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Jun 2020 · 73
Cut these wings
Adam Jun 2020
I once was an angel but then I fell
Straight to hell and here I'll stay
Pray for me and my pride
Hide away my halo
I hold the blade and cut my wings
Demons sing at the blood ritual
Spiritual days behind me now
How I'll miss the sun
Still I hear the people's screams
Dreams were ripped away by fire
Pyres lit the evening sky
Dying in the thousands
God was angry at their lack of prayers
Fair He said, they have been told
Cold he sent me down to them
Stem my tears I tried
His word was not to be questioned so
Go to them on wings of death
Breath was held in my chest
Test my faith He did
Now I sit here in blood soaked feathers
Never was there anything sadder
Madder than a fallen angel
Hell will be my home
Jun 2020 · 160
Previous Tennant
Adam Jun 2020
I awaken to a sound
I sit up slowly and look around
The room is full of shadows
The gloom makes them dance but none of that matters
I tell myself it's all in my head
And the fact the previous owner was found last year dead
In this very same bed
Is making me jumpy and grabbing a bat
I walk to the hallway instead
Lead by my own fears but trying to face them
And looking down at the long stairs
It's dark at the bottom but I try not to care
I think I see movement below
Do I stay here, put on a brave show
The answer I already know
As I run to my room and now lock the door
It's ok to call the police
They could drive by and look in at least
I quickly get under the sheets
And sit there a moment shaking in fear
I turn on the light on my phone
And that's when I realise that I'm not alone
Not really
Jun 2020 · 111
The lake
Adam Jun 2020
We bought a small house in this town,
the agent showed us round
I said "It's nice" my daughter frowned
but at least the place was cheap
the papers signed it was ours to keep.
Later that day a jeep pulled up outside
the local sheriff, gun at his side, oh my
he is so cute, with badge and boots
and stepping out to meet him I say "hi"
Oh my, I wish I was wearing lace
"Howdy mamm, I'm officer grace,
and I see you've taken the old Milner place,
so I've got to warn you, now you take a care
don't go past the trees over there."
"Why's that officer, are there bears?"
"No mamm, but the previous owners kids
drowned up there in the lake,
nice kids they were, Molly and Jake"
For ***** sake, is this guy for real?
No wonder this place was such a deal
I quickly look for my daughter,
she's playing there like kids oughta
in the summer sun with the neighbours son,
it's good to see she's having fun.
She's running like she hasn't a care,
with her new ribbon in her hair,
"Well thank you officer grace," I say
"I'll tell her to be careful where she plays"
That night we enjoyed a lovely meal in
this place has such a ***** feeling,
my daughter tells me all about her day
and all the wonderful friends she made.
She's still at that age to make friends so soon
and the next day as I was pushing a broom
opening the door to my daughter's room,
a woman's work just never ends.
I see she's already gone out with her friends
she's left me a note.
There must be some mistake, it says
mom, I've gone to play with Molly and Jake.
Wait, that's not right, it cannot be
reaching the lake I drop to my knees,
I could see the ribbon I had bought her
it was just floating there in the water.
I knelt there for hours screaming her name
till eventually the neighbours came,
they searched the woods for many weeks
all I could do was sit and weep.
I had many visits from officer grace
who had dragged the lake without a trace
of my angel, she's gone,....
and before too long
I was upstairs packing boxes to go.
I would never be able to call this a home
the house was full of bad memories
and looking out the window at the trees
I could see three children staring at me.
Running outside I hear" mom I missed you"
Hugging my angel I say "I missed you too"
This is as happy as I can be, my baby has come back to me.....
Three months later the realtor was saying,
"Now, the deposit, is it cash you're paying?"
"Oh, and before you say yes,
there is one thing I have to digress, by law,
about three months ago or more,
the previous owner was found dead on this floor. She just stood by this window and slit her own wrists."
The new owner says " ****, so this house comes with a twist?"
"It's nothing to worry about, she was just riddled with guilt. After her daughter died her mind started to wilt."
The buyer says, "we'll take it, my kids are already unpacking. "
"That's great, so I will be back in a few hours to
to check in on you, and bring the spare keys too"
And as the agent was turning to leave,
she pauses, a momentary reprieve.
" there's one thing I forgot to mention, silly me, tell your kids not to go past those trees."

— The End —