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22h · 34
So Fucking Drunk
Everything seems so ******* right.
Just one more drink and I'm cured
as long as I make it to midnight
witching hour I'm understood.
I stumble to our wedding bed
clumsily break your web of lies
satisfied that you never bled
dream is gone from your eyes
I love Pink Floyd
when I'm drunk
I love them when
dancing in the dark
in midnight Eden Park
I love them soft
and loud as hell
explosions of planes
lights burn the nights
I love Floyd's flights.
2d · 106
Stain and Refrain
It wasn't love. It was confusion.
Harvest moon's shadow all along
shifting in the midnight surf as
we walked to our forbidden bed.
Stain of ******'s surrender bled.

      there's hope in despair
      fear in bravery
      ignorance in certainty
      doubt in forgiveness
      love lost inside love.
2d · 44
Rosemary's Baby
Midnight black eyes
seeing all the evil
breath between my legs
in bed with the devil
hell's demon seed sown
screamed heaven's name.
Hunger for raw meat
****** as hell better
baby furious heartbeat
makes me strong as hell
******* black milk gorged
I crave ****** constantly
his claws tear my button.
birth. our son's fangs
suckle chew for blood.
3d · 48
I'm lost in the brevity of life,
the lack of depth in a mirror
that seems to go on forever.
I don't understand how I can
be so consumed making love
but come back to life after.

I was running and saw a deer
helpless and impaled dying on
the fancy fence made of spears.
I tried to save him but failed
and felt more lost and helpless
than ever and maybe impaled.

I look for me from childhood
for a starting point on my map.
All I see are vast empty echoes
where laughter should be heard
but silence gives naught. You're
my true north but I'm still lost.
3d · 39
Bring me your lust
disguised as love
your proper verbs
**** is making love
meet the parents
sober for a change
good impression
seems so strange
3d · 21
Penis Envy
Don't let it be your identity
some little thing set you free
don't let it be your destiny
just live you and let it be.
4d · 23
I sit upon my regal throne
wait for morning constitution
in a vast universe I'm alone
home in a mental institution
all the pills constipate me
keep hounds of hell at bay
kingdom beyond bars I see
peasants I command obey.
It was poised to erupt in flames.
Every group with agendas poured
gasoline on the whole **** thing.
The spark was always gonna' be color.
Will it have to burn to the ground?
Can love exist across rainbows?
5d · 48
I wish I weren't so angry
but I watch my world *****
and pillaged by Communists.
The USA is now USSR shaped.
We fear where we were brave
meek lambs on slaughter floor
they killed our middle class
put in communes for the poor.
We siblings gathered for a last minute
  living on borrowed time. The eight originals
  in various stages of health in a grand hotel.
  In the harbor of Baltimore where seagulls
  keep looking for the ocean and the affluent
  fear the poor. We don't carry cash anymore.
  Patty. Jeanie. BJ. Kevin. Eileen. Terry.
  Bridget. Noreen. I write this as a love letter
  to my siblings as our sun's going down and
  we pass the living on to the next generation.
  We share war stories and our afflictions.
  We laugh at our past and wonder at tomorrows.
  We set aside our spats and hold dear our love.
6d · 210
A Poem
There's a poem in there if
   I can strip away the debris
   and polish it like silver
   and read it at a posh affair.
   I'll use a singsong baritone
   to give it gravity like Dylan.
I wish I could just explode
into supernova beauty
all my errors burned
left nowhere in time.
I wake up believing
in coffee and tobacco
life's weight on me still
Walk the dogs
clean the cat box
carbon copy day
my dog insists
I used to have
lovers and all
night ******
I wonder about
7d · 29
Midnight Mass
I'm eleven at midnight Mass
  on a precipice of awareness
  girls somehow make me warmer
  I wonder if I can be a charmer
  my heart races Christ is born
  I see **** and lips I am torn
  stand kneel sit pray page eight
  worlds come and go but never wait.
7d · 136
Blind Date
She told me about herself
her growing up and more.
I ordered shots. God help me.
To the head, out the front door
the French leave set me free
from the blind dating bore.
I saw her hail a cab to escape
her blind date, such a bore.
Aug 8 · 23
You bury your boys.
  We bury our boys.
  Our tears can never
  bring them back.

  What's the score in war?
  Number of men killed or
  maimed? Which is worse?
  No man returns the same.

  The girls at home waiting
  will never know him again.
  He's silent or screams at
  night in dreams of war.

  The children will cringe
  at his cruelty he hates
  but never understands.
  It's war's carrion breath.
Aug 7 · 51
Song of Mankind
We come from such humble beginnings.
  Earth, water, wind, god's spit and the sun;
  stir into a cosmic cauldron and a pinch of
  Darwin for the atheists and in eons
  mankind emerges from the sea and marshes
  and swamps until we come onto shore like
  guppies and master land and build empires.
  We learn how to wage wars and destroy those
  weaker and unlike us. We colonize the world
  sowing the seeds of hatred along the way and
  are shocked when they reap the crop and ****
  us as intruders from long ago never forgiven.
Aug 6 · 157
My Turn
When my turn comes
I'll disappear like those
before me. I won't ask
why I must disappear.
There's a reason for it
I'm sure. She said so.
Aug 6 · 39
I Have a Dog
I have a dog who seems content with life.
     I don't think he wonders why he's here.
     He doesn't seem interested in math or science.
     He seems more interested in licking himself.
     He loves smelling every **** thing on a walk.
     He pees on things like he's flipping the bird.
     He doesn't worry about bills or taxes or politics.
     He doesn't watch the TV except Animal Planet.
     I know someday he'll die and we will weep and
     envy his ignorance or wisdom, unsure which.
Aug 6 · 41
Bring Me to Life
I lived a half life all along
radioactive from some song
when you touched me I woke
listened to words you spoke
Touch is a spark we need
Life begins with this seed.
Aug 4 · 92
War Folly
My darling son please
I beg you on my knees
don't volunteer to fight
this war of mad delight
full of bravery and death
just wasted final breath
It's all contained
inside My brain
cell by cell explained
like the cold fusion you
all desire but like two
monkeys trying to ****
a football not understood.
It's like planetary gears
sun in the center contained
within my brain your world
spins as it should and will
wear out in it's time and
the whole **** thing collides
into itself and fails again.
Aug 3 · 56
My world has become lava
  pouring from some volcano
  I'll never see. I smell the
  hell fire and feel the heat
  but never drown in molten
  ***** flowing over my small
  life that is a blink in some
  god's eye as we're swallowed.
  I'll wake and walk the dogs
  and pick up their **** and
  let them **** where they must
  and wonder why it all works.
Aug 3 · 55
Fallen Moon
Memories like anorexic hangars
inside the closet out of sight.
The sun inside the Frigidare
keeps my secrets in the dark.

I knew things changed when
the moon was gently rocking
in the breeze in a creek
since falling from the sky.

Now you know my frailties.
I'm insecure and eaten up
with doubts. I can't even
imagine keeping you happy.
"The Fall Of Rome"

What ever happened to the fall of Rome?
What a strange thing to ask
When I was taking you home
As we walked alone through the parking lot
I said I don’t have much
You said I like what you got

And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t picture you then
In your wedding dress
In the days I hoped we’d someday spend
In our Sunday best
We were light as a flame
Both batshit insane
We were lost
We were just the same

What ever happened to the fall of Rome?
You were a mystery to me
But the place felt like home
And there are no rules when you’re falling in love
You just take what you get and you hope its enough

And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t picture you then
In your wedding dress
In the days I hoped we’d someday spend
In our Sunday best
We were wrong from the start
With our broken arms
You played your role
And I played my part

And the road was so long
I was never as strong
As the love you gave to me
And it all took its toll
You become so cold
You forget what you were born to be

What ever happened to the fall of Rome?
Those people all turned to ashes and stone
Its a trick of the mind when you think it won’t end
Its a contest with time
And time always wins
I saw a picture of you the other day
In your wedding dress
And wondered why I’d walked away
Like I had with the rest
The only thing that was worth saving
And I swear that I did my best
And sometimes at night
I dream of you now
In your wedding dress
And I hope it doesn’t seem somehow
Like I gave you less
I have nothing to show
From these years on the road
But these songs that I wrote you
I did not write this. If only! These are the lyrics of a band called The Airborne Toxic Event. The song is "The Fall of Rome". I agree with you all it's fantastic!
Aug 3 · 54
Fast Living
I barely beat the dawn home.
It was a long night more alive
than ever. I'll die later on.
****. Coke. Jack. Lust. Love.
My humors keep me balanced.
All is right with the world.
Lust is never too old or too drunk.
I'll crawl into the city again
and find the fast lane and jump
the tracks into the stratosphere.
I burn brightest for an instant
and die inside you satisfied at last.
Aug 3 · 53
Boss Man
Got you worrying from your gate post
to the cane fields. Got you fearing for
your life while the yellow eyed
black beasts stare with hatred at your
whips and ******* cruelty without
an ounce of fear anymore.
Aug 2 · 303
Death Is
Death is a rebirth back
into infinity's dark mystic
the vast door opens a crack
into time's lonely final tick.
Aug 1 · 85
Empty Despair
Pour your tears in my eyes
and I will weep for you.
Wrap your despair in a red box
with a satin bow and gift it to
me at Christmas to bear alone.
Shove your sobs down my throat
and I gasp for better times.
I find it kind of our last hope.
Aug 1 · 148
I was earthbound all my life,
  then I met you and we had wings
  to fly above the heavens where
  a God exists and an angel sings.
  We flew too close to the sun and
  fell into the gravity's rainbows.
  You see us crawling in blue skies
  loud cawing black ink stain crows.
A billion people died today when
an orange man said it didn't matter.
Every immigrant is separated from
children and thrown into cages.
All the white men are racist  and
sexist and xenophobic and we need
to be exterminated like Jews in death
camps. Then socialism will finally work.
Burn my white *** in effigy.
Hate me if you will.
I just quit believing *******
fed to the masses as truth.
I still remember your naked *******
   and the smell of my hand in your jeans
   and youth's innocence lost. You were old
   beyond your years. You tamed my beast.
   You wanted me to be your first.
   I was lost to you in first light.
Jul 31 · 71
You staged my imminent demise
in your dreams behind your eyes
I was just an afterthought
a cheap trinket that you bought
Jul 31 · 48
Pretend Love
I don't want to meet the parents
when I'm buzzed and slurring
so we'll meet for brunch or lunch
before my vision starts blurring.
I'll make small talk and smile
I'll pretend to love you only
even if we **** once in awhile
and we kind of live lives lonely.
Jul 31 · 164
War and Debauchery
Absinthe at dawn
a night club
a dance hall
a bordello
the world swept up
in Bohemian revolution
bright colors explode
inside fuddled brains
full of acid and do me
next or I steal your
planet Earth for my
Butterfly collection.
Orbits in orbits in
more orbits brick on
brick make a church
with graves outside
fading light at vespers
when they pray forever.
Jul 31 · 48
Pretty Lies
Romance is born of pretty lies
   and poor judgement and alcohol
   and low bar light and juke box
   siren song swaying our hips in
   surrender as we dance to a cab
   and feed our weakness at 3 am
   in a bed of grand hotel roses.
   We wake up at noon in thorns.
Jul 31 · 71
Dear Theo
Autumn turns nature more intense.
     Peasants harvest Burnt sienna and
     other shades of red while black crows
     crawl across the French blue sky.
     Leaves catch fire briefly falling
     into winters Payne's grey grave.
     I clutch hope in my lonely winter.
     Please visit soon, Lad. Love, Vincent.
I always saw you on my horizon.
I drank to your health and to ours.
I went to meetings and confessed
weakness and drank bland coffee
and ate stale donuts and smoked
an endless chain of cigarettes.
In my cups we danced in the neon.
On bar stools and raucous laughter
with my dreams hiding in liquor's
ugly fog I gave you life and baptism.
Can I ever know normal? I'll be home
at last call when I reach my rope's end.
Jul 30 · 63
The 1%
They killed the Kennedy's
and MLK and Malcolm X
and Lenny Bruce and Marilyn.
They stole our truths and made
us ignorant. They gave us the
best politicians money could buy.
They live inside the DC Beltway
and grow fat on our silver. We grow
tired of bread and circus and fixed
elections and peaceful protests
burning buildings and cars and cops.
We want our country back in one piece.
If I pour gas on me and light a match
will it convince you I'm committed?
Will you **** on my ashes and dine
in opulence? You sold our jobs to
the cheapest bidder. You were supposed
to represent us. You bought anarchy and
unleashed it upon us to tame the unrest.
The 1% are the puppeteers holding all
our strings. We dance their dances with
our feet inside the approved lines.
Nothing's left to chance. They own our God.
The pen's mightier than the sword, poet!
Wield truth and set the world on fire.
Jul 30 · 72
I drink wine and write
some thing or another
reach in my aching pool
fears and tears and mother
we **** a rubber ******
purple breast milk denied
Dad fed at her fountain
I think she always lied.
Jul 30 · 63
Slow Crawl to Death
The years of youth are
full of low hanging fruit.
We are pampered royals.
Easy nothing is absolute.

I chased my tail forever
looking for a perfect lover
I grew old in dog years
and started raining tears.

Moon and sun wear me down
Time is a wicked assassin
I make a slow crawl to death
arrive with my final breath.
Jul 30 · 189
We were young and beautiful.
     We tasted each other and feasted
     on our banquet. I smell you still
     and I'm 73 and you're beside me in
     bed in dreams that are more alive
     than my daily crawl toward death.
Jul 29 · 60
It's just a perfect day.
We are just perfect.
Our puzzle fits perfect.
Arguments end perfect.
*** in an out perfect.
Proposal on knee perfect.
Wedding was perfect.
Baby girl was perfect.
Hampton's house perfect.
Night's at work perfect.
Hotel rooms are perfect
with my lover so perfect.
Divorce sad but perfect.
Visitation almost perfect.
Proposal on painful knee.
lover showing perfect.
baby growing perfect.
it's just a perfect day?
Jul 29 · 42
Last Call
I'm very profound at last call.
I stagger home to spill my poem
upon a ****** page for drunk poets
to bless my selfish stains as love.
Jul 29 · 69
Mississippi Delta
Cotton obsessed, ***** oppressed,
Southern charm and whipping the help
mint juleps in the oak tree's shade as
Delta planters tamed this flooded jungle
with a thousand slaves bought in chains
filled with a savage anger of lost homes
from lands beyond reach of our caring.
A noble savage we tried to free in Civil War.
Free to live in squalor with **** schools and
**** jobs and **** projects to call home.
Don't fear these truths. Don't stare blind.
Carry this prayer to your altars and pulpits
and shout from pews demanding justice.
Sing of misfortune and tomorrow's hope.
Jul 29 · 234
Wine Boxes
I drink wine from the box not the bottle.
     I'm not a connoisseur. I'm a wine sewer.
     My empties are very functional. I make
     so many things from them. Chairs. Beds.
     Dog house. Walls between us too tall to
     ever surmount. Even my own coffin.
Jul 28 · 72
I Made it to Midnight
I didn't turn into a pumpkin.
I have both of my shoes.
Now I take a sleeping pill
and dream my dead alive.
Jul 28 · 79
Painted Women
I watch them under streetlamps
strutting near naked in tall heels.
They remind me of every fantasy
I ever knew and I desire them now.
Married far too long in lean times
I want love's lies in motel rooms.
Jul 28 · 72
Cursed Mirror
I live inside a mirror today
where everything's reflection.
Kiss my shadow's shadow.
Break my heart. It shimmers
in  puddles wrinkled in wind.
You only break a looking glass
and suffer 7 years bad luck.
I curse you with all my love.
Jul 28 · 63
Lolita's Sin
******'s sin is mine alone.
  She never understood her power.
  Bubble gum and puffy ****.
  I desired her perfect flower.

  Her mother died to save her
  but she saved me instead.
  I brought her to my bed for comfort,
  the night she finally bled.

  ****** floats wild on the wind
  her cheap perfume my seduction.
  She died birthing our sin and
  baptizing my *******.
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