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Could you turn my pain
into love again
Could you touch my skin
like a drop of rain

Please, don't treat me
like an unknown person
Please, let me be happy
in your prison

Could you hear me, please?
Would you answer me, please

Do you still enjoy the sunset
as we did before
Do you remember me there yet
or not anymore

No, I can't deal
with my emotion
No, I won't stop my eyes
to be an ocean

Would you relive my memories
Could you fix my broken heart, please

Do you miss me
as I miss you in the moonlight
Do you cry for me
as I do for you every night

I can't live
with this pain of separation
Day after day
I'm falling into the omission

Could you feel me, please?
Will you come back to me, please?
Let me be a drop
of monsoon rain
Let me feel your lips
once again.

This love of your
green shyness
makes me alive
from loneliness.

Let me forget the pain
of drought
Let me be with you
just to get wet.

Your dancing barefoot
in raindrops
makes my eyes cool
and fills my hopes.

Let me be your
mountain shower
Let me flow down
in your deep river.

This bride of clouds
and lightning flash
means, it's going to rain
to make nature fresh.
A chilly morning at 6 am
Off for a walk after REM
Not quite awake yet
But At least it’s not wet
There’s a nip in the air
no I haven’t done my hair
Thrown on a t shirt and a pair of shorts
On the fashion rating I’d get all noughts
My dog decides our route
Ok so she is so very cute
Ninety minutes we have walked
Yes in silence I haven’t talked
Home ward bound now
Dog on tow
When we’re back I just know
She will fall asleep, way to go!
When people annoy me with their
constant complaining or their
non stop arguing, or even worse,
their illogical demands:
"For the last time, you can't buy
***** with food stamps."  Or,
"There is no way a crow took the
rent money out of your hands and
flew off with it."

What I do is close my eyes and
pretend they're squirrels chattering
in squirrel language.  
Then they don't bother me so much.
I just want to reach out and pet them,
or give them a handful of nuts.
It's not hard; half of them look
like squirrels anyway.
Today the shady grove is full of flowers
what was surrounded only in sins!
Everyone's heart is swaying with joy
after came true the dream of a hundred years.

Today the promise is at the top
There're no tears but only relief!

There was- the courage of mothers,
the patience of new brides,
the pain of losing smiles of sisters
and the sacrifice of  Bengali!

How insomnia and starvation!
How thirst panic and self-numb!
Finally, the sun has smiled at the nation
and young heroes are happy in triumph!
I feel you inside me
though you are not with me
No one can find you
but I can see you next to me!

You aren't far away from me
You are in my heartsore
You aren't behind my eyes
but always in my tears!

I can't forget you; it's difficult for me
I still love you as I did before.
I'm not asking you to come back to me
but you could love me some more!

You still come in my dreams
and make me smile
I still read your love poems
and follow your style.

Your moon shines in my sky
It will never depart away.
You'll remember me when I die
Just forgive me that day!
My books
Not everything is perfect in this world
And sometime ago
Like most others there have been times
I didn’t want to be here
I thought of jumping off the cliffs
Into the sea
I couldn’t do it Because that would be me
I have a daughter and a son
They kept me alive!
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