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Here I am
broken I know—
Healing am I?
Wounds take time
to close.
Scars I have
from too many falls...
watch me
I’m on the rise.
The sideways view
looks different
until you tilt
your head..
your heart...
Standing in the midst
of your lightless
you have lost self,
ground and perspective.
Listening to others
tell their stories
of their time
in your current residence,
(I have lived there too)
has taught me
the task
of finding
is possible
though painful,
hard and seemingly
from one breath
to another
is still living.
So please,
keep breathing...
This joy is rare.
My tears—
bright warm stars
make salty trails
from eyes to chin.
Slow the sky
smudges lavender
as day breaths
its last breath.
Night hovers  
and falls
ushering in the stars
and oft times
the moon,
when she chooses
to reveal herself.
If you could just not go,
but you are leaving
this time for sure.
I release you
to the new world
where you will live.
I miss you all ready.
The torrent of my tears
smother me now..
still I plan to learn
to breathe
without you.
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