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The  soul connection she felt with him was her first omen!
Most precious one but may be not the happiest.
Last winter, the green leaves  dried out.
East wind changed  it's fragrance.
Words of moment were altered.
Sign of Olives came  by that wind,
  was like the last one.
That time, she  forgot the quest of treasure,
Distance of thought was getting higher than ever.
But she thought the cascade of waiting is over.


It was  the time of realism for Another Omen,
No Time  for lamenting for the past thought she had.
Maktub!  New omen comes by changing the path of destiny, Not the destiny itself.
Persue of life meant to be followed anyway!

The Enchanted dream  that she has ,
was the  part of her melody of soul;
Only meant to become true.
After the long night,
At the moment of dawn,
Silence of heaven whispers the eternal truth of destiny!
Omen of Life - Inspired by the book "Alchemist"
Soul of mine screams so loud
Poor me!
It tries to  make me rise at dawn,
but hardly can touch the truly I'm!
Poor me! I never can listen the melody of it!
I Wish! I could!
I wish! I could!
I wish i had the epiphony to know It's depth of sound.
I wish i could tell my soul that I'm yours,only yours!
Soul of mine
Thoughts that begins in her head
like  sparkle light clouds of her imaginary sky....
white Grass flowers are meant to die soon!
But nevertheless, they want to live like other flowers ;
Want to experience the sound of the whole weekend...
Love to make bridge like other's fragrance
But she stopped her thoughts and took leave like forever..!
Hidden lost thoughts
A Surge of excitement they had in last Spring ..
.......Secret behind the stealthy fragrance of their soul;
Connected by the magical history of deep thoughts..
.......To persue that dream,Why they didn't want it
Oh God! They forget their Oath of life.....!!
Once I fell in love with an Andalusian shepherd...
....That moonlit night, I saw him behind the hillock !
He always knew my presence from the wave of breeze ..
....Every day he tried to find out the way by tearing up the  fog to see me ..
Alas! He never knew i was the shadow of the mist near him .... !!

— The End —