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8h · 24
We butchered our oppressors
  became the new suppressors
  we were the elite professors
  punish unwashed confessors
9h · 32
The beats are howling for truth
   angry wolves in need of a fix
   in a pack in Central Park at
   3 am, junkies on the prowl.
   They won't be denied a deity.
   Ginsberg's Howl their Bible.
1d · 29
Back Stairs
I remember your touch I hunger for
like the night we became us on the
back stairs as the party faded away
into white noise and my heart beat
into yours and I knew my world just
fell to pieces and broken promises
and broken children were coming.
I relive it one second at a time.
I still look for you everywhere
trying to find the back stairs.
Just be my breath and heartbeat for a start.
   Be the stories that made me fiercely weep.
   Every lust that ever brought me to an end,
   the absolute to my doubt, strength to my fear.
   Be my broken vows and promises forgiven.
   Be my gentle ending when my end is here.
1d · 28
Funeral Drum
It almost drove me crazy
   that sound of a low thrum
   like electric through wires
   all who died sorrow's hum.
   She died in some drive by
   put to rest beat of a drum
   just push off don't come back
   go my way to a place I'm done.
2d · 23
They live in crypt like bars
stained yellow with cigarettes
smoked over too many years.
Livers surrendered long ago
give them ugly yellow eyes
and skin the color of ****.
The stench of alcohol clings
like way too much cologne.
They never sleep. They just
pass out. Come to for a drink.
They just die day to day
while we all look away.
4d · 50
I Can't Even
I believe my country has died.
Defeated Lady Liberty on her knees
with a Scimitar for her beheading.
Communists crawling into her guts
for the final feeding as we all hold
impotent guns without bullets.
In ROTC I dared to grow my hair.
   On the cusp of hippy life with
   burned bras and free love and
   smoking hash I dumped my baggage.
   I joined a circus going to Boston.
   I was baptized in saltwater. Plum Island.
   I made love to love tilting at windmills.
   In my attic I learned the hard truths.
   The People's Almanac was my bible and
   those who held my heart my confessors.
5d · 74
World Gone Mad
There were leaves barking
  and dogs fluttering in the wind
  birds were swimming in deep water
  and fish were flying in the clouds.
  Communists defined their reality
  made the rules put us all in gulags
  wore big hats and lifts in their boots
  in mansions they killed us bit by bit.
Yellow Sticky Notes
No Forgetting

  Ultrasound to see alien in J's womb.
  Pick up Bailey at 3 from daycare.
  Take Bailey to shrink for anxiety.
  Walk Bailey down her wedding aisle.
  Pick up Bailey's son from daycare.
  Drop off the **** to the cleaners.
  Take your blood pressure meds.
  Mom and Dad 50th anniversary Dec. 12.
  Pick K and S up at the orphanage for w/e.
  Dinner at Robin and James Saturday.
  Mike and Kim at the Keg Tuesday at 5.
  Pack L and me lunch for tomorrow.
  Dori for drinks at pub friday.
  Tennis w/ Fuji sunday 10.
  Katie and Sean this w/e in Columbus.
  Xcountry skiing lesson w/ Dori.
  Lunch w/ Marc at Crossroads food court.
  Mojave desert sandstorm with L.
  T and I wed at JP at noon Wednesday.
A life out of sequence
7d · 36
Real Men
Drink in dark bars at noon.
  Drive by hookers on displays
  down boulevards of dreams
  where pleasure never stays.
  Smoke **** without filters
  drinking shots and draft beer
  wife hunts me bar by bar.
  day drags into night no fear.
  We always face consequences.
  Silent treatment. Sleep alone.
  I look for a job in morning.
  Real men, dogs without a bone.
May 9 · 30
Original sin
  don't let me in.
  I wear hair shirts
  flagellate myself
  confess sins I make up
  for my demanding God
  burn me cut me
  where the hell
  did I come from?
  I pray harder to
  keep us all alive
  with my suffering.
May 8 · 153
I lost myself among the frozen stars
   in the dark palette of a cold midnight.
   Nowhere left to go I came by your door
   for old times and knocked. You were gone.
   You were never here. Pretend marriage.
   Me with a wife and 2 young kids and mad
   as a hatter I fell down the rabbit hole
   where we played house and thought we
   were in love. We were burned by lust
   and divorced and last time I saw you
   **** in your dorm and me leaving for
   Boston next day. We killed a 12 pack
   and pretended one last time at love
   and I went away and lived my life as
   best I could you always on my mind
   but knowing better. I came home to
   see my kids and came by to see you.
   I lost myself among the frozen stars
   in the dark palette of a cold midnight.
   Nowhere left to go I came to your grave
   whispering your name as a prayer.
May 8 · 59
My Other Suicide Note
I've held on as long as I can
to this slippery eel of life
that feels all wrong for me.
I never found "The One".
I never measured up.
I float away from time
with a needle in my arm
and finally a true smile.
May 8 · 166
Yellow Brick Road
As angels go Dorothy was my favorite!
She knew our talents. She believed.
She helped us believe in ourselves.
She laughed the hardest, she loved us all,
she led these lost souls into places of peace.
We miss you dearly. I miss you most of all.
The scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion.
We'll meet at the end of the yellow brick road.
Love to our dear friend, Dorothy Rengsdorff.
May 7 · 121
Tornado to Oz
Before the storm all was right.
  It tore us to shreds and then left.
  Dorothy's tornado took us to Oz.
  We've never found our way back.

  I get the tin man with no heart.
  Courage is lacking in us all and
  brains are in short supply. So?
  Look for the yellow brick road.
May 6 · 59
not serious
feral cats
wharf rats
swinging bats
miss the ball
**** it all
give me a call.
a trip to the mall
buy a spot
to be my plot
bury my ashes
in lightening flashes
while we live on
until we are gone.
May 6 · 29
West Virginia
Government agents crawl our hills
  the tax parasites after our stills.
  What we make is our own free to taste
  so leave us out of your ******* waste.
  We die in your coal mines for you.
  Death's enough for us to pay our due.
May 5 · 40
Liberating Gods
Poets are the liberating gods.
Closer to truth and lies and
every **** bent thought we
ever had that shames us until
it's in a poem to set us free to
break the chain we hold onto.
May 4 · 44
Nothing Else Matters
I find a mood and settle in its nest.
  Full of laughter full of pain rich
  beyond my dreams where I reach the
  edges of my poet soul and find words.
  Bits and pieces are hurled into verse
  that might express the universe or at
  least my journey to my understanding
  ****** up as it is of why we're here
and not there instead of now.
Nothing else matters after all.
May 4 · 40
Tonight I smell something in the air.
  The city's burning down in despair.
  The water's up to my ankles on the deck.
  I feel the noose tightening on my neck.
  I'm in dad's bomber in fields of flack
  we're on fire and aren't coming back.
May 3 · 551
Whipping Post
I was dragged to a whipping post
    and ******* desperate naked angry.
    Bring blood from lashes of a devil's
    tongue until I'm moved to creation.
    Writing poetry is a lonely effort
    full of doubt. No one likes a word.
    I drink me insane and set it on fire
    I burn lines of smoldering emotion.
May 3 · 52
You took a small boat
  to the middle of the China Sea
  puking all the way for
  samples of eons ago when
  dinosaurs roamed the earth.
  Science is not for the weak.
Priced as marked or best offer.
    Some damaged more than others.
    A small tear
    a workplace affair
    a bigger tear
    a torrid affair with broken promises
    devastated barely pumps
    he always cheated and blamed her
    blown out selling for parts
    he betrayed and took the kids
    she overdosed and stabbed her heart
    for good measure. Tears roll down
    but can never make things right.
    Make an offer after all why not?
May 3 · 48
The Irishman's Grave
He had to flee his Ireland.
The God ****** British
stole his life and land.
He floated to America.
John Donovan from Cork
was my great grandpa.
Stubborn as a mule and
strong as an ox he lived.
There's a deep dark hole
for Irishmen to bury anger.
Soon enough the Earth will burn to a cinder from Irish anger.
Apr 30 · 59
Relationship Roulette
I know.
we've all played it.
Relationship Roulette.
Spin the wheel and ****.
Is this forever after?
Wake blinking in a bed
smelling of *** and regret.
Do the walk of shame.
Apr 30 · 24
Storm is Coming
I start looking for night at noon
   in dark bars waiting on bar stools.
   I couldn't sleep in a raging sea of a
   thousand clowns and useless fools.
   I live in asylums' promises of hope.
   The storm is coming for us all again.
   Find a home find a harbor an anchor
   find a wife who will forgive that sin.
Apr 29 · 940
Mute Mourning
She was terrorized of heights.
   I marveled at her bravery and
   pain that put her on that cliff
   she jumped and broke hearts
   and more lives than she knew.
   We gather mute to mourn.
Apr 29 · 42
Lust Baptism
Making love in the pouring rain
cleanse our bodies of cheater's stain
we love more than we understand
lust's baptism is never planned.
Apr 29 · 454
old soldiers sporting bravery's medals
  then comes the blaring marching band
  next are the clowns and the jugglers
  children waving flags don't understand

  still too young to know war's truth
  soon enough it will be their turn
  fresh young faces eager for glory
  will march into their hell and burn.
Apr 29 · 42
Old Woman
I'm old and my body won't hold me anymore.
    My insides shift low in gravity and bones
    shrink brittle and cracked ready to break.
    Skin as thin as death veils hiding misery
    I yearn for those lost years so long ago
    when men lusted for me and I for them.
Apr 28 · 170
Alaska Bedtime
I'm going to say goodnight
and say my prayers
and hope to God
there won't be bears!
Apr 28 · 35
Momma Why?
Momma blew her
  brains out loud.
  No one told me why.
  She chose to die.
  It had to be my fault.
  I always made her cry.
  I wished her happy.
  I wrote her poetry
  comedy and tragedy.
  She could have drowned
  or jumped to her death
leaving a ****** mess
  she chose a gunshot instead.
Painted the kid's walls red.
Her messy death left her scream for the rest of my life. She loved dramatic exits. I still miss you, Momma!

I wrote this for 2 gunshot suicides I heard about  second hand and my heart broke for the kids who found Mommy dead in a mess she'd never leave.
Apr 27 · 259
I have a vampire cat
sleeps all day
up all night
I bet she has
a magic cape
I've never seen
her in a mirror.
I sleep with a cross.
Apr 27 · 49
End of the World
wind roars and thunder crashes
prophets warn all the masses
all our bones reduced to ashes
minds set free see only flashes
of truth free from mortal lies
tears spill from blinded eyes.
Apr 26 · 40
I float above my body in a box.
I look like I'm made of wax.
I'm never happy with the crowd.
This one seems way too loud.
My kids speak. Make me proud
to be who I am in death's shroud.
Apr 26 · 36
Love Hates a Mirror
You broke my heart again.
    I don't feel less a man.
    When I was young romance
    was worth taking the chance.
    I have a metal heart and you
    have a bullet proof kiss.
    Love ages ugly it's due.
Always a swing and a miss.
Apr 26 · 68
Sunday Night
We put Jesus away for the week
back to our world for the meek.
Slaves 9 to 5 and kids at night.
I disagree and lose another fight.
I drink beers and man the grill.
Drunk enough to sleep I eat a pill
for an easy landing tomorrow,
another week survive the sorrow.
Apr 25 · 67
I Don't Fear Death
I'm 72 and I'm drunk
and fearless and still
think I'll live forever
even though I know
I'd be the first one and
all my friends are dying
and I can't play checkers
alone or take trips down
memory lane by myself.
Apr 25 · 192
Wounds of Memories
When the mirror became a window
   I finally saw me as I've always been.
   I saw the storm of war blood that
   goes on forever through its martyrs
   veins both living and dead destroying
   happiness with wounds of memories.
Apr 23 · 29
Photo Booth
Let's not just retire.
Waiting to die as we
live diminished and
more bored each day.
Let's run away to the
night we met and fell
into astonishment as one
and never looked back.
Let's go to the photo booth
where we snapped proof.
Travel to the night we made
our daughter against all odds.
Apr 22 · 61
Barrel of Monkeys
The whole **** thing was
splendid chaos. Nothing
went as planned.
Marriage was a farce and
kids chess pieces for lawyers.
We survived until we didn't.
Apr 22 · 40
The Mark of the Priest
Is it the holy water baptism?
Christ's body at Communion?
Bishop Catechism questions at
the come of age Confirmation?
Joining you 2 souls in marriage?
Forgiving sins with loose change
a few Hail Mary's and light a
holy candle for forgotten dead.
Apr 22 · 641
it makes us better
   love harder
   never quit trying.
   biting monkeys
   screeching madness
   always on our backs
   a time bomb to
   keep us guessing
   when when when
   the answer is
   too late to matter
   too late to change.
Apr 21 · 59
I've been drinking
since the river took
her from my arms.
I hold despair as
my lover now.
Apr 21 · 37
Photo Booth
We've changed, we're old.
If I had another chance
to taste you I would.
Give me a glance
see me young again
backstairs ******
escapades reaching
stars and breaking
time's limitations
old, fat, forgotten.
Apr 21 · 211
Skin on Bones
Hanging on old bones
I'm parchment skin
my story tattooed
litanies of my sin.
I rattle when I breathe
and forget most things
except my lovers and
my wedding rings.
Apr 21 · 37
Dance With Monsters
We were children playing house.
    Always on our knees for religion
    praying to keep the monsters away.
    We grew up and married one and only.
    We are older children playing house.
    We have kids. We just say no to religion.
    We drink, smoke and take pills to dance
    with monsters once we soiled our souls.
Apr 21 · 28
Playing House
I fall in love easily. A heart,
biology, chemistry and **** if
I'm not in love with you now.
In bed I'm intense carny rides.
Lust is a vacation for a month.
Seaside makes me want city life.
I'm riding the edge of my mind
2 kids and a fat wife I deserted
before I played house with all
you other disappointed lovers.
Playing House When a young, unmarried couple buys a residence together with the hope of living out their dreams of an ideal home life. In most instances, the immaturity of the young couple and harsh reality of their home life soon sets in, causing a stress related failure of the relationship.
Apr 20 · 29
Born in a Poem
I brought you to life
   in a poem. You'll never
   love in moderation. Love
   screams out loud and catches
   its breath and sleeps forever.
   Then it happens again Tuesday.
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