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The wind has stopped
A leaf settles slowly
on quicksand
and does not sink
The wind has
stopped howling in
the canyons
but the fires
burn on
and you
dare not
walk across
the quicksand
to put them
Don't exactly know where this came from.
 Oct 2022 Wisdom Osikwemhe
I never felt this much contained rage
When I was a child
It was much more terrible then
I let it bleed out into a jar
I am the place
Where the glass bottles sit now
Collecting dust
One by one
What are we, if not for words
Trying to find meaning in this world,
But always coming back to the place
Where our pen and paper submerge.
We are all poets, aren't we?
 Feb 2022 Wisdom Osikwemhe
The smoke has cleared
From your magic show
I can hear the music
It sounds like peace
Don't let it play so quiet
 Feb 2022 Wisdom Osikwemhe
You are an open flower
I cannot help but wonder
Is this pure consciousness
Have you closed your soul
So soon
Unburden yourself of the past
She is not today's weight
 Jan 2022 Wisdom Osikwemhe
I am sure by now
Heaven finds my voice all too familiar
 Jan 2022 Wisdom Osikwemhe
I love you,
Until I have no more to give.
I love you,
Until the glass is empty.
I loved her, until The truth came out.
There is love but that is not enough
The key ingredient in marriage is romance
lonely moonlit night
trying to hide my longings
to sleep in your arms.
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