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Your once proud *******
  hang like bitter tears.
  Your *** droops and your
  thighs cellulite pocked.
  I still dream of you
  in a motel naked drunk
  answer to my prayers.
  I wake and forget you.
Patty S.
She let me kiss her at ten
innocent blushes from both.
She goes by Cinnamon now
and charges for hourly love
in Motel 6 and front seat
drive by blow jobs for Johns.
She hardly casts a shadow
being ****** thin after all.
She flies into forever skies.
Susan disappears and dies.
I'll stumble over for a visit.
   I'm kinda' drunk.
   I hope you're not too sober?
   Are you insane like me?
   Contrary as a crooked line
   and seeing my favorite ghost
   on sleepless midnight's asking
   where have you been my love?
The questions of one's decent into madness.
   The clock rivets your attention to second hands
   exploding in real time upon your city weary mind.
   Truth is impossible to discern. Naked as the air.

   My world is my own unlike normal ones. I suffer
   all the more for it. Try living in order when you
   are denied reality. Hallucinate and speak **** at
   parties and deny god or insist on His grand creation.

   It accumulates. Crowds each way I look are monsters.
   Pills quiet my world. I can't even hear my heart.
   If you've never heard silence it's a God awful sound.
   Jobs are hard to find with my history. I sell my soul.
I make the laws of nature after all.
What lives among my vast reaches is
looking at clear night skies in awe
wondering at their reason for living
and the cruelty to die never knowing.
They created myths of God and Heaven
and a place to punish unkind acts
owned by Devil and called it Hell.
We are endless infinities' mirrors
rain falling forever with my tears.
The kind morphine drip
   eases me into death's grip
   her dream's lovely trips
   life to death's curtain rips
We parted ways after awhile. We had differences.
   I didn't hate or love you. We went our own ways.
   30 years later and you still haunt my dreams.
   Try as I will I can't forget how yours tastes.
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