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Nishtha Setia Aug 14
Color, Shape, Line and form,
A journey of discovery,
An answer to question,
Independent voice,
Expressing the heart and soul,
Style of realism,
Dealing with tangible,
Communicate inspiration,
Task of success,
Vision of Kindness,
Joy of Nurturing emotion,
Heights of Hope,
Passages of lyrical colors,
Poetically Inspire the Spirit.
Starless dark water,
Through heaven,
Melt in field of stars,
Like a flower left out.

Riderless and dry,
Shadow on carpet roll,
With revolving sound,
In crystal waves,
Appeared like unasked utterance.

Fill the smile ,
On dull profile,
With white,
Naked and bald skull,
Drops the glitter in sky,
The Jewel of cloud

— The End —