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Arty 22h
What is it about You
My heart and mind ticks
One chance meeting and
Now my head is in clouds

These eyes
This smile
That air
What is it about You
Arty 3d
In tidbits of news and views
I know not what I seek
Each moment that I read
I loose the faith I need

Mosttimes it makes mind weary
Each piece passes its own theory
Like Reader becomes the jury
My belief becomes scarce

As mind grows more deprecating
Superficial focused and yet isolated
There is no light in such knowing
There is but doubt and despair

Wanting to be know-it-all
becoming doubt-it-all
Still Inhaling the every word of
The Poison that feels like Elixir
Arty 6d
Wait in your eyes
Looking out of window
Few minutes seem like forever

That restless walk
That slight nod of head
The noisy and the sensitive

The nearing footsteps
The wait is over
Door opens and you're in my arms

"My four legged friend
Your treats are here
And yes I love you too!"
Ribbons of rains
A translucent sheet
Papery streamers
Down the streets

Children dream
Of castles and moats
To sail their
white paper boats

Yesterday’s flowers
Colour the pathway
For every passerby
As they take a final bow
It’s raining here :)
7th July
  6d Arty
Lily Priest
Weep for me willow
Loose and low
With aged tales
Of travellers
Tuned to the melodies
Of song birds
And sleepy streams
That sigh their way
Through the centuries.

Wave willow
With the winds of change
Root yourself
In soil as aged
As your dreams
Arty Jul 4
The youth wants to grow up
And old wants to be young again

And so please GOD
Next life let me live reverse
And go from #80 to #18
Arty Jul 3
You Life is your own

You choose to live
You choose the air you breath
You choose what to see
You choose your thoughts

You are Your mind
You are Your heart
You are Your soul
You are not one but All

You make your choices everytime
You decide for yourself everytime
You have the will, you know the way
You have the courage to believe

Love yourself
Love your heart and soul
There is burning fire
There is eternal joy
There is freedom
There is grace
There is god

You are alive & your life is your own
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