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Piyah Jul 4
The knife on my back came from the one who held my beating heart in his hands.
Piyah Jul 3
The love I have for me,
Will always cost the love I have for you.
Piyah Jul 1
You have a nickname in my head,
Piyah Jun 30
Oh, shes so dark,
Oh shes got acne,
Oh shes so ugly,
Oh shes so fat,
They all cooed into her ears as they pushed her off the roof,
Then they gathered around the coffin asking
But she had everything, why this?
Piyah Jun 30
Your memories haunted me at 11am in the day when I was surrounded by people,
It tore me down everytime you crossed my mind,
How many people will it take to fill the void you left?
Piyah Jun 29
And then my mother said,
As a young woman,
learn how to put your money and education BEFORE your emotions.
Because that love **** will always leave you unfocused and broke.
Piyah Jun 29
You made me happy,
Happy enough to jump out of bed in the morning,
You make me so happy it scares me,
Because the day you leave,
This happiness goes with you...right?
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