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Dharatal Oct 15
आंसूओं का वजन कैसे तोलू
कुछ सागर से भी गहरा है।
टूटे सपनों का कतरा कतरा ‌है।
जो किसी ने ना लिखि
‌एसी कहानी इनकी
जो दिखता नहीं ये ऐसा चेहरा है।
आंसूओं का वजन कैसे तोलू
कुछ सागर से भी गहरा है।।
Dharatal Oct 11
A little bird sings
To hide the pain.
That every deaf heard.
And dances on extent of
It's world.
Carrying a dead dream
In graveyard of eyes.
And I have heard the
Lyrics__ begging for life.
Dharatal Oct 9
The black ocean of stars,
The silence in dark,
together Makes
Expanding univers __ unexplored.
Their is lot left to explore
Dharatal Jul 11
I am the path no one would
ever wish to go through,
The only mistake anyone would
Ever blame me was to be born,
God cover me with your arms .
It's hard to earn love.
Dharatal Jun 21
If you can hear the silent words,
Respond .

If you can smell the perfume,
Even of a dry rose,
Decorate it in your hairs.

If you can spread the love ,
in war of church,
Love everyone.

And you are the most beautiful thing exist in universe .
Dharatal Jun 17
I am lost in the world of worries,
And here I found myself
The only one.
Someone said it's easy to live,
But was no longer as he left,
Now I want to shout a loud
'is there someone who can make everything easy again' .
Shall we expect someone to come in our life and love us unconditionally ,if someone left us badly before?
Dharatal Jun 10
I felt the presence of love,
While holding him tight.
Happiness hitted me inside.
My silence spoke what I dare not.

But I found myself in different
world when I woke up,
Everything disappeared with dream,
But left a smile on my face.
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