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storme came with storm
gangstars  were in form
stood amidst budwisers
glass and glass cheered
peg after peg cleared
***** friends neared
forget the past fears
evry mimute was so dear
leaving each brought the tear
dont forget ....
meeting again we sweard
caring love of parents
nourishing love of nurse
teasing love of brothers
smiling love of sisters
lusting love of inmature minds
unfortunate love of unlike minds
arranged love of matrimony
compromising love of family
making love of *** workers
responsible love of boss
love has different colors
better judge your love
live happy dont mess up with love
living together does'nt evolve inner love
living miles away erupts the feel of love

feel the love with  a tear in the eye
see the shinning thr tears like april sun thr shower

feel the love thr cold hand and warm heart
feel the love  thr tear rolling over lips

emotioms of love ,affection, binding is true life
momentry seperation  add value to life and love

enjoy in togetherness  and apartness to complete cycle of life
Phani Potharaj Dec 2020
life is a step ladder
climb to reach the top
keep hope never let it drop
succes n failures part of life
think wise to overcome the strife
live life and let live
feed the need  dont restrive
glimpsing from edge remnisecence  your deeds
before you know  what you succeed!!!
Phani Potharaj Nov 2020
i am tired i am 50
i am tired caring family n kids
i am tired matching their needs
i am a wallet for any purchase
i am a financer  to studies
i am  for new clothes n tours
i am for house need and car
i am for hospital and festival
i am for fashions and cells
i am tired now i am 50
i am for gifts and taxes
i am for children and wife
but still am tired when i am 50.
Phani Potharaj Oct 2020
Time when my mother was in hospital
time when informed the case  was  critical

At once my eyes filled with tears
to think   her unpresence makes me fear

Cannot imagine  without my mom
no one understand my pain and calm

Time has come when things turn worse
its out of hands unless to curse

Time when..,  the day has finally come
nothing left unless  to say bye to mom
Phani Potharaj Oct 2020
I was a last bencher in the classs
"stand up on bench' was my usual stance

felt low and agony initially
later found it was silly

looking back I saw a glare
until i realazed a beauty stare

i wanted to be punish daily
to see her beauty repeatedly.

when i went for drinking water
she followed me through corridor

when i said "may i come in"
adjacent was she.., "like a kin".

time has come to propose my love
this was my first love.
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