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Let's meet again in that land where only love exists.
I wish things were different but we are worlds apart.
  Aug 1 Fifehanmi
I'm the last of my kind,
a city with crooks and rhetoric creeds,
brotherhood of stolen souls left to find.

Deck of cards and a bottle of scotch,
blades shuffle and reflect what they will take next, sunken eyes and useless watch.

Sleep is a luxury I lack,
final game with my friend death,
all or nothing, I will win it back.
Fifehanmi Aug 1
On  a   White  Plain  Spreadsheets

Lies  the  Dark  Hidden   Secrets

                Of    My     Life.
There are lots of secrets written down in my diary. It is the best place where my secrets are safe.
Fifehanmi Jul 30
Between life and death, there is only a tiny thread.

Between sorrow and happiness, there is only a door.

In between love and hatred, there is only a gap.
Who knows what the next sunrise will bring? In a twinkling of an eye, everything can change for good or worse.
Fifehanmi Jul 30
Will there ever be a sound of laughter in my mouth again?

Will I ever have a reason to smile?

Will this pain vanished one day?

And will my story change from bitterness to sweetness?
There are times when i feel like ending everything.
Fifehanmi Jul 30
Can you relate with that feeling

When you are dying underneath that burden

When you call for help but none is forthcoming

When the friends you trusted turned their back at you

When your heart is in so much pain and ache

When you find it hard to even cry or wail

Because everyone has deserted you, including your tears.
Life is unfair sometimes
Fifehanmi Jul 26
She named me "Joy" so I can bring happiness to her

But I turned out to be the black sheep of the family.

I never wanted to be the reason for her sorrows and cries

But I couldn't even make her smile for once.
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