expands, and the room became
that much bigger, with a larger crowd
  of lov-ed families
Niel Jan 2
When you can allow

  A murderer.. a ******, in a sober state

        to become bashful,
and lose a sense of their
characterized fiendish ness
not only that, but you encourage it

this is the hug of God
Jan 2 · 81
the counsel
Niel Jan 2
    angel dreams
are surprisingly secular
Niel Jan 2
In some sense,
we’re all proportionately configured
if we will grow,
to be with adjustment’s ideation

solidity is not a beautiful thing
when mixed with fearful rigidity
a hex is really just a RUDE blessing

    Till we strut, shan’t we be living
Please Pass the pickled Beets
Jan 1 · 64
Niel Jan 1
he was a phantom alive
a ‘scribe of meta- proportions
filling in the lines, free-formed fiend
streaming plenteous tales like a fall
dripping techni colour story boards
that hips the shake, we quake to deny
his bass inhibiting, raucous occasion
a villain, <no playing
Dec 2020 · 221
Niel Dec 2020
i have this scene in my head
kind of like the dogs playing poker
jesus and the buddha are playing pool
jesus’ asking ‘what should i do?’
guatama ‘tell them y’re god?’
it’s not really of my usual taste
but in a sense that could be a lie too
Dec 2020 · 66
Niel Dec 2020
‘should’ is a fanatical expression
Dec 2020 · 94
Niel Dec 2020
Places you think of sometimes
Like that version of yr childhood house
Blended into yr current residence
That’s kind of yr mom
And kind of you;
Or that corner in the subway
That you often avoid
Because it smells
Like ****, but then
There’s times you go
Over there because
You have to ****;
Or that place that you think of
Where you can feel
The cool you come
Over and just melt or some other soppy,
For me that place is gentle moving, slightly
Transparent, sunlight fractated
Niel Dec 2020
Apathy in form
  Gaze at the sleek, predatorial
             physique, splendid in a sense
    forward gliding on
the currents laboring to
          provide an example of excellence
  in the embodiment of antithesis
to the goal of.. sentiments in a sense,
     or perhaps passions mapped out?

I’m not in doubt, more that in plural demeanor
   so any seeded proposal is
any other unfaith-ed exhibition
        suppose it could all end a little bit better
    if we didn’t resume our idolization of
          particulars, like all the functionel
that produces synchronic intricacies
  lathering in messy pictures full
of every meaning to all and ever could
         depict, in that glancing, know talk
  that abrupticates the framework
        of the ‘how ya doin’?’ formalities we
  ever so often sell as the scripture to
the boredism we addict ourselves
Dec 2020 · 125
Niel Dec 2020
not every word beginning with ‘t’
                          means the same
            but they all must be crossed
                   seems to represent human
      and politics takes humanity
                  out of social change
                   progress is subjective
  holding keys only for a point of reference
                    which is just a point
          within a point, which is only all
            just a referential hypothetical
Nov 2020 · 78
Stroll note
Niel Nov 2020
A golden crawdad, on an urban sidewalk; in the end turn of Autumn. Oh, imaginatives can add such lusters
Nov 2020 · 162
Niel Nov 2020
Per-iety given at prices
Left some pleading
Outrages. Sorted out of the fraction
Impacted esteem-edly
Presence of a implemented higher order
Of infernal representatives
Pulling the heart string of this
Is it you? Is it me?
Seeing isn’t really the hope to distinguish
Or figure these dream referrals
Quoting back to notations
Burnt upon a whim of superiority
Longed for to study past civilizations
Of the occurrences established in that dormancy
Of the optimal credential
Rerolling the formula to reduce onward
Continue with the answer
Now newly numerated
Mother of the order coming over
Exploding to the sorting, reworking
Nov 2020 · 347
Street heat
Niel Nov 2020
       going up the street
  Figuring for a transitioning
     But retaining status quo
like the secret people meeting clubs
and it makes perfect sense
     Make new spells
For enrichn’ing inflections
Be here now, be here now
Be the setting
By setting the theme
Preen yr feathers and make the calls
      Walk down the street
Nov 2020 · 101
Niel Nov 2020
Sometimes I wonder on the psychosomatic
Reactivity through the imposed implementations
That are constantly being tossed at us
In waking world, despite my skeptic layers
When someone says something they believe
I can find part of me believing with them
Their sincerity drives through many lands
Images, pasteurized truths
Heated by the make believe of our person
Symptoms.. what are they really?
Maybe just adjustments to echo-static pressures
(If such a thing exists)
They cling through the frictions
of separate functioning energies
passing by one another in opposing currents
Procreating gossips, and partial positions
Sounding inclusion marks of humours
or secrets between intimates
Hiding by asham-edness
For the matters that slipped away in an instant
Matter no more, may we propose new
May we propose new?
Would the qualities attributed to that novel
Contagion be seen flowing through the walls of the intended suggestion?
Pleasant would it be
And fickle would it show, at least in measures
of the preference
of the bowl that we incorporate
Nov 2020 · 156
Too much, lactose
Niel Nov 2020
The punishment of over-indulgence
       Collection of dripping
              hinderance of connectivity
    I thought, maybe it seemed like it
Not enough rest,
        With family meetings
    Intimate in normal day happenings
  Surprising hilarities..
    Endearments, ‘goodbye, twinkle star’
   Warming, sort of remembered
  Being again, like things again happening
Nov 2020 · 78
Niel Nov 2020
               Things must fall
So that growth continues
       It never seems fair
From one side to the other
                         Someone claims victimism

    But it is just such
Harsh and beautiful whatever the expression
From Some angle
       And all can argue the fact
Because it hurts, distractingly
Skin peeling from the nail area
No way to bite or cut, because at this point
          It’s too close to the flesh

So we scream and stomp
                Press buttons
                       that were never put into order
And blame, blame, blame, blame

Isolating into deeper depths
   Wondering where..
Nov 2020 · 92
Niel Nov 2020
a caterpillar expedition leads to
      multiple endeavors
                hanging on threads of connection
           coral beads, dangling

     I am a mantis, prepared like a ninja
               mechanics absurd, like future robotics
          a scene unfolds,
                         monstrous to some
                from stand point opinion
          it’s all a cause
     and problems resolved w/ problems

           well then
                well them
        what does that well then
             mean to them,
                            my friend?
     what then too, does it got
     to do with you, I’d assume
              you may presume?

       I can’t pretend to have it.
  does the string make a note?
and what temper shakes the vibrate?
I’d start from there
         proceed into it.
Nov 2020 · 158
Niel Nov 2020
Our premeditations are spontaneous happenings
           Expressing itself in tense repititions.
                     naggingly, seemingly stuck in ruttage
             but really a strategy of suggestedness
         In a select position.
                     Spinning ideas collected for comfort
    A platter of minute individualistics
               Not so plain to see
                    But relevant anyway
Nov 2020 · 134
Beloved peacock
Niel Nov 2020
Generous to all
                  In every manner
         Primal flutes, ghee abound
    A spectral becoming
         You, I, discarded plastic
An infinitude
           Boundless being
    One of many, image of the sun
Nov 2020 · 127
I am a psychologist
Niel Nov 2020
When I see a person
     Any person
Someone I like, someone I don’t like
(More so even withe latter
For they show me aspects of myself
That I may not want to recognize
Posting a challenge to strengthen and grow)
      I see the pain I am faced with
          In seeing this, forces move in
    With intent to heal
               Break habit and soothe the patients,
                                         Of the world

I am a psychologist
          Because I recognize the potential in us all
   To continuously become
                    Harmonize even in the tremor
        Of pain, for even joy is an ailment
                 Constricting reason
      Showing colours
more well maneuvered hidden ness
             Yes, this is our battle
    And like Arjuna, we must do it
    With love, the force of compassion
Nov 2020 · 176
Niel Nov 2020
I always start withe negation
  Perhaps ‘neti neti’ is my preference of becoming
     The lingering traces, I adore
          Summing up explanations with
                                        halfheart’ expressions
             Gravity’s weird, man.
          So sometimes I’m not feeling the kicks
            That I’m giving to myself
It’s really hard to not give the impression
                                            of having an agenda
       Because I don’t want
                       to be a pretender, I guess
  And I’m fake either way,
                so why argue that I’m real?
Nov 2020 · 60
Bus thinks
Niel Nov 2020
Preaching to a deaf choir with no skin to sense yr presence
Nov 2020 · 104
bus home(i)
Niel Nov 2020
There's a thrill and you fall into it
          again as you forget  
                     Rubberneck contagion
           Anxieties in the upper regions
                though, no gut disturbance
                            a strange observation process

                         -without that hinderance
           Hopped up, the witness
                Gaze upon a brewing formation
             Linger tensions
           Fears shoot up from the deep
          Like ghosts and demons
            Around every corner and
          shadowed path
           In yr house, when you were young
       Still perhaps..

     you let it bite and a car pulls up
            Single pointed aggression
      And we proceed
           Such a wonder
                         Not really
               but the feelings
        procession of instincts
     And we choose fractions
        Be important because we believe
       what the F* does that even mean?
       Can you go through the process
      To figure the dimensions of a form..

        Listen for a moment;
         He says he's drunk
      but really asking to be loved
    and miraculously it worked
       off he walked to oblivion
     if only we had the guts to follow

   ..I may have gone deeper
   Than I can dig, up a figure anyway
  But it's never a settled point
    So there's always room to play around
Nov 2020 · 77
Niel Nov 2020
The labyrinthine system of enrouted intrinsics
That behaves as a medium
for any and probably all vegetative states
This present, (assumingly)included
Pulsating root systems
nourished by chaotic, brutal wisdom and love
Dancing in murderous creation
Purity exquisite
Laughing in a deliriatory manner
No laws to uphold
Or silly rituals, pesky square pushers

That’s what we are:
Composing manners to stunt
All that which promotes
Radiant leaves..firm trunk
Composting neuroses
to encroach upon the crops
Niel Nov 2020
All a lumping together, forced to face our separate selves
Though if we forms divised apart
When do we melt or sublimate back?
Off tract by habit-tat-tat-tat-tat
Laughing; the brat upheld her ways
Braying and kicking and making a stink
Staking unholdable, miserable values
Dolls on a glass shelf, and we dust to misinform
Because these ever static statistics
hold our weary waves from wagging
To their novel nature
And I pray to find that state, that place, that thee
The Thou-
Caught by the proud, the sounds they unfold
And the echos distract, and derail off a track
That could never take leave
The olive branch dove of concept
panics from the sound of arms
..she never left
Never will and the wilting flower falls
to clear the way for something new
A bubble, a blob, a splat, a clump
A bloom forms upon making a collective sound
While the bustling pressure denies details
These breaths, these cells
Streams of blood; thinning and clotting
Thoughts and views and spewing momentum
Fulcrum lifting these crates to cohesion
Nov 2020 · 55
Niel Nov 2020
Gruesome clots
of concentrated tantrum
Donated air tubes
who function to ventilate
That can airrigate the condensed spaces

When properly running
Executing the wasteful obstructions
Which aren’t much fun
when freedom’s an outing
All this idling and itchy blood,
festering in a wet sponge,
In an open container,
Where walls hold daggers.
And the guides are all blinded to the path
To make my own path anyway
Just if we could find hold of the string
Which was the pull upon my stride
And my pride’s woundedness proves
A fallen walk upon the obstacles
So it appears, way, must stroll more rhythmically
Dropping the scholastic endeavors
Because it’s all becoming pleasure less routine
Tensions streaming through a dam
And now it’s all recycled
Plagiaristication, even in the present fiasco
Can’t a task be a task? A breath, a breath..

Infinite masks approaching the infernal sacrifice
Transparent as glass or crystal ware
Prepared upon the dinner table
But I forget how to swallow the liquid
And soothes aren’t soothing
For they all appear as deception..
Nov 2020 · 63
Destroy all monsters?
Niel Nov 2020
Return of the theriomorphic rage
The cages rusted down
                        and low upkeep
Due to negligence and apathy
..that they won’t stay locked up forever
Stirrings brew from the deep
And these beasts persist
                 whether acknowledged or not
Crossed forms wearing ties to hide their teeth
Serrated stationary,
           moments of graceful decadence
The Moon still calls
And the sea forms seasonal attitudes
So whether,
A call rattles to be answered
Nov 2020 · 67
Everyone is everyone
Niel Nov 2020
For even though we may favor those of similar
They who denies seeing oneself in those opposed,

               Is a liar.
everyone is made of everyone(-thing really)
And as you gather bits you see in others
                           You wind up with you..
So why keep contorting and condemning?
Nov 2020 · 99
Just like this,..
Niel Nov 2020
..a cutting edge
I drown in it
Cause to see this gem
          Then feel this slight
   Is hard to right.
Nov 2020 · 68
How to grow
Niel Nov 2020 I dream the roots eat me away..
   As the roots eat me away, I dream of me..

Like a hole, the wound is where we grow
As we bore the nurtured seed unfolds
Plastically mending it bends to reach the essence
The intended ascension vitaled in presence
Nov 2020 · 198
Niel Nov 2020
Shrimps in the water of the sky

Lost my boots inside of a dried well
Cracked caked mud hold the fossils of my time

Hey darling, do you wanna
Oh my darling would you wanna

Nov 2020 · 94
Niel Nov 2020
I don't want to be another parking meter
Adding up the charges of a retail favor
Cast a decent look on all the in-sensation

     tell me does it hurt, tell me does it worth?
Nov 2020 · 70
Niel Nov 2020
The waste, that I taste. Will increase instead of cease. So I must make to dissolve
                   To a form that will absorb.
Nov 2020 · 131
Cephalopod: a high ideal
Niel Nov 2020
We harmonize
together sometimes
still, on mountainous hill-
sides, when the winds blow
together and echo through caves,
canyons. Hollow logs. Presented darknesses:
wolves, foxes..    Thieves, betrayers. Energies
are so varied, if only we could download an imprint of their view. What would it seem? I can’t imagine ever being absolute on aspects, ideas, ideals. Anymore at least. I guess that’s
just my current absolute.

I resist, intents I set,
out of cowardice

Fear to unify
Shaken down the road
Solid monad. Brittle tendrils

Sweet the senses, share intense
to procure inclusion, boundless plenties
prone incisions unfold yr own rhythms
emboldening, appreciating in an expansion
pressing, but really, more of a soft glide
of understanding for the thrill
Niel Nov 2020
Useless being, dancing amongst the 10,000 things
      The Fool immersed.
Nov 2020 · 108
Niel Nov 2020
We start with the lesser
            Because with everything worthwhile, it’s always kind of a build up.
       And as things melt away, greater aspects unfold
                  Wearing different outfits, depending on preference. Yeah, it really gets silly like this.

So why fight it, and let the Pantheon battle for yr approval.
      As a mosh pit, swim in the melee.
Nov 2020 · 148
Forklifted medileys
Niel Nov 2020
Consistency is a king who refuses to grow up.

    Dig in.
Chew a little  
   That’s it
Nov 2020 · 97
Niel Nov 2020
Sometimes the clockwork extracts and is presented in my observation, viewing the limited and time decay-edness of our mortality and I feel the sentimentality as the cogs move each other along. In concentrated songscapes, through the ventilated air tubes of my mechanism. Emotional condensation more of a metaphor, though agonizing and overwhelming, I am endeared to the notion of being a part of this essential Nonsense. Perceiving the ridiculous of the persevering of ‘unnatural’ forms, then recognizing them in my own patterns..
        I am the sharp angled sphere
    That which is the object of my revolution
      My enemy is the objection from within
     Spin this wheel of contradiction
  The sphere revealed in acceptance
    The sphere revealed is acceptance
    Release the shield, unveil protection
    Caught aflame, refuse the smolder
   Eternal bolder built illumines
  Sunrise appraised by novel mind
  Repeal time with absorption
Now is the holy potion
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