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You came into my life
last year
You made me feel alive
I felt like I was
closed and silent
You made my life
now thrive
I always want to
Improve and grow
This goal
is what
I strive

I love you Emily
They say a good guest knows when to leave and not overstay their welcome. Good bye it has been a fun two years. I am hoping to open my own small gym in 2022.
Bench Press'n Mar 24
I am not ashamed of you
For were not ashamed of me
To take my sins upon yourself
You died to set me free
Whom the Son sets free
Is free indeed
Thank you Jesus

People do lie and say you can live any old way and still go to heaven. It is not true but it is a lie many people choose to believe. Those lying usually don't want to go to heaven themselves nor anyone else. Misery loves company.
Politicians, actors and other famous people are using this same lie today. The same one used 25 years ago.
I had to post this because of all the lies I see and hear today. It is very troubling to me.
Bench Press'n Mar 16
You told Americans
Just obey

Why don't you
Obey God?

If you had been
In the service
You would know
You lead by example

I have added this on march 24 2021

You go to church and get photographed
Kneeling and praying
Then you come out of church
Encouraging people to live opposite what the Bible says
You will have to give an accounting to God someday
For your hypocrisy
This is how Joe Biden has always been. In the 30 years plus I have seen him on the news. He is a man with a conflicted mind.
When I want peace
I don't look to the news or internet
I take some time to myself
And read the Bible for a few minutes
It is very comforting and
In those pages is truth
To combat all the lies we hear today
I have tried my best here for two years
To share the truth, but have new roads to travel
If you want a companion to take that ride of life with
Jesus is always ready to join with you in that ride
I wish you all well
Bench Press'n Feb 26
And wrong is still wrong
There is still such things as
I don't care what Joe Biden
Or how the congress try to convince themselves
There is reality and truth

I don't get upset by life today
I don't tear out my hair
Most in washington d.c.
Do not know God or his Son Jesus
For they are captives to sin
They try to have a form of godliness
But they deny the power (Jesus)
That could make them holy
A family member I loved knew about Jesus but did not accept him as Savior. He died screaming. I do not write this to dishonor his memory. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. I write about life because it is serious and has eternal consequences.
Bench Press'n Feb 19
For the gift you have given me
First for your love
This last year + has been wonderful
Secondly, for giving me a love of gym again
I had lost my love of weightlifting years ago
I didn't enjoy it anymore
But the look on your face when we met
Made all the effort seem small in comparison
Thank you
It becomes so much harder to workout the older I get
My joints have ached through the years
But that look  of "wow" in your eyes
Makes that pain melt away
I was a terrible sinner headed for hell
I was in the Marines
I wanted to stay for 30 years
Or until I died
Whichever was first
I thought I was beyond God's forgiveness
One night he spoke to my heart
He told me if I accepted his Son Jesus
For the forgiveness of my sins, he would forgive me
I believed him
I accepted Jesus
I got out of the Marines
For I couldn't live a Christian life in there
Some could, I met many in there who were Christians
I write about Jesus so much
For I have been forgiven much
I've seen drug addict, dealers, pimps, prostitutes
Accept Jesus and have their lives changed
Their sins forgiven
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