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Syd Sep 2021
Dogs forsake sleep for their owners
For the little food and shelter they receive
What's your worth then ?
If you forget God and sleep unconcerned
Syd Sep 2021
We will scatter as beads
We will swirl and lose ourselves
As HE unveils himself
We will forget the beauty of paradise
And the wrath of hell with its agony
We went through death and resurrection
To finally see our beloved
Syd Aug 2021
911 was terrible, 3000 people died
Does it justify 241000 dead Muslims?
Is this a proportional response
Think for yourself
Syd Aug 2021
With impunity
They invade, destabilize
Clear cut tyranny
Syd Aug 2021
Don't leave us alone
We have forsaken the world for you
As we sit, stand and sleep
We remember you and forget ourselves
Color us in your color
It's hard to not fall in love with you
Syd Aug 2021
A time will come, truth will become strange
Glad tidings to the strangers

Who travel and remain unfixed to anything They will hastily flee to God

This world is temporary and bound to perish
We love the one who is ever-living
Syd Aug 2021
Ever since being expelled from Eden
We look and long for our lost home
We descended to this strange place
See, our soul is not of this world
Hence the emptiness we feel now and then
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