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  Jun 2020 Bree Sgobbo
My skin is colored
A pigment from a palette
Of earths mother

My blood is red
Like each others

My brain thinks different
Yet similar
It wonders

Why a shade of flesh
Would matter
When chosen by the artist

The lover
The admirer
The charmer

Does it matter the cover
If you love the books contents

Bree Sgobbo Jun 2020
As I sat by the river shore.

I felt this warmth of light that hovered over me.

With amazement, I turned to my right to see this magnificent angel there at my side.

Smiling so sweetly without saying word.

Yet its presence made it all so clear that things were going to be alright.

As I sat across the rocks, I could feel the calming of its spirt flow through me.

As I watch, it sits.

I thought to my self quietly.

Sketching its every movement within.

My mind races with things I wanted to say.

Yet stumbling on unspoken words.

I sat admiring the beauty before me.

Just then I could feel the cold water flowing gently against my feet.

It reminded me, that at this moment and time, just how much a coward I can be.

As I stood up, I was building the courage to speak.

With a sweet glance, it looked my way.

Again, I was left speechless and utterly amazed.

I thought to myself how can this be.

I walked back to the car kicking myself with every step I took.

I could hear my breaking heart say, " don’t act like such a fool,"

With a gentle whisper in my ear I hear
Sometime things are meant to be left unsaid.

So, I turn to say as I looked its way

To find this Beautiful Angel of mine
Had left me behide.

— The End —