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Brad Flahive (Jan. 11, 2018)

Val Burr said even a refund of $50 to save the air points would have helped during an unexpected nightmare. In the chaotic aftermath of her daughter's brutal ******, Palmerston North woman Val Burr discovered what compassion was - and what it was not.

Her daughter, 21-year-old Tanya Burr, had been home from an overseas trip only three days before she was stabbed to death by a stranger at her Rotorua home in 2002.

16-year-old John Wharekura knocked at her door asking for a piece of paper and pen to leave a note for a friend in a neighbouring flat. When Tanya turned to get it, he went inside and stabbed her 15 times with a carving knife.

Tanya Burr was brutally stabbed to death in September 2002. She was 12 weeks pregnant with a boy. Following Tanya's death  Val tried to recover her daughter's Qantas air points accumulated from her travel, but said the Australian airline had "immediately cancelled them."
After a car crash I love to roll in gooey mud like a pig & then I love
to spit out my teeth & then I love to call you over to my house for a
visit to show you my 6 bruised ribs & then I love to moan in agony
for 4 days & then I love to go to Wendy's to steal their plastic trays.
โ€œSlow down Timmy! Your horse's front legs are ready to give out!โ€
Tammy warned. โ€œFine! I'll stop here then!โ€ Timmy replied as he &
Tammy had ridden to a remote spot that was high above Lake ****
where lovers often meet. โ€œWhy's it called Lake ****?โ€ Tammy ask-
ed with a lovely sincerity that caused Timmy to fall off his horse &
over a cliff to his death. โ€œChrist, I'm sorry I asked!โ€ Tammy mused.
Charles Warren Fairbanks (May 11, 1852 โ€“ June 4, 1918) was an American politician who served as a senator from Indiana from 1897 to 1905 and the 26th vice president of the United States from 1905 to 1909.

Charles Gates Dawesย (August 27, 1865 โ€“ April 23, 1951) was an American banker, general, diplomat, composer, andย Republicanย politician who was the 30thย vice president of the United Statesย from 1925 to 1929.

Charles Curtisย (January 25, 1860 โ€“ February 8, 1936)ย  was an American attorney and Republican politician from Kansas who served as the 31st vice president of the United States from 1929 to 1933.
Your sinking weight gain & shrinking gate defame the dรฉjร -vu
that ain't for you so don't betray soufflรฉ olรฉ; just clam your
claim, claim your clam, blame the shoulder & shoulder the blame.
In a scheming scheme-dream sermon sermonized in a steam-stream
of lanolin cream I did screamingly scream & preachily preach that I
will **** Luigi quickly on gay Peach Beach with a brain-toxic leech.
Henry lied to everyone about needing a longer one except to Tanya,
his girlfriend. When she was questioned by the health department 3
days before filing a 200-page affidavit she stated that: โ€œBecause it's
terribly short, his need for a longer one is obvious to most women.โ€
I can't bake biscuits without you yelling at me like one of us is 11%
mentally-******* and it ain't you. Let's totally forget about it with 3
dozen xenoprotein-thick novel clot-shots before our valves rupture.
To the homosexual poet: Put down your beer and pick up a bowl of
potato chips. Slap away your hatred to passionately embrace a large
Italian woman in the comfort of your grandmother's cellar. Lose 14
pounds while you fitfully sleep in the flabby arms of a larger Italian
woman than the one you had before. Cut off your Siamese twin be-
fore it's too late while relaxing on a gay Disney ship with your half-
blind uncle who dresses like a fat woman and hangs around in bars.
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โ€œWhoโ€™s banging pans?โ€
   โ€œItโ€™s me: your boyfriend.โ€
   โ€œYes. Iโ€™m your pan-banging boyfriend!"; โ€œOkay, then, letโ€™s
have some pan-banging!โ€ The pan-banging continued for days
till my pan-banging boyfriend fell, his pan-banged hands
swollen & red & completely useless.
   โ€œMy God! My boyfriendโ€™s incapacitated!โ€ Itโ€™s time to
move on & into an excitingly-new relationship. โ€œTake a
hike you pan-banged freak!โ€
โ€œI'll re-new my weekly membership in the ****** Everybody Club
when you stop trying to ****** me!โ€ An ex-member said to a new-
er member. โ€œAmen!โ€ And then Jesus returned to command them to
become close friends again, not ***-buddies just friends, or else!!!
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Your health
is one of your most valued & cherished assets. Recent developments in determining optimum health have allowed people to ease into retiring lifestyles like stool pigeon & patsy. During the holidays, when vomiting & diarrhea are popular, people tend to ignore the warning signs of heart stoppage: dropping over dead, inability to wake up because of death, inactivity due to life loss...For as long as I can remember Iโ€™ve kept a running tally of my age measured in Earthen years. --- To radically change your appearance shave off an eyebrow.
I was unexpectedly hit on the head with a steam shovel. Dizzied, but not unconscious, I swam to the shore. Dazed, but in total control of my faculties, I loaded my machine gun, prepared for come-what-may. Girl Scouts appeared on the horizon in several groups of 10,000 & recalling an old pledge: โ€œI promise to do my best to help the girl scouts get undressed,โ€ I thought how nice it would have been to live w/the late Agnes Moorehead between the years 1906 & 1974.
ย ย  Unsteady, I came to the important realization that no one sings โ€œUnchained Melodyโ€ with the same sincerity as does Al Hibbler.
Buzz died while his puke dried as there was 3 cups of it mixed into
a slurry of **** that no gay maid would sift after getting a big whift.
Neil fried after the moon-puke dried as there was a pint of it poured
into 10 dozen tons of **** that no 500-pound janitor would ever lift.
I need the pine plank with the nails sticking out to pummel to death
teachers perpetuating the algebra hoax on stupid, globe-Earth folks.
How come we all look exactly alike when we're using the can? Is it
because we're all from the derelict, Honshu Island colony of Japan?
Spring will be here soon in Korea for demi-god Kim. My dog loves
to snuggle, beg for treats, drag people from their cars and **** them.
I butchered 662 V.C. commies when ** Chi Minh was asleep, then
I soaked my ******* in Clorox and milked 2 nanny goats & 3 sheep.
I can't anytime soon truly forget when ultra-skinny Vietnamese war
protesters butchered Cambodian anti-war protesters, led by Darrin's
boss Larry Tate, for 100% gender-fluid supremacy on May 8, 1968.
Truly. Don't take joy in "feeling the burn" nor live by the adage, "no pain, no gain." Pain is the body's response to trauma. Don't listen to idiots & dumb ***** who plead with you to join them in dangerous activities. Protect yourself. Protect the flesh & blood shell that houses your eternal soul. Stay away from tattooists & the hepatitis that they gleefully spread.
I thought that my vague opinions mattered until I got to the sketchy
laundromat where I found my washed skirts ripped, torn & tattered.
I begged the 16 assistant managers to find out who did it but I think
I caught them at a bad time when all of them were taking a big ****.
I thought my opinion mattered till I reached the laundromat where I
found my unwashed clothes torn, ripped & tattered. I begged the 12
assistant managers to find out who did it, but I caught them after 11
quit before going to the back of the laundromat to take a moist ****!
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โ€œI like to be alone when I'm by myself,โ€ Peggy said when she was 1
day away from being trendy. โ€œPass the cucumber-shaped yam when
I say Go! 'cause there's a 89% chance that it will permanently jam!โ€
Let's play badminton on a **** beach and, as our wangs sway back
& forth, we'll tell the shaggy players with wangs that we're women!
To churn up gaiety during the Jesus H. Christian Christmas season:
Let's play badminton on a **** beach and, as our wangs sway back
& forth, we'll tell the floppy players with wangs that we are women
after I serve volley ***** on a nudie beach like I'm the crooked actor
Charles Bronson whose huge Johnson swang faster than gay Magic
Johnson's magical Johnson when he was living in south Wisconsin.
Place Jehovah God over Magog, skinny grand duchess Tasha, after
Anushka's capture, as 4 sisters must let their hair down for Rapture,
to fulfill Bible prophesy regarding the Romanov Tsar's last chapter.
I'm happy on my own, reading books objectionable in tone, burning
bread beyond acceptable toasting & gutting 'possums after roasting,
& cuttin' your brake lines to make for brakeless, steep-hill coasting.
You need not worry now about chronic chromosome abnormalities
whilst your sinister twin sister's in your grave cringing & twitching.
--- Oh, secret technical military advisor, won't you
teach me how to love? {In the army sense of course.}
   --- One day I arrived at my brother's hide-out with 2 pigs
on leashes. โ€œJesus!โ€ Exclaimed bro. โ€œYou brought the cops!โ€
  --- The influenza took its toll & my bowels had slackened
considerably. It'd be a week before I could pass solids.
{Taking stock in the market, in America, in a tree, up a blind alley, out the back door, the baby with the bath water, collecting wombs in a vacuum...} My disbelieving ways were part & parcel of my lack of Quaker upbringing. I'd been on cheapย ย dates & to traffic court & I'd seen all matter of filth & **** at the police lodge so nothing remained to shock me, to block me, to discombobulate...or to knock my d.n.a. strands into single links. And not to mention traditional favorites like โ€œshut upโ€ & โ€œget away from me.โ€
ย ย  Never to be forgotten the time as a youth that I felt the relief coming soon of some thing held back like a dump truck with a stuck tail gate suddenly freed. โ€œCome with me into the pool,โ€ said she all 16-ish, the best she'll ever be. I had a pressing-issue to be sure, to be worked out by the cleansing action of chlorinated water.
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the deeper, the cuntier, the more dangerous. A rent is what it is: a tear, a schism. Who can strike hotter than lightning? Who can stir faster than an electric mixer? Who can displace water without getting wet? Shadows are cast upon walls & trees, yet nobody's more cohesive in their appointed *******. A hole forms above my eye, a portal of enlightenment or a boil. A dangerous rupture threatens bending over to retrieve car keys --- there will be no ice cream cones for anybody now.
   โ€œWould a dead photo of my cat be any
help? I have 6 angles: repose, face up.โ€
   A cat dead is no use to the live-cat community. They are
live wires: no ball of yarn's sacred. It's Newton's Laws of
Heavenly Bodies, the **** Test {for scarlet fever susceptibility}
& scads of things that keep dead cats thusly.
  Into the salt-sea I bury the remains in large sprinkle: sandy bottom, sand-paper & silica, foam & detergents, the oil what cuts the surface --- the depths of volcanic breaks with sherds of crusty parts. Chicken combs choke the weary, froggy warts & cloven hooves clog craws. John Rockefeller, junior, sleeps with girls. My mind's fettered, culling accusations, massing a cleric's defense.
{Nearer my Christ to me...}

Winston Churchill said it best: Women are like men except for several of 3 things. Also, they carry more ***** parts. Without women men cannot fall in love except with each other. Some never do. Theirs is not a happy pride: no waffles, no stacks of hot cakes.
   Women are creatures of the Pennsylvania turnpike: some are fraught with tolls, others are like the I-highway system start'd by Pres. Eisenhower, which reminds me that I can't proclaim: My Grandfather was President Eisenhower...Nights & weekends w/Ike. Grandma loved to play golf & would often take me along. We'd slog about in the mud: 2 corn-fed sow pigs without a care in God's green world. I'd poke Ikey in the eye with a stick & he's jab me in the *** with a hydrogen bomb. One Sunday Barry Goldwater dropped in from Arizona & we treated him to a 3-course breakfast in bed as Audrey Goldwater {Barney's or Barry's sister-in-law} sat on the couch playing hide the car keys. She was a darling 27-year-old full of fun as are many in her *** group, I mean peer group.
Tasha begged Carlo to tell the pope's only daughter about the chopper crash into Lake Huron but he was drunk and had to sleep it off. 4 hours went by like one-sixth of a day and no news was heard. โ€œIs the pope dead?โ€ Stanford asked the mayor. โ€œI don't know,โ€ came the honest reply. Tasha tucked her ******* in 1 at a time because it was winter. โ€œI'd rather have frozen toes than useless ****,โ€ she told Jocktu Tite, her African butler. The next day Carlo, the mayor & Tanya encountered a lone ***** who had grown up with the pope's daughter. โ€œHe lives,โ€ the ***** said in reference to the pope. Tasha was so happy that she kissed Carlo & the mayor a lot. Carlo fell to his knees to thank Jesus because he knew that in 1 hour they'd be on the beach of Lake Huron to honor 25 bold men who gave their lives in helicopter crashes for Jehovah.
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{from the prying eyes of others}

Let God move into your heart! My what? Your heart! My heart? I'll
show you. When God's in your heart things get really lucky for you
& the women you're bedding. If you think that abortion's a total gas
then just wait till God brings His son Jesus to bunk with you! What
are you saying? I'm pleading with you to get straight with the Lord-
ly Kingdom or I'll have the Mafia rub you out! Alright already! Just
climb down off my ***! Fair enough! I want 5 grand a month. Fine!
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Winnie & Nelson
The Negroes were friendly and non-homicidal. 4 of them were born
not knowing who their fathers were. Their mammies could guess &
give rough estimations. I told these Negroes that fatherhood is from
God, the God who watches over His children. I told them the story,
the one that children who know their fathers are told, about a fruity
homosexual named Kevin who killed 34 people when he lived with
the terrorist couple called Winnie & Nelson Mandela. Things in the
nation were mad with Mandela's terrorists bombing bowling alleys,
train stations & shopping plazas to ****** Whitey. As I was saying
this I saw that all of the lively Negroes had died & expired so I left.
It's a gravity-challenging climb that speeds progress into a hole. Becky knew nothing of religion & worshiped solid structures: houses,
barns, sky-scrapers, pyramids. Once she had a lump & was no happier without it but the surgeon, who knows, made a job of it
as if he were immune to ******. A murderer can **** anybody.
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