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Gbenegbara Mercy Jul 2021
Yes. But living what?
Living life
Flinging strive
Driving might
And most of all,
Clinging Christ
Gbenegbara Mercy Aug 2020
How are you?
"I'm fine", I always reply.
This conversation we hold on a daily basis.
No harm... no harm...
You care.
And that's cool.

Still, how be it that I cringe up in my bed at night
With a pillow stuffed up in my mouth so I don't wake others up sobbing?
Why do I feel there's nothing to live for?

Will you listen if I tell you
how I truly feel if I were to?
Would you pat my teary eyes dry?
Will you give me your shoulders to rest on?
Would you?
Without being bothered?
If not, I'm fine.
Thanks again.
I keep my words to myself.
Hidden, locked,
Buried under the earth.
Quiet, they say.
Don't you ever want to talk to us?
Open your soul to us?

I do.

And in moments like these,
A few may escape.
As poetry,
That barely tells the story.
As poetry,
That rarely makes sense.
Like a broken record.

But are you listening?
Ā©Meenu Syriac
Gbenegbara Mercy Aug 2020
So sweet yet painful
Once bonded, hard to break
I wouldn't want to loose you
You are my heart throb
But it hurts seeing you tear my heart down
Cutting and shearing with lies
Sorry miamor
I'd rather live with my heart intact.
It's better living with your hearts intact buddies. Run away from toxic relationships. I'm sure the right one will come to stay some day.
Gbenegbara Mercy Aug 2020
It was written
I saw it
On the pages of a torn heart
It bleeds pain
I feel it
From the tone of the words
It read like a thus:
"Boys are not stones!
We cringe too.
If only this could be understand,
She'd have left years before this happened
How do I smile again?"
Boys, get broken too.
Gbenegbara Mercy Aug 2020
Praise! Praise!!
Lights out.
Everywhere is dark.
They speak bad at us.
We turn their preys.
Well, spoken in darkness,
shall be heard in light.
Only be one who prays.
All those who are envious of  us shall one day be disposed and exposed.
Prayer is the key.

— The End —