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Mia Sep 2020
As the darkness settles in,
My sweet angels battle in sin.
Delicately laced by sadness tonight,
A love affair, a love song I shall nevermore rewrite.
Draped in the blackest of blacks; I surrender to asphyxiation,
Unable to breathe; I am nothing but a desperate note of suffocation.

Tears; shards of glass veil my sullen eyes.
I listen deeply, desperately but there is no sound, no reply.
A voice perished; an incomplete narrative.
Confined to a soul I dare to retrieve with inevitable mortality.

You’re buried underneath a cold dour tomb,
And all that remains are severed from sunshine’s golden womb,
The sweet perfume of roses in innocence gently waft,
And through the musty thick blackness I dare to stop.

And as grievance lives within my tortured soul,
I daringly declare; I declare my heart you surely stole.
Broken and wounded; tender opened wounds of lament are weeping,
My darling cradle of love in its own sadness conceding.
With what do I awaken the sound of your tempered voice?.
With who now do I sing and lovingly rejoice?.

The stillness in this limp body has submissively frozen,
My brown eyes are now shut and choose to never open.
Unfading grief alongside a deepening sorrow,
Wedding deathbed once strong, now lonely and hollow.

I awaken the old wolf that solemnly howls;
To the bitter song of death, he perfectly  bows.
The now is a nowhere; an unwelcome test,
Unforeseen, a gregarious passion is laid to rest.
With whom can I now love, smile and learn?.
Your melody of crisp mornings and warm nights I selfishly yearn.
As I step towards the beginning of discontent and pain,
This empty journey will never end until I see you my darling again.

By Mia

— The End —