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GoodySuvie Aug 26
There is a world out there
With... Sky so blue,
Breeze so caressing,
People so real,
Outside your phone.
GoodySuvie Aug 13
Smile for the camera.
             Hide your frowns.
                   Stay pretty.  
             The perfect shot.
    That's what they wanna see.        
              You see samples.
               All pretty faces...
                 You comply
          falling for the scam,
             hiding your ****.
               They capture.
                   Your lies.
Everyone got their own ****...they don't jus show it.
GoodySuvie Aug 9
It gets so lonely
In the midst of the crowd.
Surrounded by faces
Yet no one sees you.
Hear a thousand voices
Yet none speaks the
Language you understand.
The only one who did...
Never really cared.
And you are tossed
right back into
the world of silence.
We all need people who understands us...
GoodySuvie Aug 5
Emotions ...
Unstable like the wind,
Spontaneous in nature,
It evolves from friendship to
Sudden enmity.
Rapidly changing form,
It freezes the once heated love
Between lovers.
Unstable like wild fire,
It consumes us... And most times,
Our most dear relationships,
once left uncontrolled.
         #Goody suvie❤️
A good evening guys♥️. It feels good to be a part of this world🙂 meet you guys. #Nigeria #Goodysuvie #words

— The End —