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Aasiyah 6h
times get worse and worse..
no one to love me or save me..

I can't reply or be dependent on anyone..
it's all wrong, I have the wrong sight

why do I keep thinking like this?
why was I made this way?

I just need to sleep..
for a very long time..
Aasiyah 17h
I suffer from my sins;
So why do I keep doing it?

It's not hard to control
I think it's just a part of me

And that doesn't make sense
Because I love God dearly

He makes me suffer from my sins
Because he loves me

I prove I'm faithful,
When I beg for forgiveness, unstable

When I'm grateful for mercy, unable
To handle everything that I'm made for

The next day is never the same
He might call me by my name

I might suffer eternally
I might deserve the flames

I don't see reality,
Treating life like a game

Am I getting better?
Am I facing constant change

Or am I failing slow
It's human to not let go

And I was made this way
But I'm torturing my fate

I suffer from my sins;
But yet, it's not something I hate
Aasiyah 22h
i learn now, how to be unhooked
i should've never looked
for something sharp

and now i'm bleeding at my heart
burning on your arch

you scorched me, burned

surprisingly, we like the taste of liver
salmons in the river, shiver

idk weird poem
Aasiyah 1d
Now if only I would stop being addicted to HePo...
Aasiyah 1d
"All dogs go to heaven"

Aasiyah 1d
I am gone beyond my years..
I've wasted most my life.
HEARTBREAKING lyrics from song #3
Aasiyah 1d
round and round, in ways
my happiness is fate

sweet, and sweeter
but I have neither

no troubles on a sunny day
no troubles, I love it that way

I love to forget
I love the sun

my happiness is fate

round and round, in circles
going either way

sickenly sweet miracle,
the colors here today

I love the daytime
I love the sunlight

happiness goes all around
happiness is my fate
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