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199 · Jun 2020
sister shug
Amba Jun 2020
the hand that took a hold
on the shape
to stimulate
the other’s growth

is more able to cherish
than the one that
took a hold
on the shape to
keep the fleshly desires in place

like E.T. phone home

thank you woman of God
to **** the alienation within space
and bring us back to sense

you loved best
you allowed me
and us
to grow
61 · Jun 2020
Amba Jun 2020
drop the parallel
between g
and me

guess that is what sets this substance free.
54 · Nov 2020
Amba Nov 2020
we’re too blessed to have been able to drop the stones
carrying the stones in our stomach was the yoke
Jesus talked about
having dropped them
your coldness
we can do what makes us happy
allows us to serve
51 · Jun 2020
wearing life
Amba Jun 2020
wearing life like
a triumph
the crown that we are
in the face of faith

combatting their desires to
my stage of joy
good luck you all

wearing life like
a triumph
of crowns dripped in
30 degrees of undeniable
splendid ******

drinking the triumph of life
on its own
in an ocean of

— The End —