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Ntando Ndlela Aug 23
Thoughts conjure  their  own tongues,
Uttering curses for a restless mind,
Doubt and regrets engage in meaningless debates,
These voices speak of terrors and fantasies,
Projections of a fourth dimension,
Lived more intimately than reality

silence is a danger to sanity,
In silence the tainted mind may wonder into deaths door,
Ideations sowing into the seams of a troubled soul,
These voices hiss,
Continuing the work their brethren in Eden sought
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando Ndlela. All rights reserved.
Ntando Ndlela Jul 18
Our love remakes the galaxies,
it makes us feel like Adam and Eve,
The heavens made you just for me,
That's why you're all that really matters,

I worship every curve you keep,
Sometimes it feels like blasphemy,
Truly you're a masterpiece,
That's why you're all that really matters,

I'll satiate your needs religiously,
Stay by you through calamities,
I hope to keep your heart at peace,
Because you're all that really matters,
To me.
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando.
Ntando Ndlela Jun 22
I am a bearer of future generations,
They shall inherit our perspective,
for most things hold no true value,
May they not become slaves and  void of  virtues,
But be filled with love and find peace in the Gods they pray to,
Copyrighted ©️ written by Ntando Ndlela
Ntando Ndlela Jun 22
I was formed from atoms in a gods womb,
Born to tame the sun and moon,
Born to master the arts of survival,
Born to remake the earth through knowledge and wisdom,
Born to roam the ground and the skies with blissful freedom,
Born to experience the power of  love, lust and evil,
Born to conquer beasts and wrestle with demons,
I was formed from atoms in gods womb,
Born to write sermons, poems and truth,
Born to live free,proudly black and true.
Copyrighted ©️ written by Ntando Ndlela
So many dreams that you have sold,
But i was afraid of losing faith,
Because there was a possibility
That you would save me before it was too late,

Ever since the first moment you caused me pain,
I realized that im the one to blame,
Ive been called "baby" so much that  I forgot  my own name,
It took pain to realize that I've lost my way,

These growing evils have made you feable,
We just don't understand you like our forefathers did,
To us you're just an emoji,
but them you were a symbol,

You have  endured time, ignorance and war,
we are slowly losing you as a norm,
it is in your absence  that evil is born,
Please stay and help us reform,

Help us
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando Ndlela. All rights reserved. Letter to love
You are the luckiest girl alive,
I pray you see your own light,
Your tears sow love from the skys,
Know that He sees when you cry,
Liken these times to an eclipse passing by,
Can't wait to see your sunshine
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando
Ntando Ndlela May 11
Suicide considered,
Mortality immortalized,
A corruption in the code of life,
An invisible  plague borne for feable minds,
This awful confusion leading to man's most violent crime,
An Impure liberation for a jailed consciousness,

Suicide considered,
A freedom that holds no prospects,
Reality's lowest moment,
An action to end any further consequence,
A fantasy  the living will never comprehend,
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando Ndlela. All rights reserved
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